i called the guy up and to tell him what i tell ya and he said he'd call me back when he finished playin zelda

beram makes fun
mmm, dinner with the beram
beram came over tonight. she's in town before she goes planting. and it was the most fun i've had in a long time. we ate annie's alfredo in a box and i made us a salad but i was the only one that ate it and then we watched clueless and drank ciders and talked about our mutual love of paul rudd and suddenly it's 10pm and i'm pooped and yet hungry and want to keep drinking but should edit my thesis and it's too late to do that so at the very least i could pick my outfit for tomorrow. i haven't been knitting very much lately. i wish i had some more oomph.



Task #101

Well, I've been working my body well lately. I won't say I've been watching what I've been eating because that's just not true, but I've been going to the YMCA a lot and have a five-workout week in the works. It's funny because not being on facebook means I have more time for myself, but I'm still social, just not as harried social, which is good, actually. So, my workout plan to date is Monday - Fusion, Tuesday - Walk outside or run inside, Wednesday - off, Thursday - Rollerderby, Friday/or/Saturday - Run inside and weight training, Sunday - run inside.

I feel awesome and have been eating lots. and taking lots of supplements. I'm not sure how to define, "healthy as possible" but I feel pretty awesome. I think that being "healthy as possible" would mean not living here with the air-quality attack to the lungs, though. hm.

I'm waiting for stewart to get home from work so we can have a mini-greek feast (chicken, potatoes, salad, yoghurt) and watch gilmore girls and get cozy on the couch. Maybe some knitting will happen! I feel like I haven't knitted that much lately?? Anyway, off to check the stove!



sunday funs

prince george sunny-day
flowers at save on
random cat at art knapp's
new plants on the steps!

spring is in the air!: new music.

the snow is officially gone off our lawn which means it's almost time to start raking up the leaves from last fall that we missed and finish digging out our garden box. and with the onset of spring comes the pile of new music to carry me through the new season. i spent 3 hours downloading music, buying itunes music, and searching stewart's most recent downloads to compile a list of stuff i love right now. so love it. and enjoy it! off to write, and go to the camelot! and then to the Y and then stitch n bitch. such a good sunday! xo

metric - fantasies. i haven't really liked metric in the past. i mean, some songs like combat baby and dead disco were fun, dancy, and a wall of sound, but fantasies has a good mix of haines' solo sound and a wall of synth. favourite tracks: gold guns girls, help i'm alive.

mstrkrft - fist of god.
woop! more vocal oriented than the looks but the beats are solid and generally a riot. favourite tracks: click click, it ain't love, and heartbreaker.

TEETH!!! i found teeth!!! after trolling pitchfork for an hour. it's a raw electro thrash noise. love it. you can download them here (Free Willy) and here (Free Jamz 4 evr).

Chew Lips - SOLO.
a single released on kitsune and an album better be coming. poppy with epic vocals. makes my feet bounce and wish for summer dance parties.

Harlem Shakes - Technicolor Health. kind of feels like pop where peter bjorn and john left off. summer acoustic rock. who knew i'd actually like this sound again. maybe it's because some of the harmonies remind me of blue rodeo? haha. favourite tracks: strictly game, sunlight.

handsome furs - face control. duh. dan beckner is my lover. and my boyfriend. favourite tracks: all of them? but really: i'm confused, talking hotel arbat blues, legal tender.

fever ray - fever ray. i've never been a die-hard fan of the knife, but fever ray has a little more siouxie as stewart says. and i love it. favourite tracks: triangle walks, now's the only time i know.


all the gold and the guns in the world couldn't get you off...

hanging out back our house

it's been so nice hanging out at home over the past few days. monday night i curled up with goodies and worked on a new crochet pattern. and last night i did some work that was super backlogged and then went to the y! it was so nice to leave after dinner (stewart stayed and watched this new matthew broderick movie with alan alda. i can't remember what it was called) and to run for 1/2 hour on the machines. i'm working on this new running clinic sequence to get ready for the 5 km road race. so i need to do it as often as possible between now and then. tonight we're going to the y and three friends are coming with us. YMCA PARTAAAYYY!! haha, it'll be nice to work out as a group :)

yesterday after work i went thrifting a little (inspired by my purchase of this purcolator from etsy) and ended up with not very much considering it's such a big overpriced thrift store. but i came away with a tacky, 80s, cashmere-like cardigan, a 1970s chatelaine gardening book, a black t-shirt and this lovely baby blanket. total for all things was $20 (which is a lot) but considering that blanket could've been super expensive i came away with a sweet deal.

well, off to tackle hump day on the treadmill then who knows! love!


updating my list/task updates

is it okay for me to update my 101 in 1001 list? i'm feeling like where i wanted to be almost 2 years ago isn't necessarily where i want to be now. is it fair to update such a list, or should i have tried to accomplish those things sooner so i wouldn't feel like i had lost interest. so, i'm not deleting the original ones, but adding ones in tandem to the ones i'm bored with.

