they call it way too rowdy, we call it finally free

right now this is my favourite thing. i've kind of resisted buying it because i know that it would go to a better home and i've been so distracted with thesis i've pretty much only paid our bills and spent money on food and some tights/runners, etc. oh, and rollerskate wheels which should be here sometime tomorrow just in time to get them on for practice.

i am so sick of looking at my thesis. i went to go finish formatting my last chapter and i should have tackled it easier b/c i was having such a hard time transitioning it from pages to microsoft word for mac. so i've just pdf'd it without any of the fun. and my scans from UNBC last night I SCANNED THEM WRONG. while it only took me 20 minutes I Have to do it again. gr. and, i guess in this whole process our house has been turned upside down by it's lack of "maintenance" and my contracting work has totally fallen behind and i'm SO BURNED OUT!!! i mean, i can't even find my charger for my camera battery to show off anything around me right now. i just feel so brain dead.

over the past few days NOT being on facebook has been awesome. i like finding different ways to communicate with people and spend less time trolling people's information and checking out cool things like blogs or just avoiding the computer in general (minus my school work). i really want to sew some things! it sounds like a gal pal and i are doing a table at the farmer's market this summer and we're getting together on friday night to scheme up names for our booth. to date it sounds like we're going to be selling home made/all natural beauty products like face masks and soaps and body scrubs as well as other crafty stuff. FUN!!

off to just stare into the abyss. aside from emailing my documents to copy services in the morning this shitty shitty first draft is done. yes.


whatever task # this is, my thesis is heading to it's first draft deadline...

standing in the way of control!
oh boy oh boy, tomorrow is the big day: the deadline. i've had a rough week and feel the stress beginning to lift. i've been so burnt out by this mammoth of a project and am scared by the draft process. i mean, never once in my undergrad or grad programs did i ever do more then one draft. i just did the final draft (and usually an outline) so working on this kind of project is somewhat out of my realm... i am not even sure what the quality of a draft should look like so am worried that what i'm going to hand in tonight via email and tomorrow in the flesh (printed out style from copy services). i just finished scanning those drawings that didn't take when i did them at the shop (i'm at school using their super speedy robotic scanners, nice, and wonder why i didn't come up here in the first place)... well the lovely lady here in ems is going to leave in a few minutes so i better run home, get some takeout, and plow through this. oh, and i deactivated my facebook account if that matters...... love!


oh deer!

since working at handsome i have become enamoured with wild life. i'm pretty sure that we all are. cruely even made an appointment to get a deer/stag tattoo'd on her leg. omfg. love it. so i'm procrastinating and we're semi-watching partners and it's definitely low production. but it's super cute. it's fun watching all these people grapple with the "outing" of a partner in their law firm. so i'm etsy searching....for deer.

Deer Rings....
Deer Pillows.....
Deer Earrings...
Deer Bags....
Deer Stickers....
Deer Pins.....
Deer Prints...



it's no lie. i love sarah haskins of target women. and this video seals the deal. xo


nothin comes down in a downpour

rupert intercepting the study
this morning i got up at 6:30 to give stewart a ride to work and i exclaimed, today is going to be so sunny! and it is, so far. so beautifully sunny. i got to watch the orangey-pinkey ness of it on my way back from dropping him off and when i got home hit the sack. but i opened the curtain (we get the first sun in our bedroom) and pseudo slept for four more hours (yes) with the sun on my face. both of the cats were bathing in it too.

when we lived on the coast i loved the winter. it was a reprieve from the rainy fall (though it would usually rain all winter too) and the snow would be so nice. it would just be a little cold and we'd pull through easily to the spring. and the winters here are beautiful too! they're crisp and cold but the days of sun i feel like we see are so few and far between. and it's almost as if you forget about the sun and then some days it shows up! and it's HEAVEN. i could just sit in the sun for hours. and plan to today. i'm going to scoop up my laptop and head somewhere (handsome) that rupert can't intercept my homeworking. i'm happy even with my deadline looming i can catch up on my sleep. i'd probably be a mess if i couldn't.

love love


this is probably the hottest picture ever. oh ed westiwick!

today i was extremely tired from work and slept for 5 hours when i got home. i woke up and made a wicked curry. i'm going to take my vitamins and go to bed. xo


one of the many reasons i love unbc...

tonight was the over-capacity so you think you can dance your thesis. the pub part was over 120 people and there were a number of us sitting beside the stage and others on the stairs overlooking the auditorium. incredible showing. i loved how many women did dances for their Masters of Science thesises. SO RAD. off to bed now, getting up early to go give a talk/lecture/forum on resisting/ance media at the western regional canadian university press conference. we've been watching movies, eating tonnes of junk food, and i've been doing my homework. i love my work love it. go feminism!! xo


it's not you who i sing for...

new coffee urn from cheetah
gift from cheetah! i eyed it at her thrift store a few weeks back and it accompanied a hug tonight at derby which was so needed and so appreciated. i have incredible friends. definitely.

hair pins from loki
and then i got these from loki who brought them back from her most recent academic-trip. they're made by melissa abram who has the sweetest, cutest, etsy store. they're adorable and i can't wait to wear them to work tomorrow.

this week has been a week from hell. monday and tuesday night were both late nights at work (9pm ish) and the wednesday a bomb dropped regarding structural things at work and it was just that little bit of stress to send me home bawling for three hours. my job is secure and i'm fine and everything's FINE, but i feel really uprooted and unsure about if i want to stay at my job past the summer or if i want to stay in prince george past the summer. and i'm so stressed about school and getting over being sick that i can barely think about plans. just try not to headdesk too much, make it through the day, and get through the evening. just do it that way. my thesis is looming and it's so important that i finish it that other than breaking down and being a wreck for one afternoon i'm trying not to let the work stress get to me.

