task #51: woot!

Well, no one really wrote an article about ME in particular, but Toujours Rebelles ! (waves of resistance) the website I built and the gathering I contributed to was highlighted in BUST!!

So, I think it counts. and p.s. sorry the picture's so bad.


i know it enough to believe it.

stewart dancing

i'm feeling angsty today. and i blame it specifically on my lack of sleep last night. you see, we decided to have a midnight roast beef dinner (it was so good). dave, stewart, and i ate organic beef, potatoes, chard, and gravy (one of my non favourite veggie meals) and drank beer/wine and i ended up watching gossip girl (episode four is pretty awesome). meaning i didn't get to sleep until 2am. not good news.

when i'm tired and stressed about money i feel directionless. i don't even really have energy to do work, which is understandable because i'm tired, but restricting. nor can i focus on my knitting. i get distracted and just keep casting on a project after another. and then i start listening to hole and picking myself apart. so i cut my hair.

soft light

all those months of "growing" and "hating" my hair went down the drain, and now it's super short and kind of a little mushroom shaped (i didn't really pay attention to what i was doing, i just cut it). when i got it cut a few months ago a tonne of super short layers were put in to thin it to give more credence to the mullet i would assume, so all those layers are growing into this mushroom shape and now that i've cut off the bottom layers, it just looks a little 90s/mushroom like. nothing some putty can't fix. and i really like the thick thick thick front bang.

i think that i'm going to snap out of this mood. maybe i'll just go to bed. but i feel that when i go to be early that i'm a quitter. what's that about? anyway, it'll give me a chance to not only catch up, but to cuddle with pickle. i guess too is that with stewart working nights i like being able to see him when he gets home but if i go to bed now i wouldn't have seen him ALL DAY! but we'll hang out tomorrow (he's getting a tattoo!!) and it will all work out in the wash.



the beat goes on

heirloom tomatoes
i'm finally decompressing from our weekend in vancouver. such an expensive trip! and it ended with me being sick, so sick, and not being able to buy myself yarn! i bought one skein of malabrigo sock (which i can't wait to start knitting with. i've finished another sock i started in calgary and will interupt that pair to make a pair with my new malabrigo) after much deliberation. when i was at urban yarns and at three bags full i felt so shitty but wanted everything, and thus couldn't buy ANYTHING! it's definitely a problem i have. i also kind of overspent my yarn budget this month, last week, when i bought the knittydirtygirl superwash/fingering yarnie club and two skeins of the robin's egg handspun. but i saw lots of worsted weight yarns i want to buy. i think, now, that i have enough sock yarn to take me into the next millenium. but i've been knitting alot, so boo!

being home has been good minus me being sick. i really missed being home and putting energy into our place. and being home reminds me of what i still want to do in it.

mini-list: get a bookshelf for the living room (a tall one), get magazine files, get a pantry-type shelf for the kitchen, get better more "compact" storage for the craft room, clean out the freezer room, and harvest all the apples and mint! as well as rake the lawn and mow it to get ready for the snow! oh and clean out our current pantry (we're like 6 weeks behind on our recycling), can apple sauce, apple chutney, and freeze apple crumble pies! get an inside drying rack for clothes, get some rugs for common spaces, steam clean the carpets, and do full cleanings of the bathroom and kitchen. well, maybe that's not such a mini-list.

the best part about being back in prince george is realizing how cold and nice it is here! fall is definitely in full swing. and my want to nest, craft, and cook is back. yes!


to be a teenager again!

looking towards downtown calgary
i am sitting in the house, a "coffee sanctuary" on 10th SW in Calgary and it's cool in that there's free internet, a yummy smoothie, great modern furniture, art, and the coolest fucking teenagers walking around in the hippest clothes. american apparel's right next door and i'm put to shame in my lack of coolness. the problem is that they're loud like teenagers and about ot have a coffee house/open mic to express their angst and bad poetry. but i digress. this neighbourhood is nice.

i had a few hours off of my training for my new job today. the rest of the gang either went to eau claire to work out or to the glenbow to learn about the blackfoot via a museum exhibit. i decided to get some work done. i've managed to catch up on my contract work, mostly, and my internetting, especially my inbox which was overpowering me. my training has been great (a little too western model at the end of the day) and empowering and educating and fun! i've met some wonderful people and i feel really positive about my new job. and excited to take work on. when i get back i have one more week of willy nilly ness to work on B's wedding dress (get the draft cut and fitted and then modify the pattern and cut the main fabric out and then get it sewed! f yes. i'll also have my last three days at handsome before i'm on every second week. and we'll hopefully get our car (!!).

