ba da da, da da shibu di doo

i have phantom planet in my head. suckers. my weekend has been good though it hasn't been full of much needed thesising. boo.

the table of food and copious amounts of wine
saturday night, dinner party. this was an epically amazing time with loud celebratory yelling about porn (and loving it), joking colonization with friends, talking about gossip girl, driving around at midnight playing music really loud (with girls singing in the back seat) and lots of seeing my ladies and their amazing food creations. i want to do that every day.

and then tonight we had a yarn swap. it was a small gathering and so fun. i stayed at carpenterknit's house until eleven! sangria and sweets and an incredible destash and acquisition. i love yarn swaps. they're my new favourite thing.

the yarn pile
the yarn up for grabs.



i went to the hospital auxiliary this afternoon for the first time since it's moved to it's new location TWO YEARS AGO! i scored some sweet stuff. only $8.50 for all you see below (plus more buttons and a knitting pamphlet).

thrift score, buttons!
OMZzzG! Cutest buttons!! The hospital auxiliary thrift in PG is the best for craft supplies.

thrift score!
i wish my camera had a NEON setting so you could see how NEON that pink yarn on the left is. it's an eyesore for sure.

books! i loved journey when i was a kid. and the volunteer at the store and i chatted about how awesome trudeau was and how much faith we have in his kid to rule the world and make it a better place.

thrift score, hankies
hankies! can never have too many. esp when we're both sick or we're having a dinner party. recently someone said, "you're the only other person i know that uses hankies" this i don't understand. i mean, why aren't others using hankies?

cork inside
cool canister. this was the first thing i picked up. i love the crossed pipes.

this evening i'm going to a potluck with a bunch of lovely ladies. excitement! and last night i stayed up really late and went to the drive in to see harry potter. it was so depressing! and the whole death/fight scene at the end was too short. and the way that the film was put together was awkward and rushed and it was a little obvious. and why was it so scary? anyway. i need to rest my headache'd head and then get stuff to make peanut sauce (rebar), wash some dishes, and put a cute dress on. i'd rather just knit all day. it's good having a day "off". xo


task #95: go canoeing

canoeing on nukko lake at camp kananaq
a few of us staffers went to camp kananaq this week to build team spirit, go canoeing, etc. i went with cheryl from ccrr out in the canoe and we had a blast. i want one now.


"i've got it almost all figured out": pics part 2

i should be sewing the many things around here to sew. (more holiday pictures)

stew and i at long beach
me and stew at long beach

the gallows @ warped tour, vancouver
gallows at warped omfgg, amazing!

yates? victoria.
victoria feels like such a post card


"if they get laughs..more power to them" trip pics v.1

pictures from ye ol' holiday. more found on flickr.
we drove through lillooet...it was so windy through the pemberton highway and traffic coming out of whistler was INSANE. should have taken the canyon, no doubt, because it was dead on our way back.

pemberton highway/lillooet
more lillooet/duffy lake road. so beautiful.

cats at s/s house
and when in vancouver we stayed with friends who, luckily, lived right in the west end. after they headed to bed we played yarn with their kitties who attacked my hands and acted all perplexed by the material upon them.

miso ramen
mmm, double meat. not what i ordered, but oh well.

sun tower, beatty st. vancouver
the sun tower on the cusp of chinatown. my favourite building by far.


"it's mid-august and the weather's fine...i'm goin' out to shot the pipe lines"

long beach
well, we're over the hump in our holiday. tomorrow we're taking on victoria with finethankyou and then braving the long windy-construction'd road back to pg. then work on wednesday. no fun city oh yeah.

today we went with my mumma to tofino and went swimming at long beach (oh yeah! i'm crossing that off my list! footage when i get home!!) and then into tofino where we stocked up on tea at the tofino tea bar and then food and coffee (no ice?) at common loaf. (btw, both of these shops don't have websites, so no linking!!). now i'm sucking back on sangria. so good, and cooking burrito fillings: kale with red peppers/onions/garlic and then pork on the bbq, then with aged cheddar and homemade salsa. yum. and we're siding with salad that has candied salmon on it (i love port) and corn coins. yum. a lot of the ingredients are locally sourced, which was sadly hard to do.

last night we had a big bbq here with lots of people and we skewered up some shrimp and drank beer and caught up with relatives and friends of my parents...but the most fun was hanging out with my grandparents. third time in one year, baby! woooo! this list is surely getting whipped.

more about our trip when i'm back to my computer and can upload pictures, but regardless: it's been a blast so far.


