"i hope you know what i'm thinking of...i want all of your love"

zoe shawl
colonialism day cupcakes!
pumpkin seeds
pardon the photo dump, it's early in the morning on what is probably going to be a long day. i have to get my winter tires put on the car, finish packing the car (just need to pack socks, bathroom stuff, all the prezzies for pg'ers, a new knitting project, and my shoes), make all of the food for our road trip tomorrow (banana peanut butter chip muffins and breakfast sandwiches), and find all of my zine stuff to get it ready to copy into the zines (preorder here!).

these past few days helvetica has been more cranky than normal and hasn't been sleeping well and i'm not liking it at all. bleck. babies are such a challenge physically and emotionally, and they're awesome and all, but i'm not sure why there's so much social pressure to experience hell for such an elongated period of time. hahaah. we're both still sick, too, so i'm sure that's not helping either of us.

i think i'm going to knit these socks next. okay should go...whiny baby, yoga needed, and oatmeal with blackberries is being craved. !! xo


happy colonization day!: part 2?

i'm not sure which day of colonization came first: canada day? or thanksgiving? anyway, colonization is whack. when my dad was here a few weeks ago he told me this joke:

q: "why did white men go to the moon?"
a: "to see if there was any more Aboriginal land to steal."


pumpkin squash pie
i made this pie today and was so full i barely ate any of it.

me and helvetica
and this is me and helvetica on a walk last week with uncle nick. do not get him confused with grandpa nick. anyway, today was nicer but i spent the whole day cooking. we had a nice dinner. yay for friends. and i'm "thankful" i didn't get the job in victoria: this is just too good.

so much to do before vacation. must make to do list and DO it. yikes! xo


"every moment starts to fade..."

pumpkin lasagne
this is the pumpkin lasagna i made this week. YUMMERS.

This is so encouraging! So impressed. So inspired. MY TURN! (I think I need a job first). And who is this girl? She's so cool. Can I be her? And, check out this blogger's home? It's ridiculous....It's things like this that make me feel like I need to get my shit together and do more, be better, and embrace the art and craft in everything. Having a baby is so tiring and time consuming! But awesome: helvetica is awesome.

Tonight we made a yummy pizza, Stewart's concoction of bbq'd chicken, chipotle sauce, sun dried tomatoes, etc. Just over a month ago we started a zine together (fun!) with our pizza recipes: we're calling it, "a year of pizza" or something like that. Kind of in hommage to and mocking Kingsolver's AVM. Basically the zine will be a cookzine with 52 pizza recipes and a bunch of different crust recipes/tutorials, as well as our reviews of every single pizza. So far my favourite has been the Camping Pizza (with hot dogs and crushed mexican chili chips!).

This weekend is my number one favourite holiday that celebrates colonization: Canadian Thanksgiving (not that colonization is awesome, its just so WHITE of us to still have days celebrating colonization!). We're having a wonderful feast with a bunch of people and it's not at our house! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.

OH! and my zine, Standing in the Way of Control, is now up for pre-order! Information above on the page! xo


let's get political: gendered violence

Today the Georgia Straight posted this article: Vancouver police dismiss activist's claim that gender crimes aren't taken seriously

So I sent them this letter:

I wanted to take a minute to respond to your article posted October 5th regarding gendered violence in the downtown east side. I'm disappointed that the article, written in the manner it was, even made it to print/post in your publication. First, for the past decade, you can't face any direction in BC without hearing about the degradation, sexualization, and violence towards women who live, work, or survive in the DTES. Second, I'm sure if you surveyed a roomful of randoms a number of them would agree that the "police" haven't been on the mark about much of their actions or comments to the public over that same amount of time (eg. Dziekanski or the hullabaloo in Toronto) even regarding cases regarding women from the DTES (eg. all the recent information that highlights the lack of involvement by police in cases and incidents leading up to Picton's arrest). Third, of course women are violent towards men: men are violent towards men, and women are violent towards women. But what happens when organizations in power rely on the straw man argument that some woman harmed some man, is that the organization denies the reality that whether a woman lives in the DTES or lives in Fort McNeil, she is more likely to experience violence at the hands of a man than any other way you can spin that equation. By denying gendered violence by saying, "women do it too", the police do turn a blind eye to gendered violence because they're not recognizing which part of it is gendered or treating the crimes towards women with more attention and resources than those that also happen to men.

If you're also pissed off by the article email them. If you don't give a fuck I don't really want to know, but you can post a comment arguing why you don't give a fuck or disagree, but I'll ignore you. Think of it as passive validation. xo


FO: telemark sweater (and update!)

helvetica and his telemark sweater
i should probably write this fast because seth is whining and even the guitar playing isn't relaxing him...that means he wants TITS. i finished his sweater this morning/last night and he looks smashing in it! so smashing we got a compliment on it our first time out!

in other news i didn't get the job in victoria so we can recommence the awesomeness of our life here! woop! i plan, though, to wallow a bit of my post-excitement away with a pizza (friday!) and something shitty on netflix (b/c their collection is shitty).