TBT 17-90

We have a kid sick at home and I'm exhausted from disrupted nights of fevers and crankiness. Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do and having to miss work. So, I'm like immobilized and can't really do anything. It truly sucks. Had to cancel my hair appointment for the ombre because I didn't want to infect Jenna's family (her salon is in her home). I'm not sick, but adults are contagious carriers for like 10 days. It's brutal.

Hoping to get out for a work out tonight, not sure what that will look like. Might just go pay drop in at the gym and use the elliptical for 30 minutes and then do an ab workout or something. Stewart's aunt is going to pass onto us her elliptical. Looking forward to grabbing it towards the end of the month. Note: I didn't end up going out. It's 9pm now, the time I would've gone out but there are NO OPEN GYMS in this community after 9pm. It's kind of a nightmare. To boot, I'm tired and worried I am getting sick. Am about to hit the hay...

Today ended up being my cheat day, not on purpose, but because I can never seem to turn down Salmon, especially half smoked !! All the salmon was surrounded by white bready things! That was gross, the salmon however, was delicious.

What I Ate Today:
500 ml blackberry, blueberry, almond milk smoothie with choc hemp protein powder and matcha
Salmon and veggie pinwheels (3)
1 small new potato, with cream cheese and half smoked salmon
grapes, lots of grapes
2 pieces veggie pepperoni pizza, no cheeze
egg and spinach sandwich on a ww bun
popcorn with nooch, salt, and earth balance
water water water
apple with peanutbutter and coconut yoghurt

I exercised my right to sleep.


TBT 16-90

My new ab workout (to mix it up). I love these videos!

So last night I was up with seth for a few hours (as was stewart) and I slept right in until 7:45 and had minimal time to get dressed. I'm the queen of leaving our laundry all over the floor and get it ALL sorted and picked up and cleaned up at least every weekend (sometimes)... so we literally pick our day's clothes up off the floor and today I pulled a shirt off the hanger (that finally fits and i like it) and picked up a skirt off the floor (my favourite short green skirt seen here). I get the skirt on and my outfit looks like shit. The skirt is officially too big for me by at least 3-4 inches. Success? Kind of.

The issue is that I may be shrinking but I am in this space where I am stuck. I can't afford to buy a gym pass (let alone my yoga pass) to get good cardio workouts (with timed intervals) on an elliptical (that are better for my knees). I can't afford to buy new clothes what so ever (even $$ to go thrifting or the time to go thrifting). And I need to up my protein intake, but I can't afford any protein powders (let alone the vegan protein powder). It's a little debilitating because there is really only so much I can do on a poor girl's budget, and getting to where I want to be will be a challenge if I can't throw much more $$ into it.

On the other hand, I know I've been doing shitty the past few months and slacking on the diet and the workouts (while keeping it in my mind every day) and I'm still losing weight, I'm still feeling better, and I'm still feeling more fit (e.g. I can do bicycles now easier and actually lift my back of the floor which is kind of a miracle). The way I see it is that even doing this half assed I'm seeing results, so what would actually happen if I totally committed? So, my first challenge (aside from keeping up with everything else) is that from this day forward I commit to working harder at NOT consuming sugar. I know I can do it. (kind of exciting).

What I Ate Today:
2 cups home canned peaches
foot long vegan subway
emergen c
triskets and raisins
tabouleh salad
veggie pepperoni pizza ww/ sans cheeze
soy vanilla rooibis tea latte with honey

I need to get better at breakfast when I'm in a hurry.

Ab workout above in reps of 10 x 3
Hip lifts x 20 reps
Single leg hip lifts x 10 reps each side
Speed skating balance reps 4 per side x 2


TBT 15-90

Holla! Today I was tired when I woke up and caved and had a decaf soy american misto. And it threw me for a loop. I was super manic all through lunch (and ate sugar, god i was craving sugar) and crashed all afternoon. It was hard times (and then I was hungry all afternoon too). BOO.