1.a. acquire a new bike (b/c mine was stolen last summer)

(#4 i know i can't do, i'm already out of time, and being a vegetarian isn't really a goal anymore, but that's okay!)

22.a. move out of prince george to a new city!
23.a. get a job in another city that's better then the job i have now.
27.a. buy? i'm not sure buying is something i want to do..maybe listen to?
49.a. not sure if i really want to see blonde redhead live anymore.

i <3 dystopian modernity, bleak man-made landscapes & the psychological effects of technological, social or environmental developments

i was washing the dishes, lazy since i've been home: a dinner of burnt pot stickers and dolmades, and a movie whilst trying out a new pattern (crochet) to sell the product of in my etsy shop. barbara budd started talking about things that were ballardian so i turned off the water to listen to budd finish saying that jg ballard died yesterday.

and i choked and welled up. and feel such a terrible sense of loss. ballard's writing, environments, dystopias, and post-modern interactions between the machine and meat has inspired me, and pushed me to go into baudrillardian territory. and i'm sad. more at the new york times.


i'd rather just relax or not exist

sweet marie burlesque
i'm officially done with going out! ha! well, not really, but i'm definitely at a more low-key place then i used to be. tonight was the super awesome killer kittens wine tasting party downtown and the wine was good and the cheese was great and the company was awesome. i am just so tired and wanted to take my socializing face off and come home. i'm waiting to go get stewart from work so we can hang out and i can go to bed. i'm excited for tomorrow: it's sunday! roller skating, maybe, and stitch n bitch, i might go to the y and work out, i have a sewing project to work on, a house to tidy, and possibly sleep in in. we'll see if my body'll let me. i need to recharge for the work week!

today i went for snacks/dinner and hang out time with a lovely pal and she had made the martha stewart black-and-white cheesecake squares. and, they were DELICIOUS!! tis the reason for getting cream cheese here in a few minutes. i'd love to make them in the morning. super easy. the fun part about ms. stewart's website is that when you find a recipe there's this "also try" section. and yum? ! yes! chocolate coconut cheesecake squares? or chocolate peanut butter shortbread squares? i want them all.


we're back!!!

while i'm waiting for a few photos to load over here on ye ol' blog and on the flickr i'll make a quick ramble because i'm EXHAUSTED from driving all day, holy moly.

this weekend was a blast. while visiting family is always stressful, it went better than we expected and we both came back happy. tired and happy. and loaded up with stuff. from hand-me-down cookbooks, videogames, and movies to new books (chapterssssss yesssssss), clothes (yay for a sweet value village), yarn yarn yarn, and vintage goodies including a little sewing kit from ft. nelson sporting a little chief.

on our way back we got increasingly tired as the hours wore on. i stopped at petro to take a pee and stewart started skateboarding in the parking lot. right after he did this he bit the tree and some construction guys in carharts were chuckling. it was cute.

ooooh, vintagey stuff in mclure. the shop was really nice and big and organized well, but the prices were higher to reflect that. i wanted so much of it though and if i had the $$ probably would have justified it.

mmm, monte cristo. this one was from stewart's grandma's place of work in oliver bc. yum!

we had turkey dinner at the same grandma's that afternoon/evening. it was so good and really nice to spend time with stewart's brothers and his dad.

and last but not least a bit of a cow's underneath? stewart took a lot of pictures on the trip. a lot of them really random. i slowed down for him to take this one. loves it. well, i'm off to shovel the compost. gross. and think about cleaning/unpacking and dinner? probably take out again. not sure. i'm so pooped. i have lots of updates/new news about thesis and etsy (it'll be up again soon) and want to wax a little about getting all of the things under control (those things i take on!). also, nice to be back, but want to leave. even just to the derby boot camp in 4 weeks.



