"it's mid-august and the weather's fine...i'm goin' out to shot the pipe lines"

long beach
well, we're over the hump in our holiday. tomorrow we're taking on victoria with finethankyou and then braving the long windy-construction'd road back to pg. then work on wednesday. no fun city oh yeah.

today we went with my mumma to tofino and went swimming at long beach (oh yeah! i'm crossing that off my list! footage when i get home!!) and then into tofino where we stocked up on tea at the tofino tea bar and then food and coffee (no ice?) at common loaf. (btw, both of these shops don't have websites, so no linking!!). now i'm sucking back on sangria. so good, and cooking burrito fillings: kale with red peppers/onions/garlic and then pork on the bbq, then with aged cheddar and homemade salsa. yum. and we're siding with salad that has candied salmon on it (i love port) and corn coins. yum. a lot of the ingredients are locally sourced, which was sadly hard to do.

last night we had a big bbq here with lots of people and we skewered up some shrimp and drank beer and caught up with relatives and friends of my parents...but the most fun was hanging out with my grandparents. third time in one year, baby! woooo! this list is surely getting whipped.

more about our trip when i'm back to my computer and can upload pictures, but regardless: it's been a blast so far.

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for stopping in to the shop, we hope you like the tea you got at here at the Tofino Tea Bar......just to let you know we do have a website and though it is currently very basic (we are working on it) it does have contact info for the shop. The website address is www.tofinoteabar.com

Come again sooner than later!!!!

Love the list by the way, good luck with the remaining tasks.