Despite my foibles (I'm finding the food really challenging, obviously, but tracking it really lets me know where my issues are: sugar, baked goods, and snack foods, so now I can seriously begin to target it) I am getting smaller (I still can't find a tape measure). My tights are all getting pulled way up over my belly (rather than riding low) and I have one skirt that I only bought a few months ago that is sitting really low and thus is way too long and it's dowdy now and I hate it. Haha. Will make it a MINI this weekend. HUZZAH. I am only going to weigh myself at the half way mark and then we'll see.

I'm also feeling better (less sick) and am starting to get less stressed (derby holiday is only a semi-holiday so much business to constantly attend to) and am intending to start upping my workouts. If my goal is to run five minutes and do my 25 in 5 (which is hard for a lot of people, not just me!) then I need to get going on building my lung capacity.

What I Ate Today:
Single egg sandwich
decaf soy americano misto with agave
2 bananas
1 mini mandarin
some grapes
some crackers
water water water
vegan tex mex shepherd's pie
vegan haystack (guh, sugar I LOVE YOU)
veggie sandwich and tabouleh
small handful of walnuts
water water water

Skip. I'm tired and going to bed, truly. Will be asleep in about 15 minutes. XO


TBT 14-90

Just recovering from a pretty intense electrical fire in my oven. Kind of afraid to eat the pumpkin I was roasting. Now I can't make brownies for my catering gig. Will end up making haystacks tomorrow night to drop them off on Tuesday.. (not going to plug that stove back in until it's fixed that's for sure). Today was fun. Went for a good bike ride, a little stressed, broke down and ate a handful (or two) of chocolate chips. Did good the rest of the day. YIPEE!!

Going to watch STEP UP 2 with Stewart, fold some laundry (aka put it on the floor) and find some clothes for tomorrow. Another busy week ahead, tis the tune of March when you work for a Non-profit, hey?

What I Ate Today:
toast with eggs and zucchini and spinach
grapes and orange slices
matcha soy latte
popcorn with earth balance and nooch
lots of yummy salad (oops, forgot this had goat cheese, i was craving greens SO bad I didn't care!)
pumpkin curry and brown rice
zucchini noodle salad
handful (or two) of chocolate chips

20 Minutes Bike ride (my bum/crotch hurts from my seat!)
200 reps Ab workout


TBT 13-90 & Task #11

farmer's market haul
All week I've been looking at my goals list on the left trying to figure out how to up the Ante and get them done. What are easy ones to tackle and which ones don't involved money right now? I was psyching myself all week to do the bike ride to the market, the 10KM round trip, with the trailer. Yesterday it poured and I was so bummed that it would be a down pour today and I would be driving to the market (or skipping it altogether). This morning was so bright and lovely at 7:00am that I quickly got my Saturday Morning Shit together and we were out of the house by 9am! So proud of me! Buckled seth in his trailer and set out to the Market where I picked up sugar free cookies (and I realized probably not vegan or without white flour, I was just so excited they were sugar free!) and two dozen eggs and some green tea. Seth played on the play ground for a bit and then we came home. All in all I totally sweated through to my helmet, I feel like I got a good workout, and got at least an hour of cardio in (hauling the trailer takes me forever!).

I've been thinking about doing a sprint triathlon next summer (this one in Oliver to be exact) and want to get out biking more. And that I need to add cardio to my workouts. So will aim to add 20 minute bike rides before I do strength training during the week (from home). I live on a hill now (that doesn't seem so bad looking at it!) and soon we'll be on less direct hilly ground, so looking forward to working out more with my bike.

What I Ate Today:
soy green tea latte
Scrambled eggs with Hashbrowns (w/ carrots and garlic)
sugar free pumpkin cookies (white flour, not vegan)
Lotsa water
1/2 Blueberry muffin (sugar free, white flour, not vegan)
peanut butter banana choc chip smoothie! yum!
tex mex shepherd's pie
home canned cherries yum!
two non-tbt approved cookies (damn grandpa!! ha!)

