nothin comes down in a downpour

rupert intercepting the study
this morning i got up at 6:30 to give stewart a ride to work and i exclaimed, today is going to be so sunny! and it is, so far. so beautifully sunny. i got to watch the orangey-pinkey ness of it on my way back from dropping him off and when i got home hit the sack. but i opened the curtain (we get the first sun in our bedroom) and pseudo slept for four more hours (yes) with the sun on my face. both of the cats were bathing in it too.

when we lived on the coast i loved the winter. it was a reprieve from the rainy fall (though it would usually rain all winter too) and the snow would be so nice. it would just be a little cold and we'd pull through easily to the spring. and the winters here are beautiful too! they're crisp and cold but the days of sun i feel like we see are so few and far between. and it's almost as if you forget about the sun and then some days it shows up! and it's HEAVEN. i could just sit in the sun for hours. and plan to today. i'm going to scoop up my laptop and head somewhere (handsome) that rupert can't intercept my homeworking. i'm happy even with my deadline looming i can catch up on my sleep. i'd probably be a mess if i couldn't.

love love

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