i wait for the sound of a new town, tryin' to avoid the sound of a beat down

turn off your electricity for five minutes! (and learn french in the process!)

this guy taught for the same school i taught at in japan! he was the teacher after me and v-chan's ordeal really hit the fan! turns out he has a labour board case against the old employer!! so great that someone had those guts!

today work was nuts in that i got a lot accomplished and feel somewhat on top of things rather than drowning! can you believe that? and, i guess they're sending me to victoria and i'm going to be with my sister that whole time. nice.

and my teeth hurt and i bit all my nails off and i need to go read, i think i'll go do that. i've been behind on homework and reading and need to catch up. bad!

i'm applying for sshrc funding for the summer semester and have to get a lot of paperwork done soon. the craft collective is going, but i'm not getting many responses which sucks. oivey. did i mention stewart might go to concordia? that means we're moving to montreal? hmmmmmmmm!!!


count to three and grin, smile and let me in.

now available in the ohsweetie store! jock toned scarf! rupert's been cranky since i've been home. yesterday i got absolutely no reading done. i've just been so tired. i started another experiknit. it might turn out all crazy, but cool. we're pretty poor right now and that's really draining. i'm going to do more walking, as gas is expensive, and well, after i put some moolah in the tank tomorrow morning i can't really afford to put more gas in the tank--it truly sucks. but we're making the best of it. still having coffees at the cafe. i think i'm going to climb into bed with circle works. i've got a busy crafty, homework filled weekend ahead of me. yay!


went out for some sodas, when will you return?

stewart and his birthday scarf?
today. is. stewart's. birthday!
and we celebrated with beer, philosophical discussion re: power, capitalism, foucault was name dropped, i just blissfully listened. j-mac calhoun was here and came along! so good! i made stewart this great sweatshirt. maybe i'll get him to pose on saturday for me. this weekend's going to busy and fun fun fun! i've got to get some circleworks read and get this house tidied up--it's quite quite messy! blah! ie. big pile of wool on the floor, dishes, not much food, etc. tonight to beat the stress a new friend and i went to stretch class together and then climbed into the sauna and sweated our faces off and chatted and it was really really nice. we both felt quite great afterwards. okay, off to bed (well, soon anyway)! might go to vancouver for reading break on a craft run? fun!


and though i wanna open up my heart...

100% black wool knit knit purl purl scarf
today was a good day! yay! it started with class and me being scattered but i was enjoyed. i gave two pals a ride, had fun with this comic, received comments from my prof (which were in line with my own criticisms! phew. no surprises. and i'm getting a's. i could get used to this...) and ran into some other profs, did a work call, talked to a bunch o' people about the prince george craft collective and they're excited about it too! it's lonely without stewart and i had a nap! can you belive it. i went to this potluck and it was fun, i saw people i loved and met new people and am loving more people. i felt a little out of place, which happens when you're still new somewhere. but without being too vague, i survived, and definitely know who my friends are and why i love them. with all my heart. we played this great game where one person picks the name of an artist and keeps it secret, but tells the other players which artistic category (ie. writer, actor, musician..funny we didn't do dancer, haha, or filmmaker!?) the choice falls under. then! then the other players as the secret-holder questions focusing on metaphor, such as, "if I were a body of water, which or what kind of body of water would i be?" and the secret holder says something to the effect of "a sink of dirty dishes", and so on. and then! i guessed dennis hopper, even though i had been saying for five minutes, "what's the name of that guy in blue velvet? anyone? does anyone know?" so, i had fun: but the party turned to pot and unwillingly i got second-hand-stoned and we had to go. yuck. some people here are really beautiful people. oh oh oh! and rumour? shell hq is setting up in PG? maybe one day sooner than later we'll have to leave. no wonder rents are high and there's so many jobs! bleck.


getting off the ground!

PG Craft Collective Blog
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Do you live in Prince George and craft? Are you a writer, a photographer, a knitter, a music maker, a stictcher, a baker? Join the PG Craft Collective. For more information please email pgcraft@gmail.com


it's happening, it's really happening

bring on the Prince George Craft Collective! pgcraft@gmail.com

i don't mind, every night, just because i do-oo-oo-oo

so much for being a vegetarian!
well, so much for being vegetarians. just after we had stopped eating meat for a while we gave in to bacon. and oh how we bacon'ed. stewart just groaned and said something about fat "congeeeeling!" in his belly. yum. (i'm on my second big glass of water). i'm reading natalie angier, very cool. i have absolutely no modesty about this: i am rocking the feminist theory. and with that "blast" of well earned narcissism i am going to climb into bed with my bacon belly of the day and read about women and their uteruses and clits and the biology of gender! yay!


it feels so late eighties, or early nineties, to be political, where are my friends?

pink scarves 2

i was just going to curl in bed with some natalie angier and get my reading groove on when i realized, fuck fuck fuck (!!!) that i had an abstract due today, the 15th, and i hadn't sent it in yet! ack! so i just typed it up and emailed it off to marshall university, department of english, west virginia. exciting! let's hope that i get a yes yes yes! on more awesome fronts today was incredible. and because i'm anxious to brush my teeth and climb into bed and read read read (and then sleep sleep sleep!!) i'm going to reduce my excitings of today (including a few of stewart's) into a list. and in no particular order:

1. gave jeremy a ride to school today--always fun! and he told me his partner is hanging out w/ my vancouver friends and i'm terribly excited. it made me feel like wood-glue. you know, nice smell and holds everything fun and crafty and structured together?