this week i've finished three knitting projects: noro socks, a caplet, and a hat. i've also bought some yarn at make one including some malabrigo worsted for mitty things for grace and diamond yarn foot loose in fall colours. the yarn really made me think of hallowe'en. and it was cheapish.

and then last night after i went yarn shopping i had dinner with a dear friend from highschool that i'm so happy i reconnected with. holy shit it just got really loud in here! with the open mic and all. connor oberst is ALIVE AND WELL in the calgary indie-teenager. nice!



you belong to the gang and you say you can't break away.

sparrow embroidery
well, to match last week's incredible-ness this week is starting off somewhat low. i did my last day at meow records (boooo!) and it was sad and not busy and we "celebrated" with red robin after (thanks b!) and the gut rot is a constant reminder of how good meow has been to me. i'll miss it!

and i've restarted biting my nails like crazy. it started on sunday night. yay stress! it's back with a vengence. and i'm biting more in response not less. i should scrub my nails and then paint them. that might help. but as the chomping goes on.

i embroidered the above using a stencil from sublime stitching. it's on a shirt (with a pair) for chelsea. i know, spoiler alert, but alas.

must pull my ass off the couch and go to the store. i just don't want to spend money! gr.


okay, so what? i'm obsessed with the election

it was bound to happen.


so, my bike still hasn't turned up and stewart's fixed-gear cruiser works for now, but when spring hits i'll want my own. i'll probably buy it online (bike stores here aren't too good) or in vancouver.

Bianchi Milano
The Broadway Bike
Giant's Suede Coasting DX W
Kona Smoke
Electra Amsterdam

i like the electra the most and then the broadway bike.


getting the job done

i've been on such a knitting kick lately that i've completely ignored all my sewing based projects.. today being a "day off" (i still have errands and a bit of contracting to do) it's my goal to cross as many of these off the list as possible. primarily because in one week i have to spend a whole week in calgary and can't really take my sewing machine with me. but knitting, that i can take.

1. mock of bryndis's bodice for wedding dress (cut pattern into sheet and sew up with original zipper)
2. chelsea's shirt (embroider sparrows and text)
3. stewart's cowboy shirt (embroider roses and such)
4. kevin's jacket (robotify it)
5. jeremy's pants (shorten into long shorts and add crow appliques)
6. finish my steady hand t-shirt
7. make my dress for the wedding in two weeks.

on top of that for this week i have to:

do all my drawings for my thesis and scan them before i go to calgary. that way i only have my content left for the first draft deadline of october 31st.




today has been completely surreal. i'm in complete shock about it.

first is that the owner of our local LYS is giving me a bulky weight knitting machine with books and yarn! GIVING IT TO ME! i can't believe it.

second is that I GOT A FULL TIME JOB! WOOOOOOT!!!! more details on it later but it's youth community capacity and i have to go to calgary for a whole week for training. I'll find out more on Friday, so lips sealed for now.

third is that we *finally* got approved for our brand new 2008 city golf! wooooo!! it looks like this but shiny blue. dark shiny blue.

and to celebrate i ate a whole bag of barbaras cheese puffs while watching gossip girl. i couldn't help it. oh my. what a day.


hair! beards! oh my

i'm not usually one to scoff at hair and the length of it or someone's sporting of it especially since i'm growing mine out. but a quick glance at pitchfork's photos from bumbershoot confirms one thing. the ability to look unkept and hairy, but still be an impeccable rocker stands out.

sadly, there were only less than a handful of girls to pick from for bad hair (ahem, big hair) and it was all beautiful and tamed. looks like the grrrls of indie are being taken over by the grizzlies of the indie underworld. yuck.


a fantastic use of lace

doughnuts for kalen
it's a dear friend's kid's birthday tomorrow and we're going to celebrate with a little bit of food and some cake! lucky little girl! i destashed some doughnuts on her a month or so ago so i made two more icings tonight for some doughnut doughs i had lying around and am excited to give them to her tomorrow.

anniversary day was great! we slept in (!!), had coffees, rode bikes/longboarded, ate sandwiches at the shittiest little diner ever, hung out, knitted, went to see sisterhood of the travelling pants 2, and ate panago pizza and now are going to bed! NO WORK! i deserve a gold star for not doing work today.

but tomorrow, back to the grind!. m u s t d o t h e s i s !!!