The last thing I needed...

Was another blog. But I started a fitness/health specific one. Mainly for myself to keep track. Check it out if you want!! http://ohsweetie-tbt.blogspot.ca/

Today was my housemate's bday. We're all getting older. His partner bought him a black forest cake with REAL whip cream. He and Stew are now out for beer. I'm going to make nooch corn and watch a movie. OH YEAH.

Tomorrow I have a busy day at work (lots of stuff piling up) and then a massage in the evening, hopefully followed by some activity and some work on my contract. Feeling good and on top of it. Maybe that's just the B12 shot. XO


the post with all the pictures about baby animals

baby canada goose
baby canada goose
baby canada goose
baby canada goose
My pal Rebecca Red Roxx found this baby Canada goose (who I named RYAN GOSLING) and I took it to the wildlife rescue in Errington. The kittens (later named Ginger and Snap) are new additions to my Aunt and Uncle's Farm. They were good to cuddle with. Sometimes life rains baby animals and I'm OK with that.


me actually playin roller derby

big THANK YOU to Marnie Recker (of the Black Pearls) for this great shot! Fuck, I love roller derby. XO XO

Self-Portrait Thursday (+ other stuff)

self portrait thursday
jamin's new art
jamin's new art
For YEARS I've been completely in love with CUBIST LITERATURE. As a fiber artist, riot grrrl, designer, and probably most fashionable homo on the planet, I am a pure internet fag-hag when it comes to him: I adore him and everything he does. For pretty much all the years I've slightly obsessed over him he's been doing a weekly photoblog of himself (which is part of a larger "movement" or broad-based-internet-community-meme "Self Portrait Thursday"-- check the Flickr for evidence of this) and I've wanted to do it for so long. But what you may notice about me is that I suck at long term delivery of meme-y things (ie. TBT! haha). Regardless, I'm going to give this a good go and we can see how many weeks I actually last before I get either 1. tired and bored or 2. so busy i forget aka distracted by flashy things.

The other two photos are of work that Jamin Zuroski did here at the Friendship Center. He's such a great modern Aboriginal artist and I love his fluid takes on the supposedly regimented forms. Such air and breath and light in his work.

I've been taking all my pictures with my iPhone lately and using the Toy Camera app (I kind of hate Instagram...) and loving it, but it made me realize I actually want a fancy camera DSLR? Any suggestions or recommendations?  XO



Last night the mans and I went to Char's Landing to see The Fugitives and Dan Bern! Music makers I actually truly LOVE coming to Port Alberni? Score. There were only a few ppl there (15?) so it was pretty "intimate" but overall good times. Love those old tyme country harmonies and political folk songs about motherfucking robocalls.

I'm starting to climb out of my transition chaos. Not much has changed, except I've changed. I'm interested in seeing how that plays out as I apply those changes into my daily life and my long term situations that I'm part of (Roller Derby, Work, Family, etc). Last week I decided to commit again to being full on vegan (I was at about 95%?) and to not drinking alcohol, which I'm 100% on for the past week, which is a feat!

In Listy news... I bought my plane ticket for Rollercon (!!), I got a second small time contract to have money to pay for my trip to baltimore to see Melissa and hopefully start paying more debts off (I did pay my line of credit off though!), and a few others are in the works. YIPPPEEE! It feels good to get things done. xO


these walls are paper thin and everyone hears every little sound

rogers creek trail
rogers creek trail
My lady love is here and it's nice to have someone who so intrinsically "gets" me and loves me around in times of such great self turmoil, that is now steadying itself out... aside from the fact that I don't know what "to do with my life". blah.

I've been feeling overwhelmed by how much unpacking we still have to do and spent this entire day decompressing from my life and doing nothing except for hanging out, knitting, and cooking. Wait, that's a lie. I was actually more productive. I put up a wall hanging, bought two weeks worth of groceries, partially cleaned off a dresser (and filed some things that were lying around), submitted our medical claims for the naturopath, did some much needed yoga, and went for two walks. Oh! And I finally got to see The Future by Miranda July (Eden's right: it is more depressing than her first film).

Tomorrow I plan to actually unpack more boxes and get my life into more order. Fingers crossed. G'night!


i really like it, this rock n roll

My work day is almost over and this day is just so beautiful and warm outside and I am INSIDE. When I get home from work I have a conference call and then practice tonight at the multiplex! Hurrah! Extra plus of living with another family? Someone is making me dinner tonight. Wahoo!!!

I'm feeling the crunch of how fucking sucky working full time is. I really like my job and the work I'm doing but I'm here too much and I need some perspective. I need a solution that doesn't include me losing wages, that's for sure. I also just have been honoured with being accepted to have a small part time contract with the Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities Indigenous Foods Network! I'm going to be doing Community Engagement work with them for the next 10 months or so. Hurrah!

My sister got me this book about farmers from the Victoria area and it's getting the farming fire in me going, which is so nice. I am so stuck. I am not doing "what I want to" nor at the pace I want to. Time to get more grounded, do more exercise, and plug along, hopefully in the direction of being centred in work.


taking some of my power back.

I'm still in big transformation mode. Which has included honing in more on BEING HOME and with my family, trying to heal my health (still sick! bah!), and detangling myself from social media, FINALLY. And by that I mean, "so long facebook!" In general, I want my life to slow down a bit more, focus inward, and reshift some priorities.

In other news, all of the workshops I applied to teach at Rollercon LV were accepted! WTF?! We weren't gonna go, so now I'm back on the fence about going. Sure hope that my pass is still floating around here. FUCK.



i love yarn. it's so fun to work with and be around.

in other news, i just took one giant step in the direction of my future and i'm kind of scared shitless. i'm going to make some tea and watch my so called life and knit my momma's bday gift. how was your weekend?


Oh my love this is our town, where gray cloud wander over heaven and ground


There's been some sirens ringing outside for about 5 minutes, a gaggle of them getting closer to our neighbourhood, and they all culminated what sounds like a few blocks away. My mom lives a block away, so I naturally worry, then reassure myself: she's probably fine.

Tonight was benchmarking for our league in Ucluelet. I skipped last week because I just couldn't bring myself with all the stress going on in my life, to taking on my 25 in 5. Then I found out that they did it on an unmeasured track, and some girls were getting 36 laps (!!), which was going to be the case tonight. If I had gone and done my 25:5 on a smaller track I would've "benchmarked" and then would've had to retest my laps in a few weeks, which would take some of the pressure off. But half of this house we're in is sick with the cold, and that includes me, and I'm in no shape to get to Ucluelet let alone take on a benchmarking practice. I swear I'm not psychosomatically getting in my own way, but it sure feels like that.

I was emailing to a friend today that I'm the queen of self sabotage. There's some life changes coming down on me right now and I could easily suck it up and stick with the status quo I've got going on (which is pretty good), or breathe in really deeply and take a leap. There's a chance that even if I leap, things might not change. But if they do change, then I'm going to have to find my way back down to the ground, and navigate a bunch of stuff, like a true, bonafied adult. 

So, basically, I'm freaked out. Will now put my nose to the grindstone and pump out this document that could quite possibly change my life (and if it doesn't, well, then I'm freaking out for nothing). XO