101 in 1001 clean up

so, i've gone over my list and i haven't accomplished as many as i thought i have. about 38 or something? whoa. and i only have just under 2 months left to do as many as i can. i think i just did a recent post of ones i wanted to accomplish asap, but here goes another one.

#3: one day fast (i'm going to do this one, probably some day this week).

#5: a recent fall-back means i won't be defending by the time my list is finished. this is probably the most sad for me. i wish i had internet while i was in new aiyansh, but i don't think that would've changed anything. boo.

#7: i'm starting this now, like after i put down the computer: midnight's children.

#12: rejected from one application, still waiting to hear from the other one.

#18: i think i can still do this. but it will be when i get back from portland.

#25: 2008: The Wrestler; 2007: Juno; 2006: Little Miss Sunshine; 2005: Brokeback Mountain; 2004: Sideways; 2003: Lost in Translation; 2002: Far From Heaven; 2001: Memento; 2000: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Wo hu cang long); 1999: Election; 1998: Gods and Monsters; 1997: The Apostle; 1996: Fargo; 1995: Leaving Las Vegas; 1991: Rambling Rose; 1992: The Player; 1993: Short Cuts; 1994: Pulp Fiction; 1987: River's Edge; 1988: Stand and Deliver; 1989: sex, lies, and videotape; 1990: The Grifters; 1985: After Hours; 1986: Platoon

#95: go canoeing

#80: meet melissa !soon!

#72: make another pair of leggings

#58: teach aco or kt how to sew

#54: giving pink scarf to KT

#48: go swimming in the ocean (on the island, parksville probably)

#40: go bleach blonde (next week)


KT said...

Pink Scarf!!??!! Hooray!!

I'll come over one day and you can show me the ropes of the sewing machine?

diandra said...

omfg, i meant the other KT. now i feel awful. i'll give you presents. xo