"if they get laughs..more power to them" trip pics v.1

pictures from ye ol' holiday. more found on flickr.
we drove through lillooet...it was so windy through the pemberton highway and traffic coming out of whistler was INSANE. should have taken the canyon, no doubt, because it was dead on our way back.

pemberton highway/lillooet
more lillooet/duffy lake road. so beautiful.

cats at s/s house
and when in vancouver we stayed with friends who, luckily, lived right in the west end. after they headed to bed we played yarn with their kitties who attacked my hands and acted all perplexed by the material upon them.

miso ramen
mmm, double meat. not what i ordered, but oh well.

sun tower, beatty st. vancouver
the sun tower on the cusp of chinatown. my favourite building by far.

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Anonymous said...

my dear, i love the sun tower. and the marine building. and the dominion building. i just love vancouver.