diandra's vegan brownies

So, I've been looking at my analytics page a bit for fun. And found that time and time again the thing that people search for when they search and get d-funk.blogspot.com is my vegan fudge brownies. they're an adaptation of the rebar recipe and can be found on the old endearing records site here. and below, with a few modern-day-diandra modifications. i haven't made these in forever since discovering the kinikinik gluten free chocolate cake mix (which i use bananas and soymilk with, so it's very much the same, just no gluten). loves!

Diandra's Vegan Fudge Brownies

1 1/2 cups unbleached flour (or 1 cup unbleached, 1/2 cup kamut)
1/2 cup cocoa
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 cups thick soy milk (like vitasoy original)
1/3 cup olive oil
1/2 cup walnuts, roasted and chopped
1/2 cup dairy-free chocolate chips

1. Pre-heat oven to 325F. Prepare a 9"X9" pan by greasing it.

2. Sift together the flour, cocoa, brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder and salt. In a separate bowl, stir together the coffee, soy milk, and olive oil. Combine the wet and dry mixes and stir to mix well. Stir walnuts into the batter. Pour the batter into the prepared pan, sprinkle the top with dairy-free chocolate chips and bake for 25 minutes, or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean. Cool on a wire rack.

3. Divide the pan into 12 squares and enjoy!

(Diandra came up with this recipe by adapting the brownie recipe in the Rebar Modern Foods Cookbook, p. 318.)


the youth crew's back

thrift store finds
this four day off in a row thing kicks ass. i am so happy and relaxed right now. i mean, i didn't even swear when i came back from errands to find a long line of cat puke under the kitchen table. now i'm waiting for it to dry so i can scrape it off the carpet. gross.

i had a productive crafty day and it's 4pm already. not only did i sleep 11 hours (! i feel so rested !) but i went on a hunt for a rolling pin and couldn't find one (!!), ended up buying a good cheese grater for grating potatoes (so i can make a croat pie), a basket, and heading to the best thrift store IN THE WORLD, the hospice store in college heights. not only did i find a smith bros. cough drop tin, a gold owl jar, a duck-hunt themed hand knit sweater (prezzie for a friend coming in a few days), but also some fabric for xstitch and beehive patterns (my favourite canadian vintage find). if i had an unlimited amount of cash right now i would have just trotted out there with EVERYTHING.

i've also just cleaned out my craft room. so i'm going to cuddle with rupert (probably the puker) and watch the l word, discs 3 and 4 of season four. yessss. and knit sock 2.


a row of days off

the oatmeal
i love this weekend more than anything in the world. not only was it christmas and i was utterly spoiled (my favourite so far being these boots from stewart), but we had a wonderful dinner and a fun night where we geeked out playing our nintendos and board games. today stewart's working for the whole afternoon so i rented the L word season 4 discs 1 and 2 and am going to cuddle up with the cats and watch all 7 episodes. YESSS. then i have tomorrow and the next day off too! i feel so relaxed. it's ridiculous. i'm looking forward to a weekend of knitting, napping, the eating of left over turkey, hanging out with ladies, and rollerskating.

this morning i made myself oatmeal for the first time ever and LOVED it. i cooked the oats with almonds (sliced) in avalon dairy's cereal cream and then covered it with apple pie jam. oh my lawd! so good. i can't believe i hated this as a child. anyway, off the net and to the couch. love love.


Merry Christmas!!

I'm sitting in leggings on the couch about to have a yummy yummy amaretto and eggnog morning coffee and cookies (yay christmas). I have about 2 rows left on a project I'm gifting today and then have about a 1/2 hour sewing project to do before dinner. so I'm going to cast on a new pair of socks. probably with some shibui socks. i'm so excited to have 4 days off to do nothing but keep house and knit. and eat. and sleep. and cuddle with the cats. it's the best christmas present ever! thank you christian calendar for providing me with four days off!

i hope you all have a wonderful christmas! i love you lots! you made my year. xoxo


i thought i saw you lookin' my way...

this week at work was utterly insane and for the first time in FOREVER stewart and i have the same two weekend days off (minus when we went on road trips). i forced myself to sleep in a number of times and finally crawled out of bed at 10am. nice. i have put in some laundry, folded, rotated, etc more laundry, and am going to get in the kitchen and make coffee. yum. tonight we're having a little get together, of the wine tasting kind, and i need to figure out my menu. as of yet, this is what i'm planning:

1. a cake from the pastry chef. it's butter cream and in my fridge right now. delicious.
2. oyster, etc platter (jen's bringing this)
3. spinach balls (miss patty is bringing this)
4. popcorn. it's a tradition.
5. saltine, pb and j, cracker sandwiches
6. cheese ball
7. deviled eggs
8. oranges

i credit miss amy sedaris with full inspiration for this. yum.

pictures tomorrow. xo


the love that i crave is a polar bear

happy holidays banner!
this is the banner i made this morning. today has been awesome. lots of warm beverages and spiced rum. and yummy warm foods in bowls and on plates. and knitting. a long long bout of knitting. i think we stitched and bitched for three hours. it was nice.

and now it's bed. i think it's FREEZING outside, but i love winter. and i'm getting excited about christmas. so many things i want to make like bunting and hankies and more baked things and cooked things. i feel like i can accomplish it all! phew!


don't get offended if i seem absent minded

i'm going to curl up with rupert and finally turn off vinyl tap (god, i hate randy bachman sometimes, err, all the time?) and listen to final fantasy. i played it so much around the home for a while that stewart's sick of it (and right now he's at work). i got my pin cushion coloured in today and it's incredible. 3 more buttons and the pins to go. i can't wait to see it finished sometime in january. the holidays slow us all down. must knit warm socks. must knit warm socks! it's so cold outside right now! -36C with wind chill or something. it's draining, really.

i'll post pictures of my wips tomorrow. !! xo


it tastes like chinese mango.

she was moving around
just because the tree's up doesn't mean that im ready! i'm cold (i should probably put a sweater on and wash off the eyeliner) and need to climb into bed. today was good. i got the job i've been pulling for the last 6 weeks (phew), we had a staff christmas party (it was at a house with all you can eat appies and all you can drink wine and beer!!) tonight and it was a short, quiet night for us, but a lot of fun. my coworkers were all happy to meet stewart and to hear my tales of rollerderby.

tomorrow im hopefully going to get my tattoo FINISHED!!! and then we have another christmas party that night. i'm going to work to get some knitting done in the meantime. i'm feeling a little more on top of it again. i find that the holiday season is really draining on me.

off to watch godzilla wars with stewart and finish the toe of a sock! stay warm and away from the -33C with wind chill (brrrr). i left my phone out in the car and i think i have to go rescue it.



my top 10 albums of 2008

i'm happy someone started the top 10 lists! i've been thinking about it all week and here it goes! overall, i wasn't really excited by music this year (!!). oddly, too, my choices are a little more all over the place than last year (which was all electro), and they're in order.