2. had gndr 611 and honestly feeled like i owned the class. but didn't feel like the asshole that's always hogging the spotlight. it's hard when you're one of two grad students in a class and the teacher tells you they expect you to speak more and lead more than the others (something i feel bad for doing, but i guess it's true, i do have to work harder in a sense..you know more reading and writing and higher expectations-----i hope i do well!!!) anyway, today i clearly stated, "i now wear my badge for simone de beauvoir" and it's true: she is an incredible woman (context people!!!)

3. started chatting up a gal in my class (she too was wearing chucks and we complimented eachother): over the morning and seeing her in other places we befriended eachother and exchanged emails: this is awesome!!!

4. the pink scarves: i have officially been asked if it is me that is spreading the word and the works: i denied it, the pink scarves don't even exist (but see a picture above!!), duh!

5. had lunch in the women's centre and did the draft of said abstract--thank heavens! there was a free-food box and i grabbed some scone mixes and made scones and they're yummy.

6. met with my supervisor and she is behind me (even suggested) that i do a 100% creative thesis (no splitting it into 1/2 theory, 1/2 creative): my only limitation is that it must be on paper: after that.........and that if i do it the way we discussed i could possibly get published by the time i'm done!!! woot! so this MADE my day.

7. had my first counselling appointment (intake) and it went really well: i really have my crap together, i just need a bit of support, yah! (and my areas that need work are stress, anxiety, and the "blues" aka, i feel depressed alot! but not too bad.)

8. had stretch class and a tan. nice times. also did a meditation.

9. made plans for this week with four friends. very good.

10. the prince george craft collective is happening. i've officially decided. i'm an official do-er of things. but there will be more on this later.

11. the zipper on the refurbished hoodie i made yesterday broke apart: but i don't mind!

12. stewart's close friend and wife moved here (they're great!) and stewart ran into them at the bank and they hung out all day and stewart's really excited. i am too. more friends!

13. we cut stewart's hair. maybe i'll get a picture by the week's end!

14. my first class with fyre jean graveline is tomorrow: so excited!!


Richard Krueger - Folk Fest Fundraiser 2007
just got back from the folk fest fundraiser at art space. was going to jump into bed, but then there was coffee leaking in my astrosatchel and stewart started playing a video game: unfortunately it's "silent hill" or "not-so-silent-but-actually-creepy-sounding hill". the folk fest thing-a-ma-doo was fun. quite enjoyable. three dolla' beer-hip hop-and an accordian. oh, and making fun of colin pearson. there was even a celtic cover of paint it black, courtesy of out of alba. the two women in out of alba commented on how they were the only women in the line up! and it's true! there were no other women than those two! very interesting! i've stopped playing music, though i've dabbled a bit, and well, it seems to me that if i played music loud and around it would not only be perhaps fun, but also a feminist activity. what's that about? are there really that few women playing music in prince george? hm! okay, the sounds from this game are making me feel batty--i explained to stewart watching "silent hill, the movie" or that movie, the ring (?), is not entertaining for me! at all!!! when i was in japan i heard a tremendous amount of scary stories and had scary experiences and i don't want to re-live them. oivey. i'm knitting. a black scarf. after that i'm going to knit a grey scarf with red beads throughout it. woot! maybe i'll sell them in the store, haven't decided. oh, and this, right now! is the official announcement of the prince george craft collective. it's going to happen and i'll lure you with skulls and tattoo artwork yay! more pictures here! http://www.flickr.com/photos/ohsweetie/
organic apple raspberry pie!
the paper i've been busting my butt on and reading for this entire week and somewhat over xmas break is here! now it's off to pick up woman: an intimate geography by natalie angier. yay!
now i'm also off to knit a bit and in an hour we're going to a show! a fundraiser for the prince george folk fest! jeremy's playing and some other local folks! i'll post pictures when i get home! yay!


put another dime in the jukebox baby!

the view from my house, eight am
this is what it looks like outside of our house, off of the porch, past the fence we don't have, at eight in the morning. when it's thirty degrees below C and you're exhausted and you're going to work for eight hours and all you want to do is lie in bed and write your paper that's due in 48 hours exactly. oh my!
the view from my house, eight am


with my eyes on the prize and my mind on you i put my pride on the line...