"the lights make your skin look like eggs benedict"

i really want to make this cap.

where the slough meets the fraser (who just met the nechako)

one of the coolest things about my parents (even though they haven't been near/with each other in over ten years) is that they both LOVE food. so whenever they're near us or we're near them we eat. and eat. and eat. and then get stuffed. so yesterday after stitch n bitch (which was awesome, btw) i jumped in my car, plugged in my ipod and drove east 204kms to pick up my dad in mcbride. he was just finishing his bike trip from Edson, AB to McBride and had ended a few days early. So we sat at the ONLY pub in McBride and had a nummy Mediterranean salad and then drove back. We got back at 9pm. SO TIRED from driving 400km. then today we went for sushi at wasabi and then just had dinner at than vu. tomorrow i'm making falafel for dinner (so good) but we're going for lunch....not sure where yet. was thinking spicy green. or sasafras. one thing about pg. there's good food, that's for sure. (just wish it was open later).

so, i'm slogging in front of my computer trying to finish up my thesis edits (yuck) before i submit it to my committee again (this time i'm doing it online). hopefully finger's crossed it's all good and then i can zine it and submit it to the grad studies office (goal before i go to portland).

as for the rest of the week, stewart and i are climbing into our car on wednesday and hitting up vancouver for two days and then the island for three. such a short trip. breakfast with jay, art gallery, lunch with uncle, movie, dinner with kalinhop. then friday, breaky with bliss in a tea cup, and warped tour. saturday island party with my mumma and huge extended family. sunday sleep in hang with mumma, go to tofino. monday victoria. yay for house sitters making our life safe and wonderful for our return (RT @ KT). LOVE. off to thesis. xo


task #41: sarah polley movies

I'm not sure how I'm going to accomplish this one...
*bold means it's zipped*

* One Magic Christmas (1985)
* Confidential (1986)
* Prettykill (1987)
* The Big Town (1987)
* The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)
* Babar: The Movie (1989)
* Exotica (1994)
* Children First (1996)
* Joe's So Mean To Josephine (1996)
* The Sweet Hereafter (1997)
* The Planet of Junior Brown (1997)
* The Hanging Garden (1997)
* Last Night (1998)
* White Lies (1998)
* Jerry and Tom (1998)
* Guinevere (1999)
* eXistenZ (1999)
* Go (1999)
* The Life Before This (1999)

* The Claim (2000)
* This Might Be Good (2000)
* Love Come Down (2000)
* The Law of Enclosures (2000)
* The Weight of Water (2000)
* No Such Thing (2001)
* The i Inside (2003)

* The Event (2003)
* My Life Without Me (2003)
* Luck (2003)
* Dermott's Quest (2003)
* Siblings (2004)
* Dawn of the Dead (2004)
* The Secret Life of Words (2005)

* Don't Come Knocking (2005)
* Beowulf & Grendel (2005)

more task #40

i just sneezed all over my computer. my hair is officially fried. it's got this weird green chunk (old henna?) and is champagne-y on the top. but i frickin' love it. more photos at flickr.

task#40 part 2...blonder

task#40 part 2...blonder


about to go back to work....

i came home for lunch. yummers!! and my parcel from microcosm publishing was in the mail containing all of babyblue's birthday presents, so i think i have to take them to her today then come home and sew someone's bridesmaid's dress, watch the wrestler, and tidy.

the arbitrarys
last night we slogged down to st. michael's church with bubble tea in hand and hung out with our pals in the pews and watched some crazy bands/one act shit, and the lovely arbitrarys who are playing their last show, for now, because naomi's going to music school in victoria. so sad. but it was nice to see people's faces. i mean, i'm not on facebook anymore..so i gotta make an effort!!


101 in 1001 clean up

so, i've gone over my list and i haven't accomplished as many as i thought i have. about 38 or something? whoa. and i only have just under 2 months left to do as many as i can. i think i just did a recent post of ones i wanted to accomplish asap, but here goes another one.

#3: one day fast (i'm going to do this one, probably some day this week).

#5: a recent fall-back means i won't be defending by the time my list is finished. this is probably the most sad for me. i wish i had internet while i was in new aiyansh, but i don't think that would've changed anything. boo.

#7: i'm starting this now, like after i put down the computer: midnight's children.

#12: rejected from one application, still waiting to hear from the other one.

#18: i think i can still do this. but it will be when i get back from portland.

#25: 2008: The Wrestler; 2007: Juno; 2006: Little Miss Sunshine; 2005: Brokeback Mountain; 2004: Sideways; 2003: Lost in Translation; 2002: Far From Heaven; 2001: Memento; 2000: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Wo hu cang long); 1999: Election; 1998: Gods and Monsters; 1997: The Apostle; 1996: Fargo; 1995: Leaving Las Vegas; 1991: Rambling Rose; 1992: The Player; 1993: Short Cuts; 1994: Pulp Fiction; 1987: River's Edge; 1988: Stand and Deliver; 1989: sex, lies, and videotape; 1990: The Grifters; 1985: After Hours; 1986: Platoon

#95: go canoeing

#80: meet melissa !soon!

#72: make another pair of leggings

#58: teach aco or kt how to sew

#54: giving pink scarf to KT

#48: go swimming in the ocean (on the island, parksville probably)

#40: go bleach blonde (next week)

slide like you're coming my way

my new boots/shoes
my new boots/shoes. they're that weird beyonce brand. $26 at winners. size 9.5 (they still fit) and i still only own 5 pairs of shoes.
dinner, sunday
dinner sunday. so yummy. salad (lettuce from a.'s garden) with goat feta, tomatoes, peaches, yellow peppers, and then covered with pre-skewered chunks of salmon. guh. so yummy
blueberry pie #1
mmmm, makin' pies. yay for stat holidays!
park drive in
stew and i went to the park drive in last night and watched up! and the proposal. up was cute and ryan reynolds is so f'in hot i couldn't handle myself and was growling in the car. hahaha