Untitled Well, we've moved and I'm exhausted. I've started another sweater and I love it. I can't find my knitting kit, so I'm using bread tags as stitch markers. Today we had our first BALL games and they were so fun! We had to miss the BBQ after because we had so much to do, which was sad panda. I'm going to knit, have some tea, and go to bed. I was thinking about going for a run, BUT My feeling Exhausted kind of set in.



I always look back at 2007 as being an overly stressful and chaotic year in my life but just looking back through my flickr I found some photos and I remembered how awesome the year was.... (and how much I miss Torie). Enjoy the photos!
bike wang word!
Prince George Bike Gang
half dozen please!
Felt Donuts I had made

hey everyone 016
Hey Everyone! at Meow Records

Cabbage Rolls!

we're getting married!!
Our Engagement Picture

chad vangaalen and his brain kit
Chad Vangaalen at Folk Fest

wedding fun
so much wedding fun


Stewart's Sweater!!!!

ice age, heat wave, can't complain

can you see the little snail?

feeling super inspired and committed to doing my list of 29before30. have just knocked stewart's sweater off the list (thank god!) and am thisclose to paying off one of my debts, which is a huge step forward. i've remade the appointment for my hair (it so needs to be cut, too) and am working on a few others. this week is moving week. i've spent my time split three ways between stressing about moving, actually doing something about it, and being comatose. looking forward for it to be over. yuck.

today i had popcorn for lunch, which is always healthy, and despite my delicious brunch smoothie, i'm actually kind of hungry. will probably go to the grocery store and get carrots and hummus (i need other things, too). looking forward to seeing you on the other side.

ps. i still haven't figured out what to do with my life! eeeps!


Blissful Weekend

This weekend was full of lots of good things (including a lot of "bad" eating that I've chosen to embrace. Can you say " beer cheese and junk food five times fast? "). Sethie and I went to Tofino, we went to a sweet and fun pizza birthday, we had breakfasts with two of our lady loves, and I'm almost done Stewart's sweater!! Huzzah!! Moving this weekend and really looking forward to it. Must gain some energy and pack my face off for just two evenings and then we are ready to go!!


The Sky's Not Fallin', You're Just Growin'

long beach, tofino
Tofino Two Summers Ago

Today is a half sunny, half grey day. And it's Friday. And I'm tired. Exhausted, but alive. Roller Derby last night was a nice little assault on my body and after a hot bath and reading I didn't get to sleep until almost midnight. But holy of all holy's, my kid slept his whole night through. his tally this week is 3/4 and it's awesome. It really helps a lot. I'm plugging through Wild Abandon by Joe Dunthorne and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I want to hole up and read it, but moving, and my series of life transitions are a little distracting (oh, and benchmarking next week? egads!). A number of my 29 before 30 are climbing up and coming up and getting finished (almost done Stewart's sweater!!!) and I'm liking the feeling of crossing things off.

A lot of shit is going on right now and I'm trying hard not to feed into it all and give myself some time to process and rest. I'm gathering my energy up for our move. But, I'm still going to throw in a busy weekend (Tofino! Ucluelet! Potluck! Friend's Birthday! Ball! Moving Sale!) and look forward to a busy few weeks. 


The End of an Era: So Long TBT

Well, my goal of finishing TBT isn't happening because I will not have readily available internet at home (and haven't for the past two weeks). That doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it every day, nor pushing myself, and look forward to the odd update on here. We just got back from our holiday north and I'm sad to be "home" back in Port Alberni. Big changes for me in the future. Big changes for Stewart. Big changes for our family. New careers. An ever growing toddler. New living situation. Different priorities. The Future. Looking forward to it.

The day we left I bought me and stewart iPhones! it was nice to leave both my camera and iPod at home :) All my pictures were taken using the App "Toy Camera" which is a nice alternative to instagram. No social media or networking (but I can upload to twitter) and it wasn't just bought out by facebook. So many good times. Friends, family, food, roller derby! 

In the Car! Our home for two whole weeks!

stop over in gold pan for glamour shots with bryndis.

Seth found some truck at the park and loved it (in pg)

The seven sisters on the way to Terrace. It rained bullets the whole way back to PG, so happy we got a sun shiny view of them.

