i really like it, this rock n roll

My work day is almost over and this day is just so beautiful and warm outside and I am INSIDE. When I get home from work I have a conference call and then practice tonight at the multiplex! Hurrah! Extra plus of living with another family? Someone is making me dinner tonight. Wahoo!!!

I'm feeling the crunch of how fucking sucky working full time is. I really like my job and the work I'm doing but I'm here too much and I need some perspective. I need a solution that doesn't include me losing wages, that's for sure. I also just have been honoured with being accepted to have a small part time contract with the Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities Indigenous Foods Network! I'm going to be doing Community Engagement work with them for the next 10 months or so. Hurrah!

My sister got me this book about farmers from the Victoria area and it's getting the farming fire in me going, which is so nice. I am so stuck. I am not doing "what I want to" nor at the pace I want to. Time to get more grounded, do more exercise, and plug along, hopefully in the direction of being centred in work.

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