1. why - alopecia
2. crystal castles - s/t
3. jaguar love - take me to the sea
4. cut copy - bright like neon love
5. mirah - the old day's feeling
6. she + him - vol. 1
7. hercules + love affair - s/t
8. sebastien grainger and the mountains - s/t
9. robyn - s/t
10. teenagers - reality check

special mentions go out to M83, mates of state, and chad vangaalen.

my favourite shows of this year were definitely the blow, crystal castles, and pan de sal and the mathematicians in vegas.

the most disappointing album for me this year was definitely the new css. (excuse me while i throw up).

and, lastly, the old albums that i re/discovered this year that made 2008 awesome were: sleater kinney's dig me out, replacement's pleased to meet me, and preston school of industry's all this sounds is gas.

what were your faves?

that's the way you want it...

november socks
my throat hurts a lot and i can't seem to get my thoughts straight. stitch and bitch was so nice today! i got to work on stewart's xmas scarf and teach someone how to long tail cast on (with three other knitters yelling! it was so funny how intense we were getting! "no, not like that!" "like this!" "put your fingers together!!") and stewart and i had dave over for lunch and ate okonomiyaki. yummers.

now we're going to curl up under a blanket with tea, baked goods, knitting, and watch flakes.



you called me to tell me you're finally dying

kara miso ramen. yummm
if i told you that this dinner pictured here wasn't in japan, would you believe me? the other week we went all the way up to sushi factory sendo just past college heights and got some sushi for dinner (yummers) and i saw the cutest handwritten sign that said spicy miso ramen. and thought, finally! yum! the owners of sushi factory sendo are the only japanese sushi shop owners in prince george. they sell a lot of japanese products and have more specifically japanese foods. it's really great. and they speak in japanese and i get to hear my long missed irashaiiiiiii!!!

today is cookie making day and pierogi day and cookie swap day. i'm pretty excited for all the fun to ensue. i'm going to make some tea to deal with this sore throat, and charge my laptop, decorate the tree, get all purdy, and charge the battery in my camera. lots of stuff to do in the next two hours. have a good weekend!! xo


about when the headache starts to kick in

i have 21 minutes left on my macbook's battery and a burning need for both coffee and eggs. i got up at 5am to give stewart a ride to work and it was so bright out, the orange glow of pg reflecting on the 20ish centimetres of snow we received. i was so worried i wouldn't make it home alive! but i did and who knows if i'll be able to get out of my spot. yay winter. rather than going to bed when i got back home at 5:45am-ish i checked my email (!!) and began paying my bills. I LOVE BEING ABLE TO PAY MY BILLS. it's the most empowering feeling ever. and, i bought a few xmas presents on etsy (buy handmade!!) and amazon. now it's time for breakfast, a tooth brush, and some daybreak north.



i just logged into my UNBC account and it finally has an "overall" fee statement and i want to share it with you:

Account Balance:


Detail Code Description Charge Payment Balance
APFG Application - Domestic Transcr




APPF Application Fee - Undergrad




FITN Intramural Recreation &Fitness








GRHD NBCGSS Health and Dental Plan




LATE Late Payment Fee




ONEC Student ID Card




ONED Deposit to Smart Card




PARN Parking - Per Semester








SERV Service Fee - Student




T102 Graduate Tuition




UGRD Society Fee - Graduate




CASH Cash Payment




CHEK Cheque - Payment Received




INTE Interac




SCHL Tuition Scholarship




SWAV Tuition Waiver - Student










Credits and Payments:


Account Balance:


weird things to consider include:

1. by paying my tuition late i have paid them a total of $173.68 in interest/fees on my late payments. over two years that isn't so much but it's totally $173 i don't have right now and probably would have liked to have to spend on things like lattes, magazines, and yarn.

2. my health plan has cost me $610.00 and i've only used it a handful of times. i went to the clinic at school twice (i think), one which led to lab tests, and i went to emergency once and got a prescription that was discounted once. i should make a plan to get my teeth cleaned and a few more doctors visits until the end of my policy year.

3. I have paid $400 (!!) for the recreation services (ie. gym) on campus. and i've never used it not once. the entire time i paid $35/month to go to another gym and now that i work for the ymca i get a membership. but i can't buy out of the program as far as i know (i just emailed and asked).

4. so far, my MA has cost me: 11, 254$$ not including books, living, supplies, transportation (until now), and school trips. shit.


not-so white xmas

so, i know it's NOT christmas yet. but our inaugural drive around Candy Cane Lane as well as our start of the advent calendar chocolate-a-thon has sealed the deal. the boxes for shipping gifts are out on the floor and the table is piled both with unwrapped gifts that need homes, fliers for more gifts, and a random assortment of small boxes. i rounded it off with a work dinner at the legion (i LOVE the legion) and a trip to the library with my sweetie who i feel like i never see anymore. i was able to snag some excellent books including two gossip girl texts (i thought, if i love the show i might like the books?), a biography of santa clause (!!), the moosewood restaurant cooks at home book, lotta prints, getting started knitting socks, and i <3 felt: 33 eye popping projects for the inspired knitter. as well as some cool dvds and the juno soundtrack. i can't get over how much i love love love our local library here in prince. not only does it have this incredible modernist design but the librarians are just *the best*. the knitting section is awesome and the teen book section is very pro-active and up to date and thorough. they've also got this incredible collection of graphic novels and a "youth cd" section with things like modest mouse in it.

work has been incredibly stressful lately and i don't really want to share but i feel like i need to say that right now i'm experiencing a personal sense of loss-of-life and have no energy, am underslept, unsure about everything, and exhausted all the time. i don't like it what so ever.

well, must go. i'd like to finish my tam tonight. more soon! this week proves to be a good un. xo



flower, originally uploaded by ohsweetie.