Fine Maiden of Land O' Lakes

So, i was going to post the below on Shameless but then felt that it was dragging on and really, everyone's all been Twilight crazy on Shameless a few months ago. Here it is! It's unfinished. I still need to think about it more.. But, my verdict on the movie is, first hour = interesting, rest = lame-o, i will watch new moon, and pattison is a hunk.

I admit that I just watched Twilight despite the bit of bugging I've endured from friends due to my tittering about it since the DVD release. Post-watch it lives up to all of the feminist critiques, and the first hour or so was entertaining, but I stayed glued to the screen in hopes of them unraveling the duality they create between the so-white-I-can-see-through-your-skin Cold Ones and the equally quiet, mysterious, and surprising-you-out-of-the-bushes Wolves.

Since high school I've been obsessed with colonialism, representations of Indigenous cultures, the dialogue about racism between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in Canada, and our general inability to talk about these issues in public and private forums, especially our inability to discuss them ironically because we're always reverting to comedy. Viewing Twilight as the most contemporary example in popular culture of these complications there has been a lack of critical discussion about the racial and colonial aspects of the film.

1. In this interview the About.com interviewer asks Taylor Lautner (he plays Jacob Black) point blank about his "Indian" status and they both evade the question and answer by discussing his "likeness" to those youth from the Quileute Nation. He's shocked that he likes basketball and girls and they like basketball and girls. Question: Does this reaffirm his claim to his "distant past" because the film's producers were criticized for not casting an Aboriginal person or could it reaffirm that American boys like girls and basketball?

2. Let's talk about catchement areas: Does Jacob go to school on the Reservation because he is a Werewolf and can't intermingle with populations that include the Cold Ones? But really it's factually right, there is a school on the Reservation. Why did bella think that he would go to school in town, then? lots of questions!!!


oh where oh where have i been?

well, luck has it! i found my charger for my camera (in a basket of knitting projects), and my ipod (that was at the shop), but i can't find this other thing i was looking for and i've already forgotten what it was. OBVIOUSLY not that important. finding my charger meant i got to charge my battery so i could turn my camera on to get my pictures off it (and get it all ready for our upcoming trip this weekend!). the last week has been busy and this weekend while busy has been full of relaxation to get me ready for a busy busy busy week!

i've fallen off the wagon a bit with the exercising at work. i mean, friday i came home sick and tomorrow and the rest of the week i'm SO BUSY during the day not only can i not give up the 1 hour, i was tattoo'd a bit more and can't really shower. so no sweating.

and, today/yesterday i finished my garter yoke cardigan. it's too big (though only an L/XL and their measurements say i should be a XXXL... boooo) and i need more black buttons and i hate how bulky the sleeves are, but it would be a great jacket-like sweater. but it's only my first sweater, so much to learn before i get on forestry cardi.
garter yoke cardigan

rupert's also been extra cuddly this week. i'll wake up to him spooning me or between me and stewart in the bed. it's nice lying in bed and watching the sun come up. winter was really painful on us again this year and i'm not sure we'll be in this city to see another one. but i did say that last year, so who knows.
rupert has turned into a cuddle butt

with that i take my leave and head to bed. my tattoo is a little scratchy and our big chicken dinner is resting lovingly in my stomach. yummm. i'm trying my shitty shitty not eating anything diet again so we'll see how that goes! ha!

love, love.



mmmm, this looks good!

eta: so, i had just written that sentence when stewart came in and started asking me all these questions about our trip to vancouver for warped tour (august 14th) and our DETOUR TO THE ISLAND!! WOOP!!! 15th, 16th, and 17th baby!!! and then we heard this weird glugging sound coming from the bathroom and stewart got up (such a prince) and said, "hon, something's wrong" and i went out and the plumbing had backed up again. so the water from the washer came up through the shower and the toilet, gross and was all over the floor (just water and charcoal like stuff) and the carpet by the bathroom. so i'm calling the rotto rooter in the morning and the landlord is paying for it, of course. this is the second time in a year (or just a year) that it's been rotto rootered, i wonder what it is. either excess water in the pipes from the streets OR roots catching shit that's going down the drain. but that's enough plumber speak.

we ran to save-on to cure our ails with frozen pizza and a bag of oranges (i've been eating a lot of oranges lately) and we're going to curl up and watch role models i'm so happy sean william scott is back in action. mmmmmm, looking forward to the weekend!

love, love!