1 hour bike ride (moderate-intense intervals)



Today I am still sick. Drinking big mugs of tea and emergen-c. trying to stay out of the rain. I had to turn down a hang out I initiated, just too sick. this afternoon I have a massage. I'll have to put a cloth under my nose to catch all the drip. Guck. Tonight I have brat camp! LOVE BRAT CAMP!

In other news, today is a total rain day because Big Provincial Government Tax Fail. I'm in the 15% federal bracket and the 7% provincial bracket, which means I owe $800 in provincial taxes! There's no tax credit for having a child because I'm married, I can't claim my child care because I'm not the "low wage earner", I hate the cusp of having a job that pays OK and being poor enough for social benefits, but considered "rich enough" to pay more tax than I can afford. 

PS, i'm only going to say if things aren't TBT approved from now on because I feel more on track.

 What I Ate Today: 
 choco-pumpkin loaf
vegan roasted mushroom pizza (yum)

Skating around a bit at brat camp. Nothing else. Still sick. I have the urge to get physical because I relish the good feelings after a workout, but the snot running down my face does not abide.

ps. this is my 1000th post! sorry there's not more brroooohah! here's some images of people celebrating!



stew and i at long beach
this is a picture of me and stewart on long beach in the summer of 2009. this was right before we got pregnant but after we had decided to move to the island. today i'm feeling still sick with a gross runny nose and lots of tiredness and it's starting to get cold and wet again after a few nice days (where I was sadly stuck indoors!) and i'm kind of dreaming of sitting in the hot sun and drying my cold right out of me. i should really go to sleep.

today was my cheat day for days 7-14. we had this one planned and it was a serious cheat on everything. i had hoped to work out but my sickness killed that (i was going to go for a bike ride, sad panda). stewart wanted to go for dinner and we ended up going to the little bavaria which i was excited about but through every meaty bite i was kind of turned off. this food wasn't delicious (fried pork is probably my favourite meaty food) and i was more than a little disappointed. today at our work lunch my cheat was sugar (cookies!) and white flour (cookies!) and egg salad (eggs and mayonaise! guck). and i was proud of myself for getting through the day without eating a tonne of super gross things.

i know every day has been a cheat day for me because I'm having a hard time switching over to no sugar, whole grains, no alcohol. the transition to being vegan is a lot of work AND i had already done my grocery shopping for two weeks and have become kind of broke trying to make up for the lack that was there. also got broke paying to eat out which i have to consciously try harder not to do. it's expensive and never as rewarding as i had hoped.

What I Ate Today:
Lotsa water
1/2 banana
3 coconut cookies
sex in a pan
2 cups herbal tea
vegan bean soup
2 small buns with hummus and egg salad
fruit and veggies
glass of shiraz
about 1/4 of the shared platter which included schnitzel, sausage, cabbage, steamed veggies, a salad, potatoes, and spaetzle

No forced exercise but I feel wiped from being sick and running around these past few days for my work stuff.


TBT 10-90

I'm totally coming down with a cold, had a super busy day at work and didn't eat properly or well, and am just exhausted. Another really long day tomorrow. Probably wont work out tonight. Today isn't my cheat day, it's my FAIL DAY (tomorrow's my cheat day).

What I Ate Today:
Almond Milk Matcha w/ honey
Rice Chips
3 non TBT nor vegan cookies (FAIL)
1 TBT and vegan friendly cereal bar (except that it was loaded with sugar)
mint tea
veggie burger of deliciousness

OK so I didn't do too bad. Accepted the 2 year term for the Alberni Valley Social Planning Council this evening! Go Me! Was fun to be there ever so shortly and excited about the next two years of work we're going to do in the community. Going to put the baby to bed. Tomorrow is going to be good. Still not going to work out. (sniffle, sicky, sniffle).


TBT 9-90

I feel like this is the moment where I lose my readers because I was too lazy to start a separate blog for my TBT! Can we all handle 90 days of post about food and fitness? Heaven knows I'm not sure I can!