i mean, how cute is this? definitely a welcome distraction to my day.


castlevania casserole

i made my FIRST casserole tonight! woop! i'm officially a domestic person and definitely a WIFE. hahaha. (again, recipe below). stewart totally helped with chopping and spraying the fat in the pan (his favourite sport i think) and now we're both squirrelled away in our own little computer rooms working on whatever computer-based things we do. he usually downloads music and i blog and troll flickr/ravelry.

i've been trolling etsy for xmas gifties lately and thought i'd share with you a few of my most recent favourites:

> cassette canvas
> dead man's party messenger bag
> kdg holiday handspun (love!!)
> hand embroidered bike bag
> flap hat
> magenta twig earrings from stillbreathing85 (love!)

castlevania casserole

my casserole's ingredients were: 2.5 cups dry rice pasta which you boil, mixed with 1 cup frozen peas (a finethankyou secret i think), 1 sliced/chopped portabella mushroom, 2 cups of left over salmon (from dinner last night), 1.5 cups of heavy cream, 3/4 cups of homemade yoghurt, 1/4 cup pesto.

then the topping was two slices of left over ciabatta bread (from a few nights ago, nice and dry), six cloves of garlic, and 1/2 cup of roasted pepitas. those were totally pulsed to bits in my mini processor and mixed with one egg, a big tablespoon of soft earth balance, and 150grams of grated medium gouda (hard cheese!!).

i then got out our WHITE casserole dish (can casserole be served in anything that isn't white?) and dumped in the first round of ingredients and topped it off with the second round and it's now baking in the oven at 350degrees for probably 45 minutes (i have no idea, i'm winging it here).

it looked delicious. and i'll try to post some pictures on flickr of the finished product.


"time time time"

colouring with little k
we're watching little k so that not-so-little j can go to derby kid-less. hanging with little k is awesome. she and stewart colour and listen to tom waits (k sings along) while i putter around making vanilla and peach muffins (k's request, recipe below), think about making lunch (vegan grilled cheese and popcorn. yum!), and psych myself up for a week of thesis drawing. my tattoo is still in lots of pain and it hurts to be really mobile. and i'm recovering from exhaustion too, sunday being "sleep in day" and "putter day" things seem to happen at their own pace.

k is singing to herself in the potty. it's pretty adorable.

peach vanilla muffins

little k's peach vanilla muffins.

this recipe assumes you know a little bit about muffin construction. i use a med-sized 12 muffin tin, muffin papers (cups?), and preheat the oven to 375degrees.

round one, one bowl:

2 eggs, 1 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup olive oil, 1 cup soy milk, vanilla >> mix 'er up

round two, same bowl:

top wet mixture with 1 cup whole wheat flour, 1 cup kamut flour, 1 cup all-purpose (i used all organic) and 1 large pinch of baking powder, 1 small pinch sea salt, 1 small pinch baking soda >> mix lightly

round three, same bowl:

top mixture with 1 cup chopped walnuts and 1.5 cups chopped home-canned peaches and the associated juice (i guess store bought would do too, but maybe organic or natural ones would work best) >> stir

round four, into the muffin tins and into the oven for around 1/2 hour or until they're done.

i haven't tried them yet, but i bet they'll be delicious!!



i know i know i know

kawaii kore.
i'm posting this everywhere, but i don't care. i love it so much. just one more session of colouring left (!!) and then it's finished (on the front). i LOVE how dark the shading is and am happy that the dark new school wave is a style my whole body will experience over time.

in other fantastic news i submitted my first chapter today and still have a lot of work ahead of me. we're laying low and i'm working on some gloves and we're watching gossip girl. soon some dinner (tortellini) and then we're going to our lovely friend's on quince to fulfill the girl band fantasy ;)



everybody knows someone like that...

today i was feeling so run down by the bureaucracy at work that i was >thisclose< to throwing in the towel. which isn't what anyone wants. and then two things happened. first i went to a youth-run council meeting and was just invigorated by being around youth! i think that the connections i can make with these young adults is really important for everyone involved and for whatever reason attending that 1 hour meeting and getting not only positive feedback but interest from other people was really amazing. it made me realize that i need constant affirmation from those i work for. which can be troubling, because i would rely on myself for affirmation but the way that they would show their appreciation (if they are) is not the way i would show my appreciation. it feels a lot like, "out of sight, out of mind". maybe i'm being too hard on myself, or being super stressed and paranoid that i might not get the job i thought i was asked to do (!! ?).

second, on my way home i listened to "listen up" by the gossip REALLY LOUD and sang along REALL LOUD. it just made me feel so much better and reminded me where my resistance comes from intrinsically and where my want to do the work i'm doing is burning at it's core. in this video my favourite part is how hott she looks dancing with that pizza.

now, off to gossip girl land!


the shape of my heart

backstreet boys in pg.
today the pg snb took over a good 1/4 of the shop. it was kind of overwhelming. while there a lovely friend came over with FREE tickets to the backstreet boys concert. and i thought, i had nothing to do! (ha! thesis? clean the house? get some sleep? nah, these aren't important.)

so we went. and it was out of this world. first, this drunk, perfumed, curly haired girl was jumping all over us yelling, "get up!" and grinding into us yelling, "sing along!" and we just laughed!!

then they did a montage of all their old stuff (can anyone else say grade 9?) and i knew all the words. it was pretty weird/fun.

two things threw me off a little, or were "interesting" to say the least.

first, being that there were these two big screens on either side of the stage that not just showed a "filming" of the concert we were witnessing, but also old music videos and footage that looked like it came out of a japanese karaoke bar. a videographer was there, paid, to put that together. the simulacra came immediately to my mind. which was my reality?

then, oh boy, a.j. mclean. once upon a time this boy looked like this and now looks somewhat more like this. a somewhat hairy, portly (he was "bigger" tonight is for sure), completely tattoo'd, jewish, music critic. i guess that's what years of LA and cocaine addiction can do to a man. what pissed me most off about his current look is that the culture i belong to represents that look. facial hair, tattoos, gross-looking clothes. how did some slimy bastard come to hang out in the culture set that i appreciate and STILL BE IN AN AWFUL BOYBAND? i just don't get it. why did we even let him in.


