sunday sunday

lotsa toddler meltdowns

gathering stripes in progress

dessert pies!! more coming to home sweet home next week.
This week is over and I'm pretty bummmmmed. It was really busy so I'm still recovering. Have a load of laundry to put in the dryer and then it's good. I also have some work to do, whatever. I spent most of the day in the kitchen cooking pies with Erin (8 in total, more info coming to home sweet home next week) and it was nice to have vegan pies both sweet and savoury. We had SO MANY kids over and it was a little stressful, people make me stressed, I need my down time. So much of my life is social and it's exhausting. At one point I was coming off the bottom stair and almost tripped and broke my ankle on a pile of shoes. I decided to fall and let my ankle be fine. It's a little sore, alas. Now it's my turn to make seth's bed and put him to sleep. One of my favourite times: book reading and C U D D L E S. how was yr weekend?

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Mountain Girl said...

Missed seeing you and trying your pies. Got up the mountain Sunday (quads hurt like hell now), and sorted 800 photos to find 50 to post. Yikes.
Hope you can find a bit of time for yourself.