The End of an Era: So Long TBT

Well, my goal of finishing TBT isn't happening because I will not have readily available internet at home (and haven't for the past two weeks). That doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it every day, nor pushing myself, and look forward to the odd update on here. We just got back from our holiday north and I'm sad to be "home" back in Port Alberni. Big changes for me in the future. Big changes for Stewart. Big changes for our family. New careers. An ever growing toddler. New living situation. Different priorities. The Future. Looking forward to it.

The day we left I bought me and stewart iPhones! it was nice to leave both my camera and iPod at home :) All my pictures were taken using the App "Toy Camera" which is a nice alternative to instagram. No social media or networking (but I can upload to twitter) and it wasn't just bought out by facebook. So many good times. Friends, family, food, roller derby! 

In the Car! Our home for two whole weeks!

stop over in gold pan for glamour shots with bryndis.

Seth found some truck at the park and loved it (in pg)

The seven sisters on the way to Terrace. It rained bullets the whole way back to PG, so happy we got a sun shiny view of them.

Stewart finds out that Derby girls even loved him when he was in high school!

A farm and nursery near my dad's house has horses. My niece loves going there, and seth did too, though he was too afraid to get close to the horses.

Running around in Clinton. this little town will always be in my heart.

One of my many food foibles.

Last night on the road.

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