Last night the mans and I went to Char's Landing to see The Fugitives and Dan Bern! Music makers I actually truly LOVE coming to Port Alberni? Score. There were only a few ppl there (15?) so it was pretty "intimate" but overall good times. Love those old tyme country harmonies and political folk songs about motherfucking robocalls.

I'm starting to climb out of my transition chaos. Not much has changed, except I've changed. I'm interested in seeing how that plays out as I apply those changes into my daily life and my long term situations that I'm part of (Roller Derby, Work, Family, etc). Last week I decided to commit again to being full on vegan (I was at about 95%?) and to not drinking alcohol, which I'm 100% on for the past week, which is a feat!

In Listy news... I bought my plane ticket for Rollercon (!!), I got a second small time contract to have money to pay for my trip to baltimore to see Melissa and hopefully start paying more debts off (I did pay my line of credit off though!), and a few others are in the works. YIPPPEEE! It feels good to get things done. xO

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