What I Ate Today:
"root beer" tea
choco pumpkin loaf tbt approved
shared oatmeal with sethie at starbucks
lentil and rice chips with hummus
kamut pasta w/ vegan pesto and smoked salmon
green beans, roasted peppers, spinach in tomato sauce
cup of tropical juice
juice from the lovely chia (carrot, ginger, apple)
tbt approved (and vegan) ice cream of deliciousness

1 hour yoga that was pretty intense!


TBT 8-90

Blogging this much means that some days there are shitty blog posts. Today is one of those days. All I have to add is, I DIDN'T HAVE ADDED SUGAR! and that despite being on a derby "break" I'm sucking ass at NOT talking about derby. I must get conversation cards or read the cliff notes for THE HELP and go to the book club tomorrow night or SOMETHING. I feel like such a nerd talking about all the work stuff that's exciting. Maybe I should just give up the beast and gush about community capacity and Aboriginal Health! ha!

What I Ate Today:
cereal with blueberries, hemp hearts, chia, and almond milk
2 Larabars
Soy tea latte with agave
vegan ww subway
beet burger w/ three sisters salad
smoothie of deliciousness (tropical natural juice, peaches, blackberries, almond milk, spinach)
and maybe some popcorn (still haven't decided).

derby workout


TBT 7-90

Had a super relaxing day today. Got to play outside. Got to nap. Got to chill out with friends (who cooked dinner!) and got to spend MUCH NEEDED time with my family.  Holy! I've also realized from this food tabulation thingy that I'm obviously totally in love with snack foods! Healthy snack foods, obviously. Will focus on that over the next few weeks. Healthy snacks or no snacks.

What I Ate Today:
Eggs with TBT Approved toast!
Cup of juice
Carrot soup
Curry Soup
TBT approved bread
organic chocolate! (everything but the chocolate was TBT approved, but everything was vegan!)
lots of water

walk/shuffle jog with seth, 20 minutes


TBT 6-90

This morning I decided that while Stewart was at work I would round Seth up, pack a bit of a day bag, and head out over the Hump to the East Side. My original plan was to go to Parksville and let Seth run around on the beach, go to the health food store, and come home. I timed his nap with our Drive, but he ended up falling asleep only 20 minutes out of Parksville. And when we got to Parksville the tide was in AND it was pouring. So I kept driving thinking, MMM, we'll go to fanny bay and get fried oysters and fries and wait the rain out. But I just kept driving all the way to Miracle Beach. We ran around on the beach for an hour. It was awesome.

What I Ate Today:
Spinach salad with seeds/hemp hearts, tomato, and six minute eggs
Soy Matcha Latte w/ half sweet peppermint (I'm getting there!)
Seth and I shared plain lightly salted chips, vegan popcorn, and sweet potato chips. ROAD FOOD.
Orange Juice
TBT approved and Vegan tart and macaroon. SO GOOD. (the "creme" was made with avocado, cocoa, and agave!!!)
tacos with lots of yum
some limeade w/ soda tbt approved

Ab workout


TBT 5-90

I'm kind of so close to getting tattoo'd, I'm going a little crazy about it. (PINS HERE). I woke up a little refreshed this morning, but super stuffed up. I have deep sleeps when I'm snotty, but find that they're not good sleeps because I still feel pooped. Tis life without caffeine... still getting used to it. Maybe it's because I went to work and stared at my computer (and got stuff done!) But I have a hard time being motivated when there's the combination of being tired and having too much stuff to do :(

After a lunch date where I completely forgot to focus on eating clean (fuckity fuck fuck) I came home to an unfavourable derby situation and spent the afternoon in the arms of friends, pretty much bawling my eyes out for a few hours non-stop. Derby has always been challenging for me. A lot of it is getting over my shit personally about my journey to being a skater (and not just a derby girl) and that paired with being the president of the league (which has also has its challenges, maintaining vision, being worried about retention and capacity) is really difficult for me. This isn't my first time being a skater and a board member didn't go hand in hand together, last time I let my skater self go, and this time I'm pretty sure I'm giving myself a hiatus from skating until our AGM at the end of March when I'm no longer going to be at a board level. It's absolutely devastating, and this article from Derby Life was a good indicator, "I'm not alone in the world feeling this way!"