FO: Hippie-fied thorpe

the thorpe hat is one that i've run across friend's favouriting and queues in the past little while. i love my slouchy hat, but really needed something that would keep me a litter warmer and cover my ears.

i also have had a variety of handspunny yarns lying around, so i yanked them out and put them together into this hippy-like hat. the hippyness throws me off a bit. but it's keeping me warm right now. (there's more pictures over at my flickr if you're interested!)

in other news, dan rogers is now pg's hopefully progressive mayor! it's the first time i've lived in a city where the mayor i've voted for is in charge! wup wup! i'm off to get a pineapple and cheese pizza and cuddle up with stewart. i can't believe the weekend's almost over already.


rebel yell

a while back i got to "vote" on the upcoming DROPs baby patterns. oddly, only 2 that i chose actually made the cut, but i can't get over how ridiculously cute these babies are. it's sick.


tra la la

i have this insane energy to get up and work on more thesis drawings, mainly because i don't want to do the dishes, but this is the first time i wanted to be with my laptop since i got off work 5 hours ago so i thought i'd take advantage of it. i checked my email, updated my twitter, checked my gossip girl forums on ravelry (and updated a project), and checked my facebook messages. i didn't do all that other internet stuff i love like checking my bloglines or uploading photos or checking flickr or anything else because i'm so sick of this computer and doing things on it.

i'm not sure i get the promotion i thought i'd get and i'm confused and super stressed about it because i put a lot of work into it and plan to put more in and built really strong relationships in the last week and i'm worried that it might be given to someone else. a friend at the library told me that i have to show them all i can do, but i still don't think they're convinced.

in other notes, i'm not knitting if i'm not at craftereve or stitch n bitch or on national holidays until my thesis is right and done. so i'm going to go work on it and drink lots of water. and then sleep. and begin another day.

it hasn't snowed here yet. it might come tonight. i really can't wait. xo



never in this house have i been comfortable temperature wise. it's always too hot or too cold. and right now i'm freezing. and exhausted. and probably sick. and all in time for a national holiday, read: no work.

but i bought some new shelving and kinda rearranged the kitchen. i feel a little more accomplished for the day. and i finished an order.



whirlwind weekend

i'm so tired i might just go climb into bed right now. we were homeward bound this weekend and went out to the semi-coast: terrace. it's about a 6-7 hour drive from PG (depending on the stops you make) and we made good time both ways. i drove something like 1200km this weekend. my car deserves a rest.

one of our stops on the way back to PG today was in kitwanga at the petrocan on the highway. this was one of those times when you are so thankful you found EVERYTHING you were looking for at the convenience store, and more. my finds included these super dark dg fake glasses ($15), old dutch mexican chilli ripple chips (they've been recently resurrected from the vintage junk food realm and are fresh on chip stands everywhere!!!), BANNOCK, orangina, and a salmon sandwich made with LOCALLY CANNED salmon. albeit to say i was dully impressed.

this morning on our way to get the car packed with furniture from my mom's (she's moving!! and she unearthed books of my old journals and zines !! i thought i got rid of them i'm so happy they're only musty but still in our possession!!) we stopped at the ex-artful cup and i took a zillion picture's of j-mac's art in the bathroom. it's been coloured over the last three years, and was mainly done in sharpy.

j-mac is definitely the #1 reason i try to always make it back to terrace. we cuddled, cooked, bombed around town, and had an art party with wonderful foods. it's hard having people you love scattered everywhere. i need to get geographically closer to this one.

alas, mountains. i have no idea which ones these are. but i loved loved loved all the fresh fresh fresh air and snowy peaks.


as good as i could possibly imagine my life getting, it did, after i met you..

fire tones in my kitchen

i haven't really ever been a fan of mt. eerie. mainly because i never made space in my heart for them. i find that i have all these bands and artists that i love and they just fill my heart but i find it hard to replace any thing in there. as if my heart has no more room to add some other music or book, etc. i guess i could say i'm somewhat "full" culturally. which is ridiculous. but that's definitely how i feel. so, to my happiness mt. eerie joined up with julie doiron. who is officially one of my favourites. i have loved her since back in the days when i got my hands on that purple blue tape at the subpop store and sang my heart out. i'm pretty sure her solo stuff got me through japan, too. their collaborative effort, "Lost Wisdom", is exactly what i've been looking for to fill that "fall's here" void i was feeling. time to put the robyn and the yelle away. it's cuddle up with tea and popcorn and knitting music that's needed.

another wonderful person that's never really made their way into my heart, and i always was in awe of girl of the north country's love of him since i didnt really get it, is ryan adams. i just got my hands on the new ryan adams and the cardinals and immediately got it going in the car. and just love it. yay! i get it now!!

slouchy copy cat hat

today stitch n bitch was really great. it reminded me how much i love my snb and the lovely ladies who come and knit. it gave me hope and energy. i worked on a project that's not only a custom order but the pattern will hopefully be published very soon! in print! and sported my brand new hat made from this pattern.

okay, must run and make popcorn and wait for stewart to get home so we can have dinner! i just started not eating as much wheat again so it's rice every day and he's sick of it. no matter how hard i work it. but i say, bring on the rice! yum!


"I know very little about acting. I'm just an incredibly gifted faker."

stewart just threw in iron man. i'm super duperly not interested in watching it but will knit and glance up to view the hottest man around, almost, robert downey jr. is it bad that i have an "he's my boyfriend!" crush on him. jenni poo enlightened me to the boyfriend syndrome. as in, "downey's my boyfriend". so, my current list of boyfriends includes not only the aforementioned but also johnny whitney and ed westwick. guh.

i hear downey's voice on the television so i got to run. i have some orders to knit too! yay! xo


a dance party for the worldy and socially conscious

pan de sal

so many things i want to say about LV. but need to sleep before my work week. so i will just plug PAN DE SAL. an incredible ghettotech band from vegas that just rocked my sock, politics, and heart off.

they gave me hope for the us.


YUM! pumpkin scones

I just made these.

They're cooling with icing on the stove. My ingredients list looks like this:

* 1/2 cup brown sugar
* 3 1/2 cups flour (1 cup kamut, 3/4 cup all purpose, 1 3/4 cups whole wheat)
* 2 tsp baking powder
* 1/2 tsp baking soda
* 3 tsp ginger powder 2 inches of ginger root, grated
* 1/2 3/4 cup vegan margarine mmmmmm earth balance!!
* 2 cups pureed pumpkin errr, one med-sized can of pumpkin puree

Then I made icing with around 1/4 cup of earth balance, a table spoon of vanilla, 2 cups of icing sugar and soy milk to thin.

