happy colonization day!: part 2?

i'm not sure which day of colonization came first: canada day? or thanksgiving? anyway, colonization is whack. when my dad was here a few weeks ago he told me this joke:

q: "why did white men go to the moon?"
a: "to see if there was any more Aboriginal land to steal."


pumpkin squash pie
i made this pie today and was so full i barely ate any of it.

me and helvetica
and this is me and helvetica on a walk last week with uncle nick. do not get him confused with grandpa nick. anyway, today was nicer but i spent the whole day cooking. we had a nice dinner. yay for friends. and i'm "thankful" i didn't get the job in victoria: this is just too good.

so much to do before vacation. must make to do list and DO it. yikes! xo

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