Self-Portrait Thursday (+ other stuff)

self portrait thursday
jamin's new art
jamin's new art
For YEARS I've been completely in love with CUBIST LITERATURE. As a fiber artist, riot grrrl, designer, and probably most fashionable homo on the planet, I am a pure internet fag-hag when it comes to him: I adore him and everything he does. For pretty much all the years I've slightly obsessed over him he's been doing a weekly photoblog of himself (which is part of a larger "movement" or broad-based-internet-community-meme "Self Portrait Thursday"-- check the Flickr for evidence of this) and I've wanted to do it for so long. But what you may notice about me is that I suck at long term delivery of meme-y things (ie. TBT! haha). Regardless, I'm going to give this a good go and we can see how many weeks I actually last before I get either 1. tired and bored or 2. so busy i forget aka distracted by flashy things.

The other two photos are of work that Jamin Zuroski did here at the Friendship Center. He's such a great modern Aboriginal artist and I love his fluid takes on the supposedly regimented forms. Such air and breath and light in his work.

I've been taking all my pictures with my iPhone lately and using the Toy Camera app (I kind of hate Instagram...) and loving it, but it made me realize I actually want a fancy camera DSLR? Any suggestions or recommendations?  XO

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