No food porn pictures today!


FO: Mitered Mitts!

mitered mitts

I never thought this would ever look like a knitting blog, but here goes nothing!

These are my Mitered Mitts by Elizabeth Zimmerman (the pattern can be found in The Knitter's Almanac, which I borrowed from the Library). I used a knittydirtygirl yarn (because she's my favourite), Robin Egg. I ended up buying two skeins but used 1 skein in 1.5 mittens! so I only used 1/4 ish of the second skein. this is good for me because i have another use for it (in part of a sweater with other yarns from chelsea creature), but it's kind of expensive if you're only going to throw down for the mitts. but that would be silly. i mean, the yarn is so great you'll find another use!

Lastly, I cast on 40 sts and worked the pattern as called for minus the thumb. I only unstitched 4 stitches on each side of the cut (8) and then picked up 2 stitches on each side in the gap so that i was working 12 sts in the round. I c/o by k2tog the whole way around x 2. then wove in all the ends. i'm deciding if i want to felt


mail day: not yet christmas addition

craft room organization
yesterday was crazy in terms of accumulating things in the mail. we got stewart's bleeding through fan-club inaugeration pack (t-shirt, patches, stickers, etc), my new shameless magazine (buy a subscription!!), my knock down knits book, some wonderful things i bought from chelsea creature, my dresses for vegas, and probably a bill or two. but regardless, a very filling mail day considering some days here are pretty lacking mail-wise.

i spent some time in the later afternoon at a friend's house and we talked babies, life, food, crafting, and it was so refreshing. i've been kinda LOW lately and it was nice to touch base and be reinspired to get my life in a more positive strain. and more productively positive. feeling so overwhelmed by "work" and worrying about bills can be taxing on me. so i organized all of our paperwork from the last year (!!) and now have to go in and individually organize the different files. and make a schedule for paying bills off. and learning to pay off extra and just sticking out the poorness.

off to fold laundry, make some calls, and knit.


i find this troubling

i don't have cable so i sadly only heard about this via the news (go cbc for great coverage!) and just dedicated a bit of time watching these videos.

i loved the first tina fey/hillary video and then the fey as palin interview with diane sawyer was great too.

but i feel that having palin actually on the show is crossing the line. she is no longer the object of ridicule (which she should be) but rather invited into the "cool" club and asked to perform live on saturday night live that even though the staff and guests make fun of her, her presence itself deletes all negativity thrown her way.

a. baldwin's diatribe against her was great, until when he was told it was palin and not fey he backpedaled and relied on her being "hotter in person", which is symbolic of her importance in the campaign: the "left" and "liberal" population of america hates her policies but likes her because she's hot and her inability to be "smart" just gets routed into her caribou barbie status.


i love i love i love i love my calendar girl

tonight was the girls of meow records calendar launch for 2009 and sadly i was too tired to enjoy it much! i just couldn't get into it... but, regardless, everyone looked amazing, the calendar is a HUGE SUCCESS and it was nice to see my ladies!

if you haven't got your hands on one yet head down to meow records (or order over the phone/net www.meowrecords.ca) and get one!!



6 things you don't know about me...

The lovely Becka tagged me on this one. The point is that I'm to tell you 6 fast-facts about myself. Probably stuff you don't know. I'll start by imploring others to do the same, primarily Girl of the North Country and all those other survey whores who get this on facebox.

The rules are as follows;

• Link to the person who tagged you.
• Mention the rules.
• Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
• Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
• Go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged.

NOW! Onto those quirky yet boring things about myself (I'm always spectacular!)

1. I bought the boots.

2. I want to make poetry out of those little word scrambles you have to type out to leave comments and register on sites

3. Everything in the soup I made today was local MINUS the boullion and the onion. My friend even grew the pumpkin. And the yoghurt on top? I MADE IT!

4. It really bothers me that my car is dirty.

5. Everytime I call Rupert to come inside and he doesn't I worry he's never going to come back, almost to the point of tears.

6. My kidneys hurt again. This means a need to overhaul my diet again = fuck.



one night to speed up truth

chunky slouch
i'm casting on a hat. yes sir ee. it's cold enough here now to almost warrant a toque. woop. it's going to be made of noro kabuto in grey, some malabrigo aquarella, and some lopi in a bulky weight. all greys, charcoals, and a splash of purple-y malabrigo. i'm pretty excited. i'll probably make it a slouch, too. i guess we'll see. i'm new to the slouch hat making life. well, constructing life.

today was super productive and i'm becoming more and more aware of how i have no energy to do anything as well as feel like all i'm known for is doing "stuff". but that part of me is on it's way out. my lack of energy is being replaced by my lack of want to do other things (i blame being in a full time job, the monotony is somewhat energy-source deminishing) such as knit, my thesis (finally!!), and nap nap nap nap nap. rather than those soul/energy sucking activities that i do, like sit on boards and busy myself with organizing and volunteering. i love it and it's important but right now i can't. i mean, it's been a long haul of working in the community and it's hard to do that as a job and as a hobby. it's just exhausting.



rhythm in their bosom when they say..

it's no joke that i love myself a good ol' holiday that is intended to not only give us hard working canadians a day off of the 9-5 slog we call our lives (us 24hr-ers don't really get the same effect, but it kinda rubs off on us). that one extra day off often turns a two-day weekend full of errands and chores into a three-day weekend of debauchery, overconsumption of consumer goods and food and wine wine wine, as well as other things like an extra dose of fibre, hockey watching (not me), and nature walks (also not me).

i don't love thanksgiving all that much, but i do love the fall foods and the reminder that yet again we're still colonizing. is deciding not to eat turkey on this holiday a way to take a stand against our colonizing acts? i have no idea, really, but wish it was recognized more as a marker of the dastardly ways we as a historical and current identity engage with the nations that have been colonized here.

on another note, fall and winter are settling in. the yard needs to be raked (terribly), and i made my first batch of homemade yoghurt. it totally needed to stand for another two hours. but i'm in love. this shit is good. and cheap!

off to stitch n bitch, wine acquisitioning, and thanksgivinginging.

p.s.. just searched etsy with the term "thanksgiving yarn" and got this. gobble gobble.


the radio alarm clock is set for soon.

