yeah, summer's here (though it's spotty)

morroccan salad
portabello shroom burgers
seth's big diaper bum
I'm only semi sorry about the photo dump. I've definitely "checked out" of real life for a few days to enjoy this long weekend so have very little share except some pictures (there's more over at HOME SWEET HOME). I also blame the two Caesars I had. So good. Now I will bundle up my knitting, brush my chicklettes and climb into bed. Tomorrow's a big day of more putting up, getting ready for family brunch, roller derby workout, and going to Sustain-a-table. Will share more pictures tomorrow night. Right now: I need sleep.


summer? is it here?

summa fun
hooray cardigan!
ice cold blanched peas
obviously the swimming in the lake, the sacrificing our not-so-virgin bodies to the god of summer has brought the heat down upon us. and it's G L O R I O U S ! ! this is probably the best weekend i've had in known memory. or at least since last summer. saturday morning equaled a sleep in, chores, farmer's market (blueberries! kale! dill! peas!), loonie toonie at the Friendship Center, a lot of knitting, a lot of playing outside, a long nap with my babe, women's liberation book club meeting, and an early morning (today) with lots more chores, farmers market II, breakfast out with some family, more knitting, more playing outside, getting sun tanned, cooking a huge vegan dinner (to celebrate my 7 day cleanse that i didn't suck too much at), and now a movie, more knitting, and a non-cleanse approved chocolate snack.

the cleanse. what a genius fucking idea. i mean, i didn't stick to it 100% especially past day four, but it's changed the way i eat fundamentally (or re-routed me to how i used to eat). i'm going to try and not go back on caffeine, minus green tea, and we're getting closer to a vegan/veg diet. and i'm looking forward to august's 14 days, and will try harder to stick to it.  the best part was that i felt phenomenal, though was tired for the first 5 days or so. good stuff.


hormonal fog

I do this thing where the week before my moon time I enter into a hormonal fog. I somehow managed to plan 3 events at our house in a row at the same time, as well as a Vegan Cleanse. And I'm still alive. Props! Here's some photos of what I've been up to. Too busy to even take pictures. It's ridiculous. It's also been super grey and cold here (summer?) so picture taking is ugly out. AND I've let my garden languish and fallen behind on my goals. I think right now my only goal is survival, catch up on True Blood, knit my sweaters, make it through this cleanse, and get to derby everything as often as possible.
going swimming
we went swimming at cameron lake this week. we figured if summer wasn't here yet we'd sacrifice ourselves to bring it. (it didn't work).
beeeet lips
god i need to exfoliate.
veggie dogs
breakfast on my cleanse.


FO: Rill Racoon Fox

rill racoon - fox
rill racoon - fox
Our dear friend Patty bought me (and Seth) a book of knitted animal friends from the "other" side of the tracks. I told myself I'd knit one every year for Seth's birthday (whoa!) and was only almost 2 months late on the first year. yay! not a big fan of the seaming. or the embroidery afterwards. but i think it turned out OK? my first knitted toy ever! yay! (now on to cardigan knitting). ps. obviously i'm into knitting a lot lately. retreating a little from my life.
rill racoon - fox


FO: Cold Summer Socks

sister socks
for my sister for her birthday (surprise!). ravelry project page here. so good to have these off the needles. now off to cardigan #4! (#3 is still in progress). XO


sometimes i want to kill my husband.

but most of the time i don't. and then i'm reminded why i wanted to marry a 14 year old skateboarder who likes fat chicks. yesterday he introduced me to RVIVR. and i died.

they're on rumbletown records.


hey wait, you've been knocked off your feet

the weekend isn't over yet, but it's been awesome so far. i love it. summer also feels like it has arrived. it's sunny out. even though all day yesterday i wore tights. a little chilly in the AM. this morning i'm hosting family breakfast. making roasted tomatoes, zucchini cakes, scrambled eggs, and breakfast sausages. toying with making scones. mmm scones.
last night le grrrls and i got together and drunkenly tried to make friendship bracelets. enough said. (ps. that rhubarb gin was amazeballs with santacruz gingerale).
alberni valley roller girls. first group shot
on friday the AVRG skated in the canada day parade, and yesterday some gals and i went to nanaimo (with seth) to watch some bouts in the rookie tourney.
yoghurt and raspberries for breakfast
cooking pizza friday night