Sure, I could suck it up, bottle or deal with my emotions, strap my skates on and go to practice, but I need to step back and give the league some space to sort out the drama without my omnipresent self. I also need to make sure my husband remains sane, that I get to keep cuddling my baby, and that I feel safe going to derby. Because right now I don't feel that way and I'd rather stay home and workout here or go to the pool or the gym (because I am hooked on this difficult journey of "being an athlete"!! Despite my slips these last few days). Also, my sore knee is frustrating GRRRRR and the work / derby stress has led to a lot of emotional eating that I'd like to get control of. It feels pretty shitty, and quickly.

Food I ate today:
2 Lara Bars
Vanilla Rooibos Tea (plain)
2 cups sliced peaches (home canned in water)
Spicy Homemade Ramen w/ miso
veggie tempura
vegan pizza w/ whole wheat crust!
snacks and red wine

yeah, right. fell asleep with the baby. puffy face. tension tamer bed and sleep.


TBT 4-90

love this. she sounds nervous, but it's good.

today was super busy. lots of administrative stuff at work. big community luncheon a working group i'm part of hosted at work (100 attendees!) and derby practice with a short turn around in between. still feeling tired. looking forward to tomorrow because i get a few hours non-derby non-family time with my lovely Chia.

Today turned into my cheat day, even vegan wise. The lunch that was catered for our meeting was not vegan friendly (but vegetarian friendly) and I ended up having veggie lasagne (win=zucchini and spinach/fail=cottage and mozza w/ white noodles!) and since I was like, "cheat day!" I had a few tiny nanaimo bars too. Still ate vegan for dinner (SNACHOS!) and didn't completely throw the baby out with the bath water. Milk sugars feel so gross in my milk. I really wish there was at least one more option of any kind (bean salad!) to have gotten me a vegan lunch.

What I ate today:
2 small slices ww chocolate pumpkin bread
plum spice herbal tea
Veggie Lasagne, broccoli and grape salad, raw veggies
nanaimo bars
vegan nachos w/ guac (yum)
a few bites of seth's apple
2 litres water

2 hour hard derby practice


TBT 3-90

A Vlog with Kaylah & Elycia from love elycia on Vimeo.

Wooo! I've been reading the Dainty Squid for a while and have found her to be one of the most genuine semi-polished bloggers out there! Her writing is super authentic and you can tell she's only sometimes trying hard. Over the past year she's started hanging out with Elycia and they've been so fun to watch as they build their friendship. This video is just the best as it reminds me of something me and some friends would SO do.

In other news, the TBT challenge is HARD!! I just willy nilly decided and didn't plan anything in advance so I actually brought cereal w/ blueberries and almond milk (in it's own jar) to work with me this morning. It's delicious. Work and derby are both stressful and a bit overwhelming right now so my emotional eating is kicking in and it's a lot of work fighting against it, but I'll get there. Handed off the oreo baked brownies to Chia and Scout last night (they were vegan! goooooooood!). Sad to see them go! haha.

What I ate today:
1.5 cups super healthy cereal flakes w/ a scant 1/2 cup blueberries and 1 cup almond milk
squash and bean japanese-braised veg
spinach w/ hemp hearts and a bit of salad dressing
seed bar
soy rooibis tea latte w/ agave
a bit of popcorn with seth
refried bean corn tortilla burritos with veg and salsa and hot sauce w/ corn and beans on the side
a little bit of vegan chocolate

Walk outside with Seth
Nothing else I feel so sick and tired. will crumple on the couch.


TBT: 2-90

Happy V-day!

