i went to the hospital auxiliary this afternoon for the first time since it's moved to it's new location TWO YEARS AGO! i scored some sweet stuff. only $8.50 for all you see below (plus more buttons and a knitting pamphlet).

thrift score, buttons!
OMZzzG! Cutest buttons!! The hospital auxiliary thrift in PG is the best for craft supplies.

thrift score!
i wish my camera had a NEON setting so you could see how NEON that pink yarn on the left is. it's an eyesore for sure.

books! i loved journey when i was a kid. and the volunteer at the store and i chatted about how awesome trudeau was and how much faith we have in his kid to rule the world and make it a better place.

thrift score, hankies
hankies! can never have too many. esp when we're both sick or we're having a dinner party. recently someone said, "you're the only other person i know that uses hankies" this i don't understand. i mean, why aren't others using hankies?

cork inside
cool canister. this was the first thing i picked up. i love the crossed pipes.

this evening i'm going to a potluck with a bunch of lovely ladies. excitement! and last night i stayed up really late and went to the drive in to see harry potter. it was so depressing! and the whole death/fight scene at the end was too short. and the way that the film was put together was awkward and rushed and it was a little obvious. and why was it so scary? anyway. i need to rest my headache'd head and then get stuff to make peanut sauce (rebar), wash some dishes, and put a cute dress on. i'd rather just knit all day. it's good having a day "off". xo

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