slide like you're coming my way

my new boots/shoes
my new boots/shoes. they're that weird beyonce brand. $26 at winners. size 9.5 (they still fit) and i still only own 5 pairs of shoes.
dinner, sunday
dinner sunday. so yummy. salad (lettuce from a.'s garden) with goat feta, tomatoes, peaches, yellow peppers, and then covered with pre-skewered chunks of salmon. guh. so yummy
blueberry pie #1
mmmm, makin' pies. yay for stat holidays!
park drive in
stew and i went to the park drive in last night and watched up! and the proposal. up was cute and ryan reynolds is so f'in hot i couldn't handle myself and was growling in the car. hahaha


finethankyou said...

Gods and Monsters is totally boring, but worth it if not just for all the shirtless Brendan Frasier... this movie spurred my undying and everlasting love for him.

Props on the Ryan Reynolds comment too... jesus christ. See Amityville.

Jamie@ Jasmine green tea said...

That's one good looking pie you got there, and it looks delicious. I love it.