time to get away...time to get away...

i've got a fever, and the only prescription is for more water. and attempting to keep my temperature down with drugs, water, and cold, wet face cloths. i can barely keep an apple down and slept from 6:30-9:00pm and have only made it to the couch (yay for my airport card). i blame the cold. (stewart just put on the cutest grey sweater, nice). it'll be so hot in our basement suite, which is nice, and then i'd go outside all bundled up and still be freezing. this morning when i went out i almost threw up it was so cold. now, weather canada says it's only -25 with the windchill, but yesterday was at least 10 degrees cooler. i just learned that a fever helps us; "As our white blood cells increase in number, like an army to fight the germs, they go faster and faster attacking the germs, this causes our bodies to heat up, thus causing the fever or rise in body temperature." so cool! i'm hot because there's a WAR going on in my body, not because stewart just changed and put his neon orange shorts on. oivey. so, i am taking a sick day tomorrow and marking papers, in bed. i'll probably knit a lot too, and drink lots of water. oooh, i'm going to teach stewart how to blanket stitch.


taking care of [kidneys], everyday

i'm feeling like i should be updating my list soon, you know, get on things i haven't done yet. but, i've got a lot on my plate. as usual. i'm really happy because i finally acquired an airport card for my ibook (circa 1786) and now just need a new battery and we'll be back in business. taking a holiday has been refreshing and i need to buck down and get more work done. i really like being off of wheat and already (2 weeks!!) fit smaller clothing (i bought a size 16 dress today! what?? i've NEVER done that!!). i've tried wheat free gluten free flour, and love it. i've also tried wheat free pizza crusts and well, yum! oooh, and right now i'm eating this soy peanut butter zig zag ice cream and just got a big bite oh peanut butter. pucker. holidays for me are all for eating. eating good food and drinking wine. lots of wine.

okay, so pardon the horrible title, "the guess who" were on the hour the other night and well, i thought it fit. i've had such bad kidneys for the longest time and everyonce in a while my sore kidneys come back and yadda yadda. so i borrowed a holistic healing herbology sort of book and needed somewhere to write down the information... so, if you too have bad kidneys, take notes. (i'm also including herb lists for other "ailments"

Anxiety: Californian Poppy, Chamomile, Misteltoe, Pasque Flower, St. John's Wort, Skullcap, Valerian, Wild Lettuce.

Blood Pressure: Hawthorn, Lime Blossom, Misteltoe, Yarrow

Depression: Damiana, Kola, Oats, Skullcap, Wormwood

Kidney Stones: Bearberry, Corn Silk, Couchgrass, Gravel Root, Hydrangea, Pellitory of the Wall, Stone Root

Ovarian Pain: Pasque Flower, Valerian

Stress: Damiana, Lime Blossom, Mistletoe, St John's Wort, Skullcap

Kidney Astringents: Beth Root, Burr-Marigold, Horsetail, Plantain.

Anti-Lithics (Kidney): Gravel Root, Hydrangea, Parsley Piert, Pellitory of the Wall, Stone Root

>Drink more water to remove toxins from kidney. Also drink a Diuretic (Dandelion Leaf) to further the removal of the retained water.

>good mixture for grainy kidneys: 1 part each of Corn Silk, Gravel Root, Hydrangea, and Stone Root. Boil together for 10 minutes. Drink three times a day until kidneys clear pain.

>apply clay compress.


in our days we will live like our ghosts...

the long road traveled home by rail. i was sick on the train. not enough sleep and the oranges tasted like the life blood. being home is surreal. but relaxing in a strange way. being with my momma, just being near her energy, is refreshing. things change, can't forget that. and it's usual to feel out of place here. i kind of always felt out of place here. what's neat is that being here is bringing stewart and i closer together. we're destressing, relaxing, and loving. it's nice. i've also discovered the importance of an airport card and it's relation to my sanity, as well as the wonderings and wanderings my student loan will bring. yay! off to knit!


life without wheat

looks like this. i know. poor camera makes it look gross, but you'd be amazed what i can find in my cubbard when i'm poor! man, and so good. down with wheat and yeast. booerns. no one needs you anyway!


this weekend i constructed a model for the answer

this is the time when things feel like they're starting to happen. i know this is strange because i'm doing things all the time, but i'm actually feeling a little more motivated, even if i'm not feeling on top of my game. i've turned into a real knitter. i'm obsessed. i have so many things i want to knit and i'm happy that i have a bit of a stash (thanks mom! thank you kelly!) for me to take from and begin to build new projects. i have a few more presents to make before i get to terrace and i think i'm going to pull out my sock knitting tomorrow and get more done.

for the last month of so i've been living with being really poor in comparison to what i'm used to. i guess when you're a student the first time, it's sort of exciting. you get to learn to budget well and learn to eat cheap. but then, i graduated and i got a good job, and a run of good jobs and i could always buy the organic veggies and live comfortably. but this last month has been a real pain in the ass. i'm waiting for a few pay cheques and honorariums and student loans is responding as if i've never sent them my forms. so i need to straighten it all out. i guess the reason i brought this all up is that i'm really proud of myself for actually being able to switch back to poverty mode.

at a xmas function i told someone that we live on, combined, probably just under 20,000CDN a year. that's what i meant by paycheck to paycheck. and she balked. so little she said. not very fun, i thought. but, i'm learning to shop cheap, again, and we're borrowing movies and catching the bus and staying in a lot. but i want things. really bad. i love stuff. especially wheat free breads. which i should get.

okay, so moving on. read this. do this. and buy this: (for me!).