FO: telemark sweater (and update!)

helvetica and his telemark sweater
i should probably write this fast because seth is whining and even the guitar playing isn't relaxing him...that means he wants TITS. i finished his sweater this morning/last night and he looks smashing in it! so smashing we got a compliment on it our first time out!

in other news i didn't get the job in victoria so we can recommence the awesomeness of our life here! woop! i plan, though, to wallow a bit of my post-excitement away with a pizza (friday!) and something shitty on netflix (b/c their collection is shitty).


Eden Oliver said...

Take that, Anne Geddes!

(Helvetica is gorgeous in that photo, and that is a gorgeous photo of Helvetica).

single gal said...

I want a telemark sweater - it looks so adorable di!
You're using Helvetica's real name on here now?
Great job - your talents are INCREDIBLE.