the road home
last sunday a great friend and i went for an impromptu breakfast road trip to quesnel. we hadn't seen eachother in three weeks and it was good to catch up and knit. posting now i realized that it's been exactly a week since my last post and i need to work harder on this one.

this week has been a slap over the head. working full time is exhausting and managing contracts and all my community-related activities on top of that is a lot of work! especially since i'm power a wedding dress out the door and am dealing with serious thesis-lack-of-working-on-it guilt.

i'm pretty much so stressed about my thesis that i'm stressing myself sick and into a hizzy of knitting activity. not something to celebrate really.

rather than ramble i'm going to strap on a hoodie and get my sew on.



with your hook and line i still blow away

today i undertook three more hours of torture. it's really taken it's toll on my body today. i had a nap and couldn't really have a drink at my friend's stagette! so sad. and i came home at 10pm and want to just sleep until 2014.

and for some reason my body is rejecting my labret. i think that i'm sick. boo. must drink more echinacea tea.


consumer whore

okay, so we all know this about myself, and probably everyone else that's on student loan, but when we get it, especially if we've spent a few months prior counting our pennies (ie. not buying much yarn) we blow our student loans on STUFF. Today my list of shit I bought includes yummy groceries, a case of earth balance, a slow cooker, a new cast iron pot for cooking of course, a compost bucket that has a de-scenter on it, and jewellery (above!). oh, and a shit load of yarn and a new noro pattern book! it makes noro look less folky and i love it.

and as of today we've owned our car for exactly one week and used only just under 1/2 a tank and done a lot of driving doing errands and stuff (catch up from when we didn't have a car like recycling and buying things we can't carry on the bus). and it's kind of sickly to me. i kind of wish i had a good bike to ride everywhere right now.

now i must unpack those groceries and go to a board meeting. 'tis the life of ye ol' ohsweetie!



task #51: woot!

Well, no one really wrote an article about ME in particular, but Toujours Rebelles ! (waves of resistance) the website I built and the gathering I contributed to was highlighted in BUST!!

So, I think it counts. and p.s. sorry the picture's so bad.


i know it enough to believe it.

stewart dancing

i'm feeling angsty today. and i blame it specifically on my lack of sleep last night. you see, we decided to have a midnight roast beef dinner (it was so good). dave, stewart, and i ate organic beef, potatoes, chard, and gravy (one of my non favourite veggie meals) and drank beer/wine and i ended up watching gossip girl (episode four is pretty awesome). meaning i didn't get to sleep until 2am. not good news.

when i'm tired and stressed about money i feel directionless. i don't even really have energy to do work, which is understandable because i'm tired, but restricting. nor can i focus on my knitting. i get distracted and just keep casting on a project after another. and then i start listening to hole and picking myself apart. so i cut my hair.

soft light

all those months of "growing" and "hating" my hair went down the drain, and now it's super short and kind of a little mushroom shaped (i didn't really pay attention to what i was doing, i just cut it). when i got it cut a few months ago a tonne of super short layers were put in to thin it to give more credence to the mullet i would assume, so all those layers are growing into this mushroom shape and now that i've cut off the bottom layers, it just looks a little 90s/mushroom like. nothing some putty can't fix. and i really like the thick thick thick front bang.

i think that i'm going to snap out of this mood. maybe i'll just go to bed. but i feel that when i go to be early that i'm a quitter. what's that about? anyway, it'll give me a chance to not only catch up, but to cuddle with pickle. i guess too is that with stewart working nights i like being able to see him when he gets home but if i go to bed now i wouldn't have seen him ALL DAY! but we'll hang out tomorrow (he's getting a tattoo!!) and it will all work out in the wash.



the beat goes on

heirloom tomatoes
i'm finally decompressing from our weekend in vancouver. such an expensive trip! and it ended with me being sick, so sick, and not being able to buy myself yarn! i bought one skein of malabrigo sock (which i can't wait to start knitting with. i've finished another sock i started in calgary and will interupt that pair to make a pair with my new malabrigo) after much deliberation. when i was at urban yarns and at three bags full i felt so shitty but wanted everything, and thus couldn't buy ANYTHING! it's definitely a problem i have. i also kind of overspent my yarn budget this month, last week, when i bought the knittydirtygirl superwash/fingering yarnie club and two skeins of the robin's egg handspun. but i saw lots of worsted weight yarns i want to buy. i think, now, that i have enough sock yarn to take me into the next millenium. but i've been knitting alot, so boo!

being home has been good minus me being sick. i really missed being home and putting energy into our place. and being home reminds me of what i still want to do in it.

mini-list: get a bookshelf for the living room (a tall one), get magazine files, get a pantry-type shelf for the kitchen, get better more "compact" storage for the craft room, clean out the freezer room, and harvest all the apples and mint! as well as rake the lawn and mow it to get ready for the snow! oh and clean out our current pantry (we're like 6 weeks behind on our recycling), can apple sauce, apple chutney, and freeze apple crumble pies! get an inside drying rack for clothes, get some rugs for common spaces, steam clean the carpets, and do full cleanings of the bathroom and kitchen. well, maybe that's not such a mini-list.

the best part about being back in prince george is realizing how cold and nice it is here! fall is definitely in full swing. and my want to nest, craft, and cook is back. yes!


to be a teenager again!

looking towards downtown calgary
i am sitting in the house, a "coffee sanctuary" on 10th SW in Calgary and it's cool in that there's free internet, a yummy smoothie, great modern furniture, art, and the coolest fucking teenagers walking around in the hippest clothes. american apparel's right next door and i'm put to shame in my lack of coolness. the problem is that they're loud like teenagers and about ot have a coffee house/open mic to express their angst and bad poetry. but i digress. this neighbourhood is nice.

i had a few hours off of my training for my new job today. the rest of the gang either went to eau claire to work out or to the glenbow to learn about the blackfoot via a museum exhibit. i decided to get some work done. i've managed to catch up on my contract work, mostly, and my internetting, especially my inbox which was overpowering me. my training has been great (a little too western model at the end of the day) and empowering and educating and fun! i've met some wonderful people and i feel really positive about my new job. and excited to take work on. when i get back i have one more week of willy nilly ness to work on B's wedding dress (get the draft cut and fitted and then modify the pattern and cut the main fabric out and then get it sewed! f yes. i'll also have my last three days at handsome before i'm on every second week. and we'll hopefully get our car (!!).

