"ideas catapult your love to me!"

take that freda kahlo!
jesse's going to kill me but i love this picture.

it snowed today. i bought a bottle of this yummy Knudson lemon, ginger, echinecae (haha spelled that wrong!) drink. yummers. and we've got caramel machiatos *and* a pumpkin cream cheese bar to get us going. now we're going to jump in bed and continue to watch the o.c. season 2!! mischa just dumped alex, the bonfire episode, and i think that kirsten's going to have an affair! oh, and poor julie cooper and the porn. stewart downloaded jeremy enigk. i like it a lot. oh, and tomorrow torie and i are dressing up as salt&pepper shakers/salt'n'peppa! so fun. we'll have pictures after I hope.

i miss terrace? yay o.c.!! love love, di.


its kind of an awkward time for me to be posting. im not super angsty. my back hurts. i skipped yoga again today. i need to make it a priority. and im paying for it. i handed in an assignment yesterday, an annotated bibliography of sorts. and its available here: http://www3.telus.net/public/doliver1/annotated690.pdf. please enjoy and read forth!

im going to do a huge variety of proposals this evening: two different sshrc apps, and one for a conference that's due in two days. lets see if i can get it done. love love.