Self Portrait Thursday

went into a five hour meeting and it was semi-ok outside. came out to pouring rain. thanks!

Help a Sister Out!

Friends! In anticipation for RollerCon I'm doing a bit of fundraising to help cover my costs and possibly get a new pair of skates which I really need! I've been doing derby on and off for almost 5 years now (skating/administration) and I'm emotionally, mentally, and physically ready to kick it up a knotch and commit the shit out of this thing. Definitely something I will be doing for the next few years and Rollercon 2012 is a stepping stone for me in my evolution as a skater, but also as a derby teacher and mentor. Donations of ANY amount would be most appreciated, but donations of $40+ will get a PREZZIE from vegas (not charlie sheen)!
Thank you so much!!! XO Di.


Mountain Sound

This Sunday will be the first day of July and the slow start of summer we've experienced has kind of highlighted a trend for me. I've always lived in rainy coastal areas (except when i was in PG) and summer always comes late. And thus I'm not really prepared. The two months of the super hot summer are just 8-10 weeks where I count down the dog days until sweater, scarf, tea, and knitting weather (and the squash!!). To break the cycle of shitty days, I took Seth to the lake after dinner. I love that he's older, more stable, not totally dumb and won't just run around willy nilly and actually listens to his momma. He had a blast playing with the rocks, running in the water, and trying to push logs back into the lake. Looking forward to heading out there again.


sunday sunday

lotsa toddler meltdowns

gathering stripes in progress

dessert pies!! more coming to home sweet home next week.
This week is over and I'm pretty bummmmmed. It was really busy so I'm still recovering. Have a load of laundry to put in the dryer and then it's good. I also have some work to do, whatever. I spent most of the day in the kitchen cooking pies with Erin (8 in total, more info coming to home sweet home next week) and it was nice to have vegan pies both sweet and savoury. We had SO MANY kids over and it was a little stressful, people make me stressed, I need my down time. So much of my life is social and it's exhausting. At one point I was coming off the bottom stair and almost tripped and broke my ankle on a pile of shoes. I decided to fall and let my ankle be fine. It's a little sore, alas. Now it's my turn to make seth's bed and put him to sleep. One of my favourite times: book reading and C U D D L E S. how was yr weekend?


listen to the music before it passes you by.

these past few days i've been writing this intense research proposal. its definitely pushed me to my mental limits and i'm exhausted (i blame staying up late to watch community for that too).


stick up for yourself son, never mind what anybody else done

chinese cemetery victoria
toy camera view from the chinese cemetery
view from the chinese cemetery, victoria
not getting out of bed
played really hard, had a difficult time getting out of bed

when in victoria...
when in victoria, fill a growler...

sandy ankles
sandy ankles, i dont get to see these tattoos often, so i love being reminded of them

sand dollar
sand dollar on the beach in parksville. so many of them!

i think we will probably live on vancouver island for a really long time. it's kind of like paradise, ya know? i put 800KM on my car in the past few days zipping up and down and over it. beaches, parks, food, friends, and lots of coffee. it was a good busy brain time but active rest from the world of work awaiting me back at this ol' computer i'm pounding away on. i think i found a solution for my work stress over the past few months and feel a lot lighter. a bit more motivated. and disappointed that something that seems so small could be such a derailer of my life. i hope people will get on board, support my ideas and decisions, and this other stuff i'm working on will fall into place.


that is that and this is this

neon lupins
pale lupins
I'm off to Victoria this afternoon to hug my sister, make out with Fernando, and do some work. Oh, and Seth is getting a hair cut at Victory Barber. Looking forward to the three days. Will miss Stewie, however :( XO


we're gonna start the fire

i'm totally listening to the no doubt discography. holla! finished season 1 of community (OH MY GOD ANNIE AND JEFF!!??). feeling tired this week. still haven't done my laundry. want to knit and watch movies (and season 2 of community). feeling the oncoming of new True Blood. Wanna re watch the old ones. HIBERNATE.

ps. my crisis about what to do with my life has ended. i'm going to be a farmer. done.


Self Portrait Thursday

oh my i just finished eating the best non-vegan cinnamon bun ever. i first ate one months back when canvas cup opened and continued to buy them at their hearty $3.75 price tag (that's how much i like them). but it didn't take long for me to realize they were made at the bakery literally across the street. so now i just go to the bakery where they're $1.95 and make some tea in my office. it's a rainy day and this week is busy and i'm exhausted and overwhelmed/worked so a good day for a cinnamon bun, right?

that being said, i'm shrinking, it's weird.