this week i've finished three knitting projects: noro socks, a caplet, and a hat. i've also bought some yarn at make one including some malabrigo worsted for mitty things for grace and diamond yarn foot loose in fall colours. the yarn really made me think of hallowe'en. and it was cheapish.

and then last night after i went yarn shopping i had dinner with a dear friend from highschool that i'm so happy i reconnected with. holy shit it just got really loud in here! with the open mic and all. connor oberst is ALIVE AND WELL in the calgary indie-teenager. nice!



you belong to the gang and you say you can't break away.

sparrow embroidery
well, to match last week's incredible-ness this week is starting off somewhat low. i did my last day at meow records (boooo!) and it was sad and not busy and we "celebrated" with red robin after (thanks b!) and the gut rot is a constant reminder of how good meow has been to me. i'll miss it!

and i've restarted biting my nails like crazy. it started on sunday night. yay stress! it's back with a vengence. and i'm biting more in response not less. i should scrub my nails and then paint them. that might help. but as the chomping goes on.

i embroidered the above using a stencil from sublime stitching. it's on a shirt (with a pair) for chelsea. i know, spoiler alert, but alas.

must pull my ass off the couch and go to the store. i just don't want to spend money! gr.


okay, so what? i'm obsessed with the election

it was bound to happen.


so, my bike still hasn't turned up and stewart's fixed-gear cruiser works for now, but when spring hits i'll want my own. i'll probably buy it online (bike stores here aren't too good) or in vancouver.

Bianchi Milano
The Broadway Bike
Giant's Suede Coasting DX W
Kona Smoke
Electra Amsterdam

i like the electra the most and then the broadway bike.


getting the job done

i've been on such a knitting kick lately that i've completely ignored all my sewing based projects.. today being a "day off" (i still have errands and a bit of contracting to do) it's my goal to cross as many of these off the list as possible. primarily because in one week i have to spend a whole week in calgary and can't really take my sewing machine with me. but knitting, that i can take.

1. mock of bryndis's bodice for wedding dress (cut pattern into sheet and sew up with original zipper)
2. chelsea's shirt (embroider sparrows and text)
3. stewart's cowboy shirt (embroider roses and such)
4. kevin's jacket (robotify it)
5. jeremy's pants (shorten into long shorts and add crow appliques)
6. finish my steady hand t-shirt
7. make my dress for the wedding in two weeks.

on top of that for this week i have to:

do all my drawings for my thesis and scan them before i go to calgary. that way i only have my content left for the first draft deadline of october 31st.




today has been completely surreal. i'm in complete shock about it.

first is that the owner of our local LYS is giving me a bulky weight knitting machine with books and yarn! GIVING IT TO ME! i can't believe it.

second is that I GOT A FULL TIME JOB! WOOOOOOT!!!! more details on it later but it's youth community capacity and i have to go to calgary for a whole week for training. I'll find out more on Friday, so lips sealed for now.

third is that we *finally* got approved for our brand new 2008 city golf! wooooo!! it looks like this but shiny blue. dark shiny blue.

and to celebrate i ate a whole bag of barbaras cheese puffs while watching gossip girl. i couldn't help it. oh my. what a day.


hair! beards! oh my

i'm not usually one to scoff at hair and the length of it or someone's sporting of it especially since i'm growing mine out. but a quick glance at pitchfork's photos from bumbershoot confirms one thing. the ability to look unkept and hairy, but still be an impeccable rocker stands out.

sadly, there were only less than a handful of girls to pick from for bad hair (ahem, big hair) and it was all beautiful and tamed. looks like the grrrls of indie are being taken over by the grizzlies of the indie underworld. yuck.


a fantastic use of lace

doughnuts for kalen
it's a dear friend's kid's birthday tomorrow and we're going to celebrate with a little bit of food and some cake! lucky little girl! i destashed some doughnuts on her a month or so ago so i made two more icings tonight for some doughnut doughs i had lying around and am excited to give them to her tomorrow.

anniversary day was great! we slept in (!!), had coffees, rode bikes/longboarded, ate sandwiches at the shittiest little diner ever, hung out, knitted, went to see sisterhood of the travelling pants 2, and ate panago pizza and now are going to bed! NO WORK! i deserve a gold star for not doing work today.

but tomorrow, back to the grind!. m u s t d o t h e s i s !!!



gnocchi up close
oh my gnocchi, thank you martha!

and apples. i'm thinking of making my standard apple crumble pies and freezing them, apple butter, the croat apple squares (i'll have to call my grandma for her recipe), and hand pies (which i could also freeze).

i'm going to finish this glass of red (don't ask me what number it is) and go cast on for the anthropologie-inspired caplet.

cause we know the only time we both feel alright is when you're lying next to me holding me tight

spring forward - knitty
oh mirah, she knows exactly what to say at the right time. i'm settling into anniversary weekend. i've picked some apples and tomorrow will make apple sauce and hopefully can it, but right now i'm listening to wolf tracks, going to make carrot gnocchi, drinking a glass of glorious red, and roasting garlic. i spent the afternoon knitting (finally cast on for the next noro sock rather than working on the one above) and raked 1/2 of the backyard (it's big) and started our compost pile! bring on the grizzlies baby! pending credit approval i bought a 2008 city golf yesterday (and am feeling anxious about the pending part, but good overall)!! woot! okay i'm distracting myself from my good wife activities and no less on the eve of our anniversary! must get my wifie butt in gear! (ahahhaaaaaaa)


i was a little different, i didn't do what the best girls do..

it's anniversary weekend around here, which happily coincides with 5 days off in a row. this means that i can catch up on contracts, crafting projects, catching up with friends, knitting stewart's anniversary gift (above), the dishes, laundry, and sleep. a good friend from highschool and beyond was here last night and it was so nice (but too short) and then today i hung out with benny (happy birthday!!) and we rode around in his hoodride and mopped up water (it's been raining) with a towel and then made pancakes and i knitted and we talked shit and listened to rekkids. this evening we ate an incredible pasta and got a little buzzed while i finished the mitt and we all sat down and watched "transylvania 6-5000" all in all a good day.

