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i used to live in a psychic city...

mom <3
there's a new yacht track posted out here in the interwebs universe. i found it streaming on pitchfork (with a download) but couldn't get the link to work. so head there and find it.

my momma and sister just left in the car and took all of our soft plastics with them to infiltrate into the victoria recycling network. it was nice having them around. we went for foods a few times, made curry, hung out, such a short time.. but nice. i can't wait to be closer. it was sad when they left and i almost started crying, "take me with you!!!" i'm feeling pretty done with this town/city/place and i know i say that a lot but i just don't know. i'm just finished. i emailed a friend today and said i'm ready to check out. get out of dodge. going back to work stresses me out. yuck. this whole week i am going to toronto for training and then back on the ground for most of june. July is an insane travel month, too. will get through it all.

this week i made a hoodie for carol/ginjafightus for her bday. i wish i had taken a picture of it.. it reminded me how much i love crafting. well, i should run off and make some toast, put the laundry on the line... thesis thesis thesis. i feel all blabbbbbering.


music is my beach house, music is my hometown.

i know this is a cop-out, but i'm sick, need to do dishes/make dinner, and trying to thesis. my head is so full of sinus sick. i should have some nin jiom. because for some reason i find this very humourous. hm.


mic check

betties in the change room
betties getting ready in the locker room: this weekend was derby weekend in pg. summer is officially here as i've been able to drink gin and ginger, potluck, bbq, derby, and wear cute dresses with hoodies and still walk home. i'm not looking forward to the week. work is super busy and i still haven't worked on my thesis. i want to die about my thesis. and this headache/hangover isn't helping. whine whine whine? mom/sister come to town thursday. yay!! love.

brain eatin' betties and the damned dolls
betties and the dolls

trinity stitch hat for chelsea
trinity stitch hat i made for cheetah.

mmm beer in the rollerskate
rocky sparx drinks from the victory skate.



really, what would brian mulrooney do? i've spent the night decompressing, rewatching the last episode of gossip girl season two (squeal=chuck + blair i love you scene), tidying (dishes, laundry, etc), and knitting sporadically and nonsensically. i worked until about 7pm too. and bit all my nails off, again. i hate being stressed. but, my main struggle for the evening was knit or thesis. i, badly, chose knit.
forestry in the works
i've been working on my forestry cardigan. and a bit on a pair of socks from the winter/fall knit.1. but have cleared off my desk and gotten some errands out of the way and feel i can plunk down with ye ol' thesis and power out my updates and get 'er submitted (again, 2nd draft) in about 11 days. holy shitters. hold on to your hats with that one. and in that time frame i have 2 birthdays, a tattoo appointment, a visit from my mom, and lots of day-time work to do. HA!
my thesis
i guess the good thing is 1. i have a defensible draft and 2. that white piece of paper are really the only things i have to change about my thesis. and it's only a one-sided list. of course there's edits inside, but those are little grammatical rewording things. regardless, i'm thirsty, stressed out, and overwhelmed. but i'll get there. if i'm gone for a while from blog land just watch the last 2 minutes of gg2.25, or listen to the new gossip single. or something. oh! and i completely forgot. girl of the north country and i have a date. september 3rd-7th in seattle/portland. i'm SO excited. i'm booking the days off tomorrow and she bought her plane ticket. FUCK YES!


adventure #2: CWRDA Boot Camp 2009 (photos)

this past weekend mish, stew, and i went to red deer for the cwrda derby boot camp 2009. i made friends, hit my derby limit (i could only do one day and even sitting here now my knee is sore..i feel like such a wuss but i'd rather be wimpy than injured.. and the first day was so great/hard that the second day i went home and slept/cried for the afternoon. we drove back teh whole way today. in the snow from red deer to the rockies/jasper, and then in the rain from jasper home to peeg.. not so fun i'd say).

mish, stew, me
in the car on the way

mountains mountains
mountains down the parkway

stewart at the bluest lake ever
most beautiful lake ever.

rated pg
salacious, fay, and ruby from the brain eating betties getting ready to rumble at boot camp

saturday night derby game, belladonnas vs. boot camp rookies (black)

goren and eerie throw the pg down.
goren and ms. eerie of the dolls post-sunday night rookie bout.

hoochie throws down
sunday night co-ed advanced game. it was incredible. so intense, great skating, and fun to watch.

adventure #1: nisga'a coast, terrace, etc.

last week, sun-wed, a coworker and i headed out west to do some workshops and get some work done for an upcoming project. we were very lucky to get to spend time in terrace and nisga'a territories. we got to go out to kincolith, meet some youth from the community (new aiyansh), see the new star trek movie (awesome), and spend a lot of time in the car singing along to help im alive by metric.
lava and mountains
lava and mountains on the way back to aiyansh from kincolith/gingolx
shag at the terrace theatre
marigold coloured shag carpet on the walls of the terrace theatre (tillicum twin)
really really really cool fabrics at the creative zone. made me dream of patchwork.



well, we're in terrace me and coworker. we're going to new aiyansh but still have to hear from our guide. i guess i should call him here after this. it's grey and rainy here :( but it's so warm. coworked and i did a bit of a run last night and i stayed up too late internetting and i'm exhausted. time for my shake and a coffee...yummm.

must call our guide of all things nisga'a YMCA and get some clean underwear on. ha.


i'll never ask for the truth but you owe that to me

i'm just about to go to bed and get our crankies out with sleep and cuddling and sleeping more.. but i was distracted by this sweet bike on makezine and then it led me to velospace! um, hello? coolest bike porn ever?!! must head to bed rather than stroll by all the bikes on the interweb and dream of the one i will have in a few days!! yay for bikes. love. p.s. are you on lastfm? i find i'm using it more... i'm ohsweetie if you're out there! xo


the sun wont rest until we all face west

skeletal landing
i'm sick, allergy ridden, sneezy and tired. wtf. stewart's out with mish and friends at buckcherry/the trews, etc at the cn centre and i'm so happy i'm home. i got to watch most of high fidelity (i got bored and turned it off) which stewart's so sick of watching so we never really watch it. and then i made tea, listened to the cure, and put up our decals from our of montreal decal set. i'm going to make my mumma a mix cd for her birthday, drink more tea and curl up in bed with the cats. i have a week from hell ahead of me :( xo


you just always do the best thing you can do at the time

rupert enjoys the summer
bring on the vote
my blanket!!
oh, saturday. i love your laziness. it's wonderful. i also love putting laundry on the line and the farmer's market (and the super sweet nanaimo bar, yum) and knitting with cruely (off i go). i'm excited to make something teriyaki with the veggies i bought from the market for dinner. i've also started raking up the leaves and old grass on the lawn, i did one half, but don't think i can handle picking it up and putting it in bags (bah, allergies). and, to boot, they're playing the new metric on dnto. yay! it's definitely the album of the summer.