blah blah, i'm whining. the timer on the oven went (late night monte cristos and home fries anyone?? yuuummmm!!!) so i have to go tend to dinner. love lots crafts soon. xoxo


tell me that you know another way to get a promise from me

my monkey
today was an excellent cap to my weekend. i still feel stressed about going to work tomorrow (guh) but i'm relaxed and ready to take on the week (though i still wish i had that hour to tidy up the house!)

yesterday was awesome. i ended up running small town errands: the bakery, the butcher, the vegetable stand. going roller skating (it was nice to be physically active after a week of sick but i had a hard time breathing). making sushi. knitting. hanging out with our billet. attempting to go to gala and leaving soon after. hanging with mish and al. watching roustabout with stewart and knitting (we heart elvis).

today was sleeping in, kinda, losing that hour actually sucked. making muffins, more quiche, cleaning, having ladies over for iwd brunch, knitting, hanging out, stitch n bitch, making alex's chicken and mushroom marsala (from smitten kitchen), and i'm about to get stewart and we're going to watch life is beautiful.

i still don't want to go to work tomorrow. i love my job but hate working. i can reconcile this, right? i'm off track with my thesis and worried.



hand me downs from mom
so i guess before the internet existed people used books to find the information they needed to complete a task. we often go to the library, keep books too long, and thus owe them money for overdues, but we continue to go regardless. when my mom moved to bamfield she had all of this stuff she couldn't take with her: heirlooms, books, clothes, baskets, furniture, etc. i ended up scoring a car-full of stuff from her including a number of her DIY-type books she used as reference when she was my age. i looked up cat issue stuff (rupert's been sick lately) and found recipes for homemade catfood (i'm going to see if the dog gone bakery does cat food first) and what kind of supplements to give him to make him better. and the garden one has super detailed guides on how to prune our apple tree.

i came home early today. i still have a terrible cough and a lot of catch up to do. and a need to clean my house. spring is on it's way!! xo


you're the one who's gonna pay at the end of the day

the quiche
i forced myself to go to work today. i had so much work to do and i'm happy i went. i had enough energy to get caught up and it was nice to just see my coworkers again. i work with such a wonderful bunch. my favourite part is all the young women who work in our building. we're having a girl's night for clients next week and i'm psyched because the younger women on staff are ALL coming to support the young women who access our centre. so fun.

i napped a little when i got home but mainly caught up on chores: laundry, dishes, taking the garbage out, and cooking. yay for cooking. i feel like i'm finally back on fire. it took a few hours to get my energy up, but i've got a leftover homefry, swiss chard, sundried tomato, and feta quiche in the oven, and a chickpea marsala-type curry on the stove top. it reeks like curry and onions and garlic in here and i missed it.

my shibui socks!
i also got to take a picture of my socks. sure it's in shoes and kinda dark, but i think it does the job.



these past 2 days i have been death bed sick. i came home from work at noon yesterday (i finally get sick pay! yay!) and went in for an hour this morning but have otherwise spent the entire time latched to a cup of tea on my couch with the heat dish facing toward me. i've been so sick that i've spent the last two days knitting about 60 rows on my pair of socks to complete them. i've never knit so slow in my life. but they're done and i love them. hopefully i'll do up pictures soon. ie. tomorrow

tomorrow i have to go back to work and i have a lot to catch up on. i guess that's the one problem with responsibility. it's been nice being home and listening to cds in the stereo rather than just my laptop and eating lots of food. last friday i bought a big container of strawberries from costco and i usually don't do such a thing out of season because 1. they've been shipped so far! oh the environment! and 2. they're out of season up here and it's just weird to me. but that shell of strawberries was so what i needed right now. i hear of stories of flowers blooming in the lower mainland and we're still under 2 feet of snow and it's getting warmer but it's still gross out and the pollution has been so bad lately. it's funny how a bunch of strawberries can make me feel like summer's around the corner. and i just made this barley chickpea salad with peppers, green onions, cucumber, and cilantro (lemon garlic yoghurt dressing) and ate it with hot sauce and oh my oh my summer was just yearning in me!

i have to go get stewart here in about 1/2 hour from work and i think i might get a pastry. yum.


all it took was love to not get caught

elizabeth hat #1 for whomever, gifted to theresa
this past two weeks have been a total whirlwind. my mom was here (good times, i can't believe i didn't take any pictures!!), i worked on a huge funding proposal for work that in the end fell through, i didn't miss a single derby practice, worked on my thesis, and knit knit knit knit knit. above is the elizabeth hat courtesy of Jane Richmond (of vancouver island! woop!). i knit it but didn't really like the pattern on my head. i think if i did have a bulkier yarn and a bigger needle it would've fit. but alas. regardless, i was able to make two hats out of one skein of kochoran, both that look very different and both gifted on. their glowing halos are beautiful.

yesterday afternoon/last night/this morning i've been working on my thesis. research, research, research. the march 31st deadline is scary, but i'm confident i can make it. i even only have three books i haven't yet skimmed/read to make some headway into and then spend the rest of the week making my chapters pretty then next weekend scanning the rest of my images (i need a pro-mac scanner hookup, any suggestions? free ones?? i might just go to ems at school bleck). and here in a little bit we're going to the camelot(cameltoe we've affectionately called it) to have brunch with mishy then i have more research, house cleaning/tidying, and roller derby. yesh. tonight we're making homemade burgers. i'm pretty excited since we rarely eat homemade burgers. anyway, i'm rambling. i'm going to go work on a new sock for a little bit and get ready more so for my day!! xo