i'm super excited to spend all day monday (our "legal" anniversary, which has fit as our anniversary rather than the other date, i'm not sure why) with stewart. we have a ghetto breakfast at the camelot planned, sleeping in, and maybe a movie (house bunny vs. sisterhood of the travelling pants. yay! small town movie theatres rock!). i'm proud of us for making it a year, if you can believe it! i known a few people and the popular media that can't make it through the first year so it's nice to have accomplished something together, up next task # 34. g'night! xo (and yes, i'm in love with sol-angel).


wolf tracks

fall is settling in and i'm so excited! not only do i almost have 1 weeks worth of hand knit socks (!!) but i cleaned up the pile in my brand new craft room/office and have been working in here steadily. with the oncoming of colder months (yes!) includes the finding the bag of winter clothes, putting away the summer ones, and making my fall mix. and yes, i know there's a few more days of august left. but up here, that don't matter. it's cold out. and it's almost our one year anniversary. we're going to celebrate by going to the camelot for breakfast (it's a national holiday on the first so we don't have the best pickin's around here) and going to lie around, read books, celebrate, etc.

wolf tracks

1. get your head around it - headlights
2. i was made for you - she + him
3. you want the candy - raveonettes
4. marry song - band of horses
5. gold - jeffrey lewis
6. pace is the trick - interpol
7. sub-zero - snoozer
8. brook and waxing - why?
9. nineteen - tegan + sara
10. crumble - dinosaur jr.
11. spit shine your black clouds - blood brothers
12. don't go - mirah
13. jigsaw - mates of state
14. over your heart - rob crow
15. white winter hymnal - fleet foxes
16. awkward silence - total bummer
17. i decided - solange knowles
18. piano fire - sparklehorse
19. long division - death cab for cutie
20. doping for gold - preston school of industry
21. gloomy planets - notwist
22. fuck this... i'm leaving - american analog set


morning light chasing you

the last two days have been crazy. well, this week has just been crazy. and it's starting to feel like every week. first things first, i didn't get the job from monday's interview. well, not really. i'm still in the running, but if their "lead candidate" fails miserably in reference checks then i get a go at it or something. so they wouldn't even confirm on the phone. kinda lame if you ask me, but i guess that's the way the king bureaucracy works. so the stress of that one is over now because i had a job interview today and it went really well. but i won't know for two weeks. sadly i'm going to apply for a student loan this weekend just in case and see what happens. i like working part time at the tattoo shop and at meow. it's nice!

i've been super busy lately building this. it's been an incredible project and we're in the home stretch. probably max 10 more hours in the short term for me! but a few more in the long term. phew. but yesterday with the site and the shop one on top of another i was drinking coffee at 8pm but still so tired i conked out at 1 am. that's exhaustion for ya. and today i made a yummy smoothie with organic banana, mango, yoghurt, soy, orange juice, and coconut oil. it was so good. it made me a little more alive. maybe it'll help me combat this impending cold? gr.

i have yet to take a picture of my hat, but yesterday katie helped me reconcile a problem with it. but i'm in love with these mitts. cashmere? omfg!!


with heart on fire i reach out to you today...

more scissors and buttons..
no crochet today. i haven't taken a picture. i got up this morning ready to code and web build my heart out and got a call from the record store, fire downtown (it was a scuzzy hotel) store's closed! sweet, don't have to work, i can contract all day! then 1/2 hour later after i'd done a bunch of work on the site i get this call from handsome, the afternoon slot had cancelled, and i slipped right in there to get my other scissors finished. i'm pretty out of it right now..it began to hurt so much! we've still got colour to do in the buttons and thick outlines on all the scissors as well as the addition of a thimble and little spackle and stars. and then it's on to the sewing machine! huzzah.

i also was anxious all day to get a call back from my interview yesterday and i didn't get a call! they said they'd call and didn't. does that mean that they just wanted to think about it overnight, or they can't decide, or that they decided it's not me and they're not going to call. regardless, i have another job interview somewhere else on thursday doing very similar work and for a non-profit with tonnes of benefits. it's also only a term position, but probably pays less, they never really say... i'm fighting off the urge to email the first ppl and ask. maybe i should wait until tomorrow. bah! well, at least the second interview called me back before i had a chance to call them! isn't that great?! anyway, fingers crossed!

i was going to work on the site a bunch more tonight but am right now feeling incredibly drained from this tattoo and might pass out in front of the l word season three. and then crochet. xoxo


it takes a long time, sometimes

i thought that while stewart was out getting undercover tickets for summer slaughter that i'd sit down and blog! woot! the home doings continue, but today i only got 1/2 way through my lates rearrangement project: dining room/craft room. basically i think we live in a small place, but lucky for us there are all these little hideaway rooms. and they're all the same size as our bedroom! ha! anyway, so stewart has his own "office" where his guitars, computer, and piles of random stuff are (harmonica, lists of bands he wants to download, tshirts that should probably go in the drawer, etc). until recently the laundry room has had laundry paraphernalia in it: a drying rack, a shelf, laundry bins, plastic recycling, etc. some of it went when the tenants upstairs went and some of it i organized/got rid of today so that i could fit my craft room in there. until this my craft room was in the dining "nook".
previous dining nook
basically, we've been eating off our laps for the last year. we don't even have a coffee table (i hate coffee tables). so, i got a dining table from freecycle and set it up. we celebrated by having overpriced takeout sushi (from the hut) for dinner (they were impossible to deal with on the phone) and i like having it all wiped and clean!
dining area
and now our laundry room is a craft pile:
new craft space
what i really want to do is get a smaller sewing table and more shelving for all my stuff. i also think i can put most of the fabric into a bin (which we have) and into a different storage room. despite my enormous soul sucking destash i still have way too much stuff.

in other news, i had a job interview today. i was so stressed out for it because i hadn't been to a serious job interview since this time 2005! and it was one of those "competency" interviews that the government does so i have no idea how i did. and i don't want to get my hopes up. but i really want this job. it's strange. one of the great things is that my good friend who i rarely get to see b/c she has a weird family/partner situation would be working in the same building so we could have lunch together all the time!! yayayayaaaaa!! and it's a hop from the yarn store and the bakery. tertiary things aside the pay scale is ridiculous (!!) and the job would be a perfect way for me to dedicate my next year before we have a baby.

tomorrow, my current crochet project! yes, crochet! it's the puff stitch crochet beret with bow and i'm making it out of KnittyDirtyGirl's Boys vs Girls Handdyed yarnie, DK. so soft and the colours are so beautiful! tomorrow.