you're the one who's gonna pay at the end of the day

the quiche
i forced myself to go to work today. i had so much work to do and i'm happy i went. i had enough energy to get caught up and it was nice to just see my coworkers again. i work with such a wonderful bunch. my favourite part is all the young women who work in our building. we're having a girl's night for clients next week and i'm psyched because the younger women on staff are ALL coming to support the young women who access our centre. so fun.

i napped a little when i got home but mainly caught up on chores: laundry, dishes, taking the garbage out, and cooking. yay for cooking. i feel like i'm finally back on fire. it took a few hours to get my energy up, but i've got a leftover homefry, swiss chard, sundried tomato, and feta quiche in the oven, and a chickpea marsala-type curry on the stove top. it reeks like curry and onions and garlic in here and i missed it.

my shibui socks!
i also got to take a picture of my socks. sure it's in shoes and kinda dark, but i think it does the job.

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