these walls are paper thin and everyone hears every little sound

rogers creek trail
rogers creek trail
My lady love is here and it's nice to have someone who so intrinsically "gets" me and loves me around in times of such great self turmoil, that is now steadying itself out... aside from the fact that I don't know what "to do with my life". blah.

I've been feeling overwhelmed by how much unpacking we still have to do and spent this entire day decompressing from my life and doing nothing except for hanging out, knitting, and cooking. Wait, that's a lie. I was actually more productive. I put up a wall hanging, bought two weeks worth of groceries, partially cleaned off a dresser (and filed some things that were lying around), submitted our medical claims for the naturopath, did some much needed yoga, and went for two walks. Oh! And I finally got to see The Future by Miranda July (Eden's right: it is more depressing than her first film).

Tomorrow I plan to actually unpack more boxes and get my life into more order. Fingers crossed. G'night!

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