Stewart finds out that Derby girls even loved him when he was in high school!

A farm and nursery near my dad's house has horses. My niece loves going there, and seth did too, though he was too afraid to get close to the horses.

Running around in Clinton. this little town will always be in my heart.

One of my many food foibles.

Last night on the road.

29before30: PG Tattoos!

Thank you to the lovely women at Handsome Cabin Boy Tattoo in Prince George for getting the ball rolling.


A List of All the Bad Foods I've eaten on my trip so far

In homage for my love of mcsweeny's, here's a list of all the bad and often times non vegan foods I ate.
  • Shrimp salad in bc ferries with half an egg
  • Bridge mix
  • Cheesie nuts and bolts
  • A glass of red wine
  • A glass of beer
  • About 12 ounces of gin
  • Margarine on my popcorn
  • Vegan chocolate
  • Shrimp in black bean sauce
  • Pork wontons
  • Beef and broccoli
  • Mushroom egg foo yong
  • Chicken chow mean
  • JalapeƱo chips
  • Non vegan pancakes, butter horn, eggs with cheese
  • One cup of caffeinated coffee, one cup decaf
  • Veggie pizza with cheese
  • Egg, cheese, and tomato breakfast sandwich
  • One bite of a sausage back fast sandwich
  • Vegan chocolate
  • Cheesy vegetarian lasagne
  • Shrimp ceviche
  • Smart food popcorn and aero bubbles
  • Spicy tuna rolls
I think that you could say that on this trip I've really "let myself go". This is eight days of cheats. I've barely worked out too. Looking forward to my return home for health and fitness reasons. Haha.


TBT 50-90

Vegan Chocolate Brownie Cake with Vegan Cream Cheese Icing!!!! and Organic Vegan Sprinkles!
Today was my derby wife's bday, so I made her a vegan cake. We devoured half of it with my family over lunch time and all experienced sugar high. I reduced the sugar in the cake by 1/2, but the icing was too much and too delicious. I ate 1/2 bad and 1/2 good today. I will now wrap up any loose ends and get ready to hit the road in the morning. Speaking of hitting the road, despite me taking my iPad with me, I'm not going to blog often until we get home. I swear on my roller skates that I won't eat any worse than I have, and I will try to be better, promise. Stress = slacking for me. I need something else to be able to do it all.

What I Ate Today:
Oatmeal with good for you museli
green tea/white tea blend
2 big pieces of said birthday cake
mint tea
a few bites of lentil red thai curry
double roasted potatoes with nooch and veggie/tofu teriyaki stirfry on top
popcorn with nooch

FML. Hosted a bratz meeting so missed any chance of working out tonight. Sad Panda. (But those bratz are AWESOME!!)


TBT 49-90 + an FO!

cowl, check!

Midnight City Cowl! pattern is Marian by Jane Richmond. Knit with Malabrigo Rasta.

Original Measurments
Boobs: 49"
Hips: 51-53" depending on where I took it
Waist: 48"
Thigh: 30"
Arm: 17"

Today's Measurements
Boobs: 46"
Hips: 52"
Waist: 48"
Thigh: 30"
Arm: 16"

I worked my ass of today. Folded 10 loads of laundry, carted around most of them to the washer, across the house, into the dryer; stood for 4.5 hours and cooked this afternoon; I feel like I did more because I'm SO TIRED. I didn't get to do my 20 sun salutations because we woke up and I went straight to making us breaky and then folding laundry for two hours (OMG). I went to our first slo pitch meeting this morning: FUN! I'm so looking forward to ball. Semi-forced stewart to join because I think it'll be fun (!!) and we never do stuff together. And it's ONLY for three-four months. So what the hey. 

What I Ate Today: Vegan Blueberry Pancakes and scrambled eggs with strawberry syrup (home made), water water water, coconut yoghurt with chia/sunflower/walnuts/hemp hearts, 1.5 hardboiled eggs, green salad w/ vegan dressing, red lentil thai curry, mac and shews, homemade onion rings (!!!), and way too many so delicious vegan brownies (guuuuuuh).

Exercise: None.