i've seen the ocean break..

hey everyone 020
we went and saw hey everyone at meow records (again, and it was wonderful!). i made cookies and brought anise/oolong tea and we took pictures and looked at records. we're about to have a cabbage roll party. can you believe the fun!? you can see more hey everyone photos etc at my flickr.


love is the funeral of hearts

so, things were so poopy the other day! and somehow (sleep?) things just got better. maybe it was me putting faith back out there in the universe? who knows! but it seems that again, we're moving out FOR SURE and most likely for june 1st, but it may have to be july 1st, which would suck, but it's doable.

i have taken the last week and a half "off" from STRESS (perhaps minus the one down day, i'm also possibly going to blame my hormones, i know that pms doesn't really biologically exist to it's cultural proportions, but i did feel physically estrogen-y) and it's been so good. last week i called in sick to my job. i didn't work one day last week. well, i worked on the ohsweetie stuff and these gorgeous felt doughnuts, but not really on anything the "man" would consider "substantial". and i have felt really good overall. i like sleeping in to the point where my body wakes up on it's own (around 830am), and then crack..., er, facebooking for a little bit, checking my email, and crafting, riding my bike, reading, etc. right now at this moment we have a couchsurfer here from montreal: she's going tree planting next week and is staying here 'til she leaves and its nice having someone around to joke with and do some things with. last night she, stewart, and i went to the sauna downtown and soon here we're going to rent a movie (we were going to do yoga but she made incredible chili and now we're all stuffed and rolly polly) and i'm going to sew up the lining on this incredible WHITE peacoat i bought at the vvboutique yesterday! yes! stewart's listening to HIM right now and it's so lonely depressing! haha.


are you far too depressed now to answer the phone...

the beautiful gloria st. john
you know when things seem like they're going so well and then they just begin to unravel? i was trying to say to myself a variety of things: 1. it's not that bad (which is probably true), 2. well, it's just supposed to be this way, 3. it's for the best, and, my favourite (?), 4. it's an opportunity for growth.

it's weird thinking about how i used to cry every day, and then this winter I was so depressed, and i've just been feeling AWESOME lately. it turns out the place were were supposed to move into (and i was SO excited!!!) isn't going to work as soon as possible. and i'm not sure when it'll work. which sucks so hard. then, last night on the way home two creepy guys, one while i was walking, and one in a truck slowing and staring at me coming into the house just made me feel so unsafe and i just want to get out of here so bad! i'm feeling less and less comfortable and less and less safe. and it's so hard to find a place to live here (especially when you have wonderful pets). and then i was all crying and upset because stewart's wisdom tooth is coming in and he has been a bit of an attention hog for just over the last week, which is kinda cute, but draining. and i'm just tired and feel like i haven't made any SOLID friends here, no friends i can really call up and they'll come over and cuddle. i'm excited to move to montreal but i'm just so tired of moving and trying to make new friends when i have fucking amazing friends in all of these other places i've been (vancouver, terrace, nihon). such solid, wonderful, fun, supportive friends. it's just so much energy to reinvent the wheel all the time! i mean, i've moved four times in the last three years-->how am i to build solid relationships? bah!


are you listening?

tonight i'm playing new feist, dragonette, lcd soundsystem, and some old metric, le tigre, and brand new mika! woot!


standing up like a man, like a father, understand that all i do is not enough...

wrapped with a bow
i have been so obsessed with felted food (aka nuigurumi) and the fun of it. i made a dozen dougnuts over the weekend and today made some dango for a swap and for sale in my store. the dango is the most fun for me, as it reminds me so much of spring, the ohanami, and JAPAN!! and i never realized how much fake food is out there. i did it because it was cute, but this is just overkill. i mean, really! and it just ends up being creepy after awhile. i had this revelation yesterday or the day before: that i don't have many friends (did i write about this before?) so i'm trying to take an active role and hang out with people, be more social. tonight we had a bunch of people over for dinner and it was SO nice to just eat yummy food, drink wine, and chill out! now my hands are dry from all the cooking (i made yam dip and vegan brownies and couscous salada, and then peanut sauce w/ tofu and broccolli, and polenta with sauce...yuuuum!). coming up soon i'm going to do up all of my hummus recipes (that i've been told i'm famed for) and get them up on artificia. you can see a picture of the doughnuts there too! ooooh, and jeremy and i got into the vancouver feminisms conference! yes! we were talking about making shirts that say, "jeremy and diandra, western canadian academic tour 2007: creating change wherever we go" or something lame like that. i mean, as jeremy said, we're post-consumerist, but we're not post-selling shit to make money.


my lipgloss is cool, my lipgloss be poppin'

15th street, prince george
we're moving!! yay!! we had hoped that the hippies were moving out ('tis the rumour that we heard), but it turns out my informer was incorrect on many fronts (including the amount of mold actually in that house). so, i was sitting outside of the cafe today making felt doughnuts (yes, still working on them, but so close to finished!) and talking to our dear friend who said something to the effect of her roommate moving out and i said, hold up! so we're moving in there for june 1st! yes! i'm going to move my car over there this week (full of stuff) and park it until we move in. this house will be so great! and rent will be something like $165/each plus utilities. can you believe it!? so cheap?! so, anyway, the house is on 7th between vancouver and winnipeg! woot! i think i might start doing sunday breakfast for people on the lawn for money. that would be nice! yay for the gift economy. i'm in such a good mood! woot!


