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off on our road trip to pg. jasper. the man and i hit the road in about 20 minutes. lets hope. its rainy. 600 km to go by midnight. weeeeee? see you in a few days with pictures!! xoxo di.


"may the wind take your troubles away"

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my tattoo! the one i got in march. i cant believe i havent posted the picture of it. peeeeshaw.


"i'm bad news, baby i'm bad news"

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i split my lip the other day. and its not really healing. i just ate a handful of girlguide cookies to eat away the sore uterus that's plaguing me. i'm so tired. and crampy. and cranky. the house is coming together. tonight we're going to eat pierogies and salad and then make our invitations for our to-be-awesome party. get with it. (enjoy the photo essay). ps. the plumbing in this house sucks.

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yes, that garbage was inside the house.

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kieran and jesse do the tape and paint, tape and paint.

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my tape dispenser wall. my bed is up against this wall. love it!


who's there?

we've moved in! last night jess and i got our shit together, grabbed our beds, and her princess and the pea like set up and set them up. and got cranky. and ate gross iced cappuccinos from tim hortons with their petroleum based whipped topping. on sunday my coffee travel mug i got from nagano starbucks was possibly taken by the old tennant's daughter. which led to a horrible fandangle with my father. an argument about how his wife doesnt respect our space (she let the old tenant in and denied the fact that she may have accidentally taken it, which is fine, i just want it back), and the argument becoming not about a cup, but about how she doesnt respect me. our space. or our home. slightly frustrating.

ive taken quite a few pictures of the new place. cleaning pictures. friends crying in the corner. my bedroom wall art. i'll hopefully take a few more and get them up here by the end of the week. our house has become this incredible place. my bedroom is warhol inspired. the bathroom will be inspired by existentialism. the chalkboard wall in the living room. the purple cupboards in the kitchen. our soon to be created art space outside. the fun neighbour girl who's eleven and too much fun. she likes animals a lot. and crafting. and being tired. so tired. so very tired from going to bed late because you've spent the afternoon painting. sweeping. mopping. crying. packing. unpacking. dancing (to the faint). and getting excited because stewart actually has days off. in the middle of the week. oh sweetness. its been about two months since we've hung out on a week night. yes!