these past 2 days i have been death bed sick. i came home from work at noon yesterday (i finally get sick pay! yay!) and went in for an hour this morning but have otherwise spent the entire time latched to a cup of tea on my couch with the heat dish facing toward me. i've been so sick that i've spent the last two days knitting about 60 rows on my pair of socks to complete them. i've never knit so slow in my life. but they're done and i love them. hopefully i'll do up pictures soon. ie. tomorrow

tomorrow i have to go back to work and i have a lot to catch up on. i guess that's the one problem with responsibility. it's been nice being home and listening to cds in the stereo rather than just my laptop and eating lots of food. last friday i bought a big container of strawberries from costco and i usually don't do such a thing out of season because 1. they've been shipped so far! oh the environment! and 2. they're out of season up here and it's just weird to me. but that shell of strawberries was so what i needed right now. i hear of stories of flowers blooming in the lower mainland and we're still under 2 feet of snow and it's getting warmer but it's still gross out and the pollution has been so bad lately. it's funny how a bunch of strawberries can make me feel like summer's around the corner. and i just made this barley chickpea salad with peppers, green onions, cucumber, and cilantro (lemon garlic yoghurt dressing) and ate it with hot sauce and oh my oh my summer was just yearning in me!

i have to go get stewart here in about 1/2 hour from work and i think i might get a pastry. yum.


Anonymous said...

yah dude the crocusses have beyond sprouted... even the sakura is starting to get pink-ish.

Youre missing out.. island life is where its at fool.

Eden Oliver said...

barley chickpea salad! send me the reecipe?