nihon christmas

is supposed to be like this "Sex and chicken make christmas in japan"

but mine ended up being more like drinking suntory whiskey and coke, reading david egger's 2 year old novel, and falling asleep. merry merry.



a guy i went to highschool with is cooking for a research centre in the fucking antarctic! how cool is that??? see pictures at southpole gallery

nihon feels so much smaller now!

thin curtains.

well, i broke down and bought "curtains". they are actually sheets, that are really cool and i didnt spend that much money on them. very diandra. and i think that they're so cool im sooo bringing them back to canada.

ive been spending too much money, and this spending habit that im on has got to stop. ive spent a lot of moolah getting pans, and pots, and dishes, and a stereo, and some furniture (around $300 all together), and i have debt, so its not too smart.

so, i came into yamagata today to get books, come to this internet cafe to check my email and find a picture of a catfish, which i found. and i cannot wait until i give this christmas present to its soon to be owner, and then i can talk about it in the blog. because i think its really really cool, and it has spawned another idea, which is even cooler!! ah, spending 50yen to print out colour pictures, not that great of a deal. but alas.

yesterday is snowed. a bit. not too much. and it is great. the air is really really fresh, and things are white and beautiful, and fluffy. again, im a little lonely, for friends, etc. but, because i believe that winter is for lovers, i see this time of year as not a time of dead things, but of rebirth, promise, and love. everytime i look out the window i fill with hope. ha ha. now, i just have to get outside!
(there was a really cute boy on the train this morning, ack!)


smart thing

i guess the smart thing would be to not write a post or reply via email to your mother when you are pissed out of your tree. right? i realize this now after i saw that i didnt remember that i had checked my email. ga.

ive been reading a lot, and writing a lot, and walking to joy alot to buy stuff for my house. i just bought a coat tree yesterday, suhweet. now i need to get a couch, and a coffee table, and a desk, and a computer. and many more things. i went to do laundry yesterday and the laundry machines come with soap, in that it is added automatically. which could explain why a 35minute job cost 700yen (egads!!!) but really convenient, and close, so that is nice. and an older japanese woman started talking to me, and we could communicate that it was cold out, snow would be coming, that i live in akayu, not nanyo, and that im canadian. lots of 'hai's and hand gestures. but it worked. and this morning a woman said nani ji(n) to me, but why the fuck would she ask me the time? i dont know.

today im in yamagata, paying through the teeth to use the internet, and i think that im going to try to come here once a week. for sure. i have a bunch of running around to do today, changing my address at all of these places. and i have to go to city hall still, which i hope wont take too long. i have to apply for health insurance, but i think i might do it just after new years in akayu. much easier than going to the big place here in yamagata. im really liking catching the train to and fro. its a lot of fun, though it is 570 yen. for only 30min train ride.

okay, im off, im going to buy paper to make jason's xmas present, and fabric paint. im going to make a t-shirts that say, 'oh, analog', 'miss wyoming', and 'please tell mr. cohen i want my heart back'. suhweet.

ooh, and today i already bought a chocolate brown hoodie. ive been wanting one for so long. and the arms are too short. but maybe, my arms are too long? for only 1050yen ($13cdn?) oh, and keep me away from shoe stores. im practicing restraint in the department of shoe purchasing (i want slip ons!!!) no gwen cd here yet, im keeping my eyes open all the time (though they play the single in stores everywhere!!) xoxoxoxoxo.


horny fuckers.

im drunk. and gin is the devil. im a horny fucker and im not getting any. thats right. lonely. ha ha.

xoxo di.


japanese punkers. oh yeah.

hey kids.

im flying.

i got a paycheck.

i move into my new place tomorrow.

and im full of italian viking food (all you can eat in nihon = viking. ga)

its really cold here.

i love you. i miss you. stuff will be on the way in many forms.

xoxo di.


whiskey buzz.

its so cold here. that is officially the running narrative. and that im eating a lot of chocolate almonds and getting a lot of zits. my schedule keeps getting fucked up. so i never really have a full weekend. and i work after work. colouring, and thinking, etc. how does that work???? ack. but im making a lot of money, so why am i complaining.

im really lonely. for a lover. oh yeah. that would be nice. maybe when i move to akayu ill meet the japanese version of a redneck and fall in love and grow squash over the summer. that would be not so splendid. but alas.

did i mention it is cold here (probably a lot hey? its sooo cold! im so used to the sunny/rainy/two days of a little snow and EVERYTHING shuts down vancouver winters. but not here. its going to be really cold and snow a lot!! oh, im going to buy winter boots for the first time in three years!!! waaaa? and i actually bought a winter jacket! can you believe i got through last winter with a fleece hoodie. oh, vancouver how i miss you!!

aside from that, i got a cell phone. and im enjoying taking pictures with it (the phone was free with getting a keita with that company )(keita=mobile phone). my boss gave me a high five after my class. how great is that? and he took me to the nishizao highlands. and the area up there on top of the mountain, in this meadow, looked just like the smithers area. right by the airport. with that big mountain and the glacier. but kids, remember, this is japan, and there was not glacier, and the mountain was climbable. but i didnt climb it. i mean i am a professional! ha ha.

okay kids im going to go. im spending my time fantasizing about finding a loved one in the japanese countryside during the middle of winter, colouring, making people's xmas present, book making, and im going to read more books "idoru" by w.gibson, "snow falling on cedars", "harry potter and the goblet of fire" and a book about a village in russia. non-fiction. oh yeah.

i need more richard brautigan. someone please tell me how much you love him so i can marry you!

xoxo di funk.