jan 9th, snowy out the back.
it snowed a bunch last night and when i woke up to take the garbage can to the roadside stewart's bike was gone. someone swiped it. cut the lock or something. so i've bungied mine a bit (on top of the locking system) just to make it more difficult. stewart's not that upset, and i'm not angry. it's just a hassle. just a bit of a disappointment. i can no longer say that my neighbourhood is completely safe for me. someone has stolen our property. i think we're going to get theft and fire insurance (no we don't have it, isn't that crazy). i'm plowing through the second sex. feeling sick. took my cousin for lunch. pillows are now on sale at Meow Records for only $22: so pop down and buy one! yay! i also have some cd cases on sale down there too. very pretty. the snow is a little annoying and i'm feeling really tired. yesterday i was *sooooo* stressed out that i was feeling nauseaus. i sat down and worked through my relaxation and stress workbook for an hour or so, then coloured for 1/2 hour and had tea and felt a little better. maybe i should just go to have a nap: that would be the best. bah. we had a potluck on sunday that was successful in that everyone who was here seemed to be having a good time and we got to connect with those we haven't really had the chance to. i've been feeling kind of gross lately: just ugly-ish. probably b/c i'm tired. i'm sick. i'm complaining! haha. i made an appointment with a counsellor yesterday, yay! let's have a healing party! woot!


i had the indie tape i made when i was in grade 10 converted to mp3 so fun. and with tape hissing! yay! listen to it here! enjoy! (p.s. our band was named ophelia; not after the moist song, but after the girl that sold her self down the river).


just wait and see all the changes will be by the time it gets dark

capital "C" for colonialism pillow
new! capital "C" for colonialism pillow cases in the ohsweetie store! i should also have two of these, with pillows, in Meow Records on Brunswick by Tuesday.

We're having people to our ghetto shack for a mini-dinner/potluck tonight. i made two pies and will make dieter's famous curried rice and maybe a pizza. yay! i'm in super suzie homemaker mode this weekend. it's really great! i miss this, crafting, cooking, lying around with stewart (we went to value village too and found papa don't preach on 7 inch!!).

i have an idea to do a display for bryndis at Meow. of a slumber party! so fun! i can put my tiffany seven inch up too! woot!

okay, off to sew one other pillowcase and and and a sweatshirt that says chocolate!


the biggest cupcake you ain't ever seen!

Photo Hosted at Buzznet
i'm exhausted. and half way making my curry. i put the groceries away. and listened to lily allen. now i'm going to do some readings (yay for feminist theory!!). have to pick stewart up at 1000pm! i bought a shirt-dress (jersey) from a&e (sale). some underwear with lace, and am dumping some clothes tomorrow at a consignment store. and a pair of heels. i need to drink more water. pronto.


Photo Hosted at Buzznet
yay! felt-power flower headbands in the ohsweetie shop! thank you to those that have been shopping!

if you want it....you can have it...

the internet is officially sucking right now. maybe i'm not supposed to be communicating with technology. the last kiss sucked. bad! my picture isn't loading and my etsy additions are all fucked up. i'm going to pout and read my homework. or maybe i'll just hit the hay, it's already 830pm~!


oh man! today is great. i have to admit i'm a little buzzed on white wine, okay, that's probably why i'm feeling so great! but it's our anniversary! we picked a date and went for an incredible dinner and drank a lot of wine and both had salads and had dessert and i'm just buzzing. but really full. we went to cimo. and ate our faces off. yumm!! and we just rented the last kiss, bought those chocolate turtles, and bought adventures in babysitting *and* waynes world two (my favourite wayne's world, i thought it was better than the first, for shure!).

i think we're coming to vancouver on february 17th? we're companion-faring. woot! who wants to let us sleep on their futon??

okay, i'm drunk. haha. blah blah blah.


thanks lady in the back, i appreciate that

c'est our other cat: pickle. she's fickle. and finicky. and wouldn't look into the camera when i took the shot. and her purr when she's sleepy and happy is a lawnmower. she growls like a crocadile, and she has no front claws (stewart's ex had them removed??) so she "claws" your legs all the time and it tickles.

i'm feeling better. phew. a few friends called and we got to chat for a while and i just feel better. yesterday was really hard! anyway, we're curled up and listening to smofe + smang (m. doughty). and we're drinking strong strong coffee (jeremy bought us organic fairtrade saltspring island espresso for xmas! yay!) and eating moonrock biscotti. i'm almost finished reading the great gatsby. i have so much reading for my one class (contemporary feminist theory), but i think i need to try and fit in a few more "fundamental texts". ie. the grapes of wrath, heart of darkness. if you have any suggestions as to what i should read next??

the other night i updated my etsy store. keep me eating good food! buy my stuff.