tonight we went to the kizmet cafe. there was a reading. stewart's writing class read from their chapbook. and jeremy sang a few songs. now i have to run to the store to get my sweetie some cold medication and maybe get a few other things. and then i'm going to come back and begin to make felt doughnuts. woot! xoxo.


whenever i'm alone with you, you make me feel like i am home again.

hey everyone!
well, i finished my last paper. you can read it if you want! it is called "get off the internet": third wave feminism, technoculture, and cyborg futures. and thank heavens it's done! i'm so happy that i finished it! i think it turned out pretty well too. i mean, i like it when you write your face off and you're super happy with the finished product. that is awesome.

the five days in chase/little shushwap were good. the YAC worked hard to determine our strategic plan for the next year, do some incredible team building, and share stories. i came home sick, because of stress of course and just travelling. i hate travelling so much! stewart's sick too!! man! we just watched some o.c. (the episode where ryan goes back to chino to find marissa b/c she ran away when she found out her mom was sleeping with her ex boyfriend, luke. yuck!) and stewart took me to tokyo sushi where i had nabeyaki. oishideshitane!

i was in vancougar yesterday for like 1 hour and went to urban source on main and bought fun stuff! like magnet sheets to make collage magnets. it was truly nice to get there! oooh, and i found out today that the presentation jeremy and i do has been accepted to the third wave conference in vancouver in may! and we were accepted into the rocky mountain modern language association: if i hadn't said it before.

man, i need to go to bed and sleep some of this sickness off. maybe i'll read some bill bissett. i have two weeks to get my proposal ready and then i start classes again: say what? xoxo!


dancing with a marionette, are you happy now?

sunlight in the kitchen, 7pm.
so, tonight i was procrastination central. i updated artificia with pictures of our dinner (which i always want to do, but really!) and watched an episode of the o.c., went for slurpees/slushies (yuck, couldn't even finish mine), and read a considerable theoretical chunk of work re: cyborg theory as the answer to feminism's troubles. i got my hands into more articles for my paper and it's way too much information. i think i just have to start writing. well, i need to read the cyborg manifesto once more, of course, (fuck, just procrastinated more and added a comment to the cyborg page on wikipedia. dammit, i am going to bed now!) i'll be out of town until next sunday so we'll see what happens! go, procrastination! woot!


get off the internet, i meet you in the street!

bike wang word!
bike wang! outside of second cup!

go torie go! rock that twice shy shirt!
go torie-bolan! woot!

so, what was your easter saturday all about? ours was about biking around, drooling over scotty, er um, his bike, yes, his bike, drinking beers outside of the cafe on the patio, talking to some kids, eating chips, working on the meow spca t-shirt, going to tor's for greek dinner (where the propane tank caught on fire and everyone was preeetty freaked out. luckily the fire extinguisher worked!) we had previously been to riot where torie bought a twice shy shirt and this girl picked up her glasses and was walkign around the store with them on. so funny it was. she thought they were so cool, but alas. i hate going into riot because i don't fit anything and you'd think that a small-town store would be all over the plus size market (hello! people in the north are bigger), but they definitely aren't and they wouldn't even take my stuff b/c it's "unfinished" and i'm going: "that's the point!" i told them they are "alienating" their plus size market (plus-size-12 too!) but i guess they don't really care. so i'm selling some stuff at meow, but hm. what to do!?

i'm off to brush my teeth and change my clothes (was laundry day and i feel like a scrub). we're having a couch surfer come this evening and i have to work on my paper. i guess posting here isn't helping! xoxo.


there's a sky upstairs and i won't forget all the names of the lovers...

this is turning into one of those blogs where the author is so busy all that they can do is post videos!! isn't it silly! tonight we went to see the transmogrifiers and hey everyone who are the best (and in this video, it's a bit of their song, rotten little buggers). the show was at meow which was nice. it's like i feel like something way bigger than me! and it's nice to have somewhere fun and cool to go to celebrate both community and music. and bryndis supplied with juiceboxes and cupcakes! woot!


it's a banana-saur! like a theasaur! the word spewing dinosaur!

saturday night we went to jump + dash etc and hung out. torie made this flick. so funny! and very honest of our night together! enjoy!!


hey girlfriend, i've got a proposition, something like this!

don't need youi bought this dvd yesterday to add to my ever growing collection of third wave texts and riot grrrl/femmebot associated things. dont' need you is a good alternative to american hardcore.i have more i want to say about riot grrrl exploding out of the violence and patriarchal structure of the dc hardcore scene. it's nice knowing that riot grrrl was borne out of a collective of women (spearheaded by kathleen hanna and alison from bratmobile but definitely collective led!) who spent the summer of 1991 in d.c. (with all of those hardcore men!). the film is not technically the best, sound quality is pretty bad, but some of the issues touched on are important (the media taking on riot grrrl for its own means, feminism!!) and films are hard work! yo! so, it would be cool to throw a movie night with american hardcore and "don't need you" and then to engage in discussion about the two films. that would be really fun. or even a comparative esssay. hmmmm, maybe i'll do that!! xoxo.