FML: saturday (and an FO!)

FML! yesterday I'm driving to work just past cameron lake and go around a corner that has a bump on it just as a suv passes me and my windowshield makes this loud CLAP/CRACK sound like a rock hit it. but there's no rock marks Anywhere on my window so I think, "that's weird". I leave work in the dark so when I get in the car this morning and there's a 4 inch crack coming from the upper edge/seal, I let out a really loud, "FUUUUUCK!!!!" motherchucker! so mad. it may still be covered by warranty but probably not. blarg.

This week has been busy. work is draining and traveling to vic last weekend (while it was amazing good times) kinda just slowed my week down. i ate a lot of processed foods/poorly because i didnt really settle into my week at all and just felt poopy for most of it. not fun. so today is going to be a day of rejuvenation. i got a handful of library books (including this one), bought groceries and local bread (yum), and stewart bought me whip it! so i'm just nattering around on the internet, getting packages together (so many!! you may get one!!), and working on my article for the upcoming snippets. we're going to watch movies, i'm going to knit gifts for lovely people, and then later we're going to make calzones for the week (yum) and sushi for dinner. i love the weekend.

above are leggies i made at work yesterday for the kid. the rav link (with a shitty short pattern) is here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/ohsweetie/leggings-for-helvetica this kid inside is a mover. it's so strange.


FO: Stewart's birthday hat

For stewart's birthday he asked me to make him a replica hat to this hat a dude in a band he likes was wearing in the cover art. oi! It was a mashup of crochet'd and knitted factory hat, big and bulky, and i tried to make it exact, but I thought it was stupid looking. So, I redesigned it! I chose the good elements, like the bumpiness between the rows of cables and the weird coin cable look it had going on and mocked the crochet bumps for the brim with seed stitch. And, I'm so proud of it and I love it. It's made from Galway Healthers (from Knotty By Nature in Victoria) and I used less than one skein. I have the pattern sorta done if people want it. (I can email the pdf when finished). Here's the Rav link.

In other news I start my new work schedule today, 1:30pm to 10:00pm and I've enjoyed the morning off much more than the evening off so far! I was able to sort all the recycling and weed out those return its for cash, do laundry, sleep in, and internet. I hope that the late nights don't kill me (I'll be getting home just after 11pm), but am content with the fact that my ride home will coincide with the 10pm playing of Q, ever night! woop! xo


"i don't understand, i thought she liked ice cream and magic?"

getting things together! our weave (by jmac) and my new seatee!! i'm excited to get my hands on more space and i can start unpacking!! guh! well, gossip girl and knitting will make it better <3 first snb today! xo


sushi a go go

today was super awesome. i found a lot of cool things at thrift stores, garage sales, book stores, etc and was going to post pictures but the day just carried on. instead i bring you poorly lit cell phone pictures of the dinner stewart and i just ate. i had a vegi roll combo, agedashi tofu, and soup...stew had three rolls and this yummy looking sushi pizza with spicy scallops and we just got full. it was cheap and delish. yay for the coast!

tomorrow will bring pictures of my finds as well as a craft project i'm going to tackle tomorrow (brooches!!). i'm also almost done reading 100 mile diet and am inspired to take on gardening and local eating more and more. even though there's already shoots springing out of the ground i say, "bring on spring!" xo


get me away from here i'm dying

i'm sure i've used that song lyric as a blog post before... it's like my "i'm sick" mantra. i had to go part way to town today for my midwife appointment and was already feeling the cold coming on. but i thought, "i'm already half way there, i should at least go to work". before i even started i informed my supervisor that i could only stay 'til lunch and then continued to sneeze all over myself, my headset, and then screw up the easiest calls. not too impressed with myself. i managed to get the best boosterjuice i've ever had (2 of them, one so full of ginger my throat seared), come home and nap/read for hours and end the night with part of an elvis movie (flaming star!! it's about colonial conflicts and his "half breed" status. he struggles with his personal identity and i can't wait to finish it tomorrow), and now more reading and SLEEP. i've just started reading the 100 mile diet book and am interested to see how it went for them. i remember all the hype on cbc but haven't read the blog. the neat part is now that i live in their climate all their little suggestions, like the fact i can plant some kinds of greens and radishes in march and have produce in april is wonderful! can't wait to pull up my vintage chatelaine "gardening in canada" reference book and get to it.


