Today I am still sick. Drinking big mugs of tea and emergen-c. trying to stay out of the rain. I had to turn down a hang out I initiated, just too sick. this afternoon I have a massage. I'll have to put a cloth under my nose to catch all the drip. Guck. Tonight I have brat camp! LOVE BRAT CAMP!

In other news, today is a total rain day because Big Provincial Government Tax Fail. I'm in the 15% federal bracket and the 7% provincial bracket, which means I owe $800 in provincial taxes! There's no tax credit for having a child because I'm married, I can't claim my child care because I'm not the "low wage earner", I hate the cusp of having a job that pays OK and being poor enough for social benefits, but considered "rich enough" to pay more tax than I can afford. 

PS, i'm only going to say if things aren't TBT approved from now on because I feel more on track.

 What I Ate Today: 
 choco-pumpkin loaf
vegan roasted mushroom pizza (yum)

Skating around a bit at brat camp. Nothing else. Still sick. I have the urge to get physical because I relish the good feelings after a workout, but the snot running down my face does not abide.

ps. this is my 1000th post! sorry there's not more brroooohah! here's some images of people celebrating!

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Mountain Girl said...

Congrats on your 1000th! I know these daily posts take a lot of energy, but I've been really enjoying them especially on days we don't touch base.

Sick sucks. Unexpected taxes suck. But that choco-pumpkin loaf and great sounding lentil dish has to count for something : )

Have a good weekend!