I want to answer Chia's questions as she's my main "accountability buddy" but our relationship goes way beyond that. Never could I imagine I'd meet such an incredible woman and now she's ALL MINE!

What do you want your body to be able to do that it can't do now? 
 I want to be able to run for 5 minutes without stopping by the end of the 90 days (lung capacity and leg capacity). I want to be able to do effective and confident transitions in both directions.

How do you want to feel about your body? 
I feel pretty good about my body already and only have a few days a month where I feel gross (yay hormones!). A lot of how I feel ties into what I eat and how bloated I am. I'd like to feel less tired, more energetic, I guess. And feel "fit" rather than "guh". (Not that I feel that way all the time). For me it has a lot to do with sleep. I stay up late and then I have to be up with Seth sometimes over night, so at the very least my sleep is disrupted and the worst is we could be up for a few hours. Yucky.

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast Smoothie (2 cups) with home canned sugar less peaches, frozen blueberries, almond milk, 2 heaping tbsp of hemp hearts, tsp of matcha
3/4 cup roasted yams
Go Nuts patty with daiya and sriracha
Handful raw spinach
40 grams salt and vinegar chips! (vegan to boot!)
LOTS of vegan popcorn w/ nooch and earth balance and salt
1 cup chili, 1 handful of spinach, sprinkle of daiya
10 chips (corn) and 3 small pieces dark vegan organic chocolate (i bought it before i started the challenge and vegan chocolate is SO hard to come by! I had been waiting a long time for it. It was delicious)
2 Litres water

2 hour derby practice (excellent amazing hard working derby practice. so much sweat and stink!)


TBT: Day 0 - 90

My whole feminist life I've been pretty anti-weight loss (RIOTS NOT DIETS!) as a coping mechanism for dealing with pressure from family ("have you gained weight".. and those "You're gonna die from being so fat glances") or from doctors ("the reason you're sick is because you're fat" when that was actually not the case) and because western patriarchal ideas of what a woman should look like, eat, and have sex like are so permeating in "our" culture that I feel like I'm coopted any time I think about "losing weight" or "watching what I eat". even the rhetoric around healthy lifestyle is an exhaustive discourse. man, sometimes i kind of wish I didn't have graduate education in systems of power and oppression!! gah!

I got really excited about the Roller Derby challenge and started early with the Rated PG Roller Girls and have been 90% true to my workouts (even when I was injured, I just modified them) and only about 50% committed to the diet. On January 1st I committed to becoming vegan which in this little stump town is a lot of work (not too easy to run out and get a good vegan anything for any reasonable price, or even at all, let alone being able to pick up some tempeh on the fly for a sandwich...) and trying to stay on top of work and derby and blah blah, let alone the dishes has been exhausting. And then trying to find time to work out? Also exhausting. But, you know what? I've been doing it and I feel awesome. From January 3rd - yesterday I've lost a total of 5lbs, without consciously "trying" to lose weight. Since last summer when we started the Alberni Valley Roller Girls I've lost a total of 25lbs. As of yesterday I weigh 281.5 lbs. My goal weight has always been 200lbs-220lbs and that's a long way to go. I have no goal weight for this challenge just 1. do the challenge as faithfully as possible and 2. blog about it everyday. Thank you to my derby heroes Frida and Tef for giving me some impetus to get this going. (My measurements will be another day, I can't find any tapes!!! I have like 10 tapes!! wtf!)

Frida talked to us about the Total Body Transformation (LOVE the cheesy name) and it's absolutely doable! yay!