FO: little arrowhead shawl

I love this shawl. Used Noro Silk Garden and was about 8 rows short, but alas. I didn't block it either, it's just been stretching out with wear. Rav link to my project//Rav link to the pattern// and Link to the pattern online (free!). It was refreshing to get a ME knit out of my system as I'm continuously still working on orders and gift knits and baby knits. yikes! xo

oh victoria!

on friday i went to victoria for the night and the next day. i hung out with fine thank you and we did our usual friday night movie (jennifer's body this time!) and snacks from the market. knitting and watching you tube videos. i could do that all the time. then on saturday i hung out with bone machine and myle heather where we ate naanwiches and went for a long nice walk around thetis lake. it was a great victoria day that was completed with hanging out with eden and going to knotty by nature and cascadia.

returning home was nice and has been full of internetting, knitting, reading, and watching the worst movie in the world: the last run with fred savage. i've been up for hours reading more (i think i'm back on books, yay!) and waiting for stewart to get up so we can go for breakfast. we may be in the basement by now but still no living space so just hanging out here in the bed typing away waking stewart up. get up! i want bennieS!!!!!! xo


more pictures! FOs: socks and copy cat hat

so finally charged my camera battery so i could take some better pictures than my lame ass phone ones. here's socks i knit from the yarn in portland. i have enough yarn left to probably make most of a sweater for a tiny person. kind of excited. it's dark so the colours don't really stick out as well, but i love the heathery-tweedy look! it's a mix of tweed, cotton, and nylon. good sock yarn, thick and hearty, a little scratchy, but definitely nice.

i also knit another copy cat hat as part of a trade i owed on for some reiki treatments. it will get in the mail this weekend. i have so many things to mail out that tomorrow night when i get home i'm going to label all the envelopes and just start stuffing shit in the envelopes without haste so i can get them out into the world! sorry if you're expecting something from me. it's all been late.

this friday night i'm coming to victoria. i'll be in town until sometime saturday, probably after lunch. maybe i'll see you? xo


photos as of late

this week has been busy. well, no busier than normal. i'm just tired, i guess.... lots of knitting done too! i'm finished my portland socks, almost done a little arrowhead shawl, made one hat for a trade i owe'd on, and started mittens for mishelleorama. at work this week i found out that i'll be going straight back into training on PDA and will do 9 weeks of training to troubleshoot devices and handsets like blackberries and iphones. kind of sweet! i'm pretty happy about being paid to just sit in a training environment and knit and learn about tech support. yippeeeee!! as for "real jobs" still no luck.

last week we finally moved into the basement and have spent the weekend just getting our bedroom oriented. we still have a tv in here, but have moved our dresser down and i have a chair and ottoman for knitting times. i've also been able to set up a cat-friendly sleeping space (pickle!) as i'm oddly still allergic to pickle and can't cuddle into her gutt anymore.

and on saturday stewart and i got to hang out all afternoon together, which meant we had breakfast out (!!) at miller's place a family restaurant (with the patriarch visiting tables) and had the best breakfast ever and it was cheap too! very impressed. will definitely be back any time i have spare change. the hash browns were the best i've ever had. oi.

well off to bed, maybe a bit more reading, and sorting out my knitting to take to work tomorrow. xo


so hungry i could eat a horse!

lately i've been dying to cook, all the time. and cooking whenever possible. on new year's stewart and i made a yummy pizza from scratch (wish i had taken a picture) and for xmas i made 3 loaves of garlic ciabatta, and then tonight i made a batch of smitten kitchen's lemon cranberry scones. while cooking often costs some change and I don't have my hands on much $$ yet here's the list of dishes I'm going to try and fit in over the next few weeks! yum!

Tomato and Corn Biscuit Pie from Everybody Likes Sandwiches
Mushroom Marsala with Artichokes from Smitten Kitchen

Kasia's Parmesan Polenta with Eggs & Roasted Mushrooms

Soba with Spinach and Shitake from the NY Times

and this martha stewart recipe from living...it's baked white beans with tomatoes and sage but i can't find it online anywhere. yummers overall though! excited!!