The Sky's Not Fallin', You're Just Growin'

long beach, tofino
Tofino Two Summers Ago

Today is a half sunny, half grey day. And it's Friday. And I'm tired. Exhausted, but alive. Roller Derby last night was a nice little assault on my body and after a hot bath and reading I didn't get to sleep until almost midnight. But holy of all holy's, my kid slept his whole night through. his tally this week is 3/4 and it's awesome. It really helps a lot. I'm plugging through Wild Abandon by Joe Dunthorne and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I want to hole up and read it, but moving, and my series of life transitions are a little distracting (oh, and benchmarking next week? egads!). A number of my 29 before 30 are climbing up and coming up and getting finished (almost done Stewart's sweater!!!) and I'm liking the feeling of crossing things off.

A lot of shit is going on right now and I'm trying hard not to feed into it all and give myself some time to process and rest. I'm gathering my energy up for our move. But, I'm still going to throw in a busy weekend (Tofino! Ucluelet! Potluck! Friend's Birthday! Ball! Moving Sale!) and look forward to a busy few weeks. 

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