What I ate today (guh, committed to this challenge after I downed all the food):
1 cup oats/unsweetened coconut/pepitas/sunflower seeds/blackberries/blueberries w/ 2 tsp agave
1/4 cup coconut vanilla yoghurt
16oz soy matcha latte with 2 pumps peppermint (sbux)
6 corn taco chips (plain)
1/2 cup white rice
1/4 cup tofu plain
1 cup beans and squash w/ nihon sauce
1/2 c. gomae
1 oreo (vegan heaven)
snickers (guh, reminds me of cher's self hatred in clueless)
16 oz peach, spinach, happy planet juice, coconut yoghurt, almond milk smoothie with hemp hearts
veggie burger on brown bun with vegan condiments and tomato and spinach and daiya cheddar
vegan pasta salad (1/2 ww noodles)
vegan brownie with oreo baked inside (i will savour this as my last sugar for the next 90 days!!!)
1/2 cup vegan smashed chickpea salad (ala everybody like's sandwiches) on half ww bun with sriracha
3 litres of water
1 cup tea

Exercises (doing these as soon as I get off the computer)
10 leg drops
10 each side cross crunches
10 low leg scissors
10 each side supermans
rest 30 seconds
REPEAT 5 TIMES repeat three times.. kid up late needs to go to bed, pout...

good luck me!!



I created a facebook page for THE CON today because facebook wouldn't allow me to actually change my "diandra jurkic-walls" name. BOOOO. Coached brat camp tonight with hustlin' flow and Cut and Dye. Great fun! Tansterdammm sat on the sidelines (broken leg) and helped tape girls up and make sure they were doing okay.... Those girls are inspiring. And so hard on themselves! I remember being that hard on myself. I'm hoping we can turn their self esteem around in the next five weeks!



a little bit of this (and that)

I usually go hang out at Sweet Avenue once a week to visit Emily and take a peek around. But I'm often either so exhausted I never shop or I'm just in a rush to do something else! Today when I was leaving I saw a tunic that turned out to suck, and this jacket! It's cropped. Faux Herringbone. Black and Grey. Asymetrical? and $8? Sweet.

Last night Stewart and I got to cuddle and watch DRIVE. OMG. Loved it. Loved the music. Love Ryan Gosling. So violent and epic. I was kind of surprised.

Tonight I have roller derby. This month I'm 17 times on skates. Did I say that already? It's a little crazy. I'm looking forward to it though. My strides are getting stronger (!!) but my lungs still need to catch up. Hurting my knee three weeks ago really set me back cardio wise.

I've been doing an ab workout too, to support my back while I'm skating. Here it is if you're adventurous!!!
10 leg drops 
20 cross crunches (10 PER SIDE)
10 low leg scissors  (Your legs should be straight and about 4-6 inches off the ground, same motion as the video and open you legs as wide as you can, also called the HELLO DOLLY)
20 supermans (10 PER SIDE)

REPEAT FIVE TIMES!!! (I listen to Derby Deeds or Childish Gambino while I do it). XO


incredible (totally in love).

the sun! mountains
broken skate
chia lining up to jam!
chia in the pack
playing derby
indian sweeeeets!
wifey and my new shirts
sunset on the way home
This weekend I had the utmost luxury of being able to leave my kid and my husband behind in cloud city to get in a car with the newest love of my life, my derby wife Chia Grr'vara, and travel to Abbotsford to attend the 3 day Blood and Thunder Training Camp hosted by the Reign Valley Vixens !! (Lots of things to link in there, including coaches Teflon Donna, Frida Beater, Smackya Sideways, Iron Maiven, and the list goes on! Just google away!)... We were super respected for our space to hang out by ourselves and it was absolutely what this girl here needed. 

The camp itself was inspiring, incredibly supportive, and I did things that I've been afraid to try and felt supported by the camp coaches and my fellow skaters on the track! Big shout outs to TCRG all stars, the Pow-town derby girls, and the Tournament City Derby Dolls! Big love. Every day I worked out a minimum of three hours and then worked my brain another two. So many things to process (statistics! nutrition! strategy!) and a lot of muscles to massage and stretch back into full health.

The shit end of the deal, on the Thursday night I took my skate to RG to get her to fix it, but that process included it's destruction. It must visit a machine shop sometime this week before practice. Luckily a fellow AVRG'r lent me her skates (thank you!!!!). Off to bed. Looking forward to everything that's coming up. <3 XO