"i hope you know what i'm thinking of...i want all of your love"

zoe shawl
colonialism day cupcakes!
pumpkin seeds
pardon the photo dump, it's early in the morning on what is probably going to be a long day. i have to get my winter tires put on the car, finish packing the car (just need to pack socks, bathroom stuff, all the prezzies for pg'ers, a new knitting project, and my shoes), make all of the food for our road trip tomorrow (banana peanut butter chip muffins and breakfast sandwiches), and find all of my zine stuff to get it ready to copy into the zines (preorder here!).

these past few days helvetica has been more cranky than normal and hasn't been sleeping well and i'm not liking it at all. bleck. babies are such a challenge physically and emotionally, and they're awesome and all, but i'm not sure why there's so much social pressure to experience hell for such an elongated period of time. hahaah. we're both still sick, too, so i'm sure that's not helping either of us.

i think i'm going to knit these socks next. okay should go...whiny baby, yoga needed, and oatmeal with blackberries is being craved. !! xo


Melissa said...

those muffins look so frickin' good. omg. I'm headed to Ontario this weekend for a wedding. I'm excited. Have fun on your trip. love you.

KT said...

Colonization Cupcakes!!!!