task update: #19, #36, #43, #45, #62, #78, #83, #90,

Wow! I've been busy!!

(they're talking about dub, dance hall, and the beginning of mc's and dj'ing on cbc radio 1 right now and it's so good to listen to).

#19: learn how to crochet woot woot!

#36: watch all of pedro almodovar's films

1. Abrazos rotos, Los (2009) (filming)
... aka Broken Embraces (International: English title)
... aka Broken Hugs (USA: literal English title)

2. Volver (2006/I)
... aka To Return (USA: literal English title)

3. Mala educación, La (2004)
... aka Bad Education (International: English title)

4. Hable con ella (2002)
... aka Talk to Her (International: English title)
5. Todo sobre mi madre (1999)
... aka All About My Mother (Europe: English title) (USA)
... aka Tout sur ma mère (France)
6. Carne trémula (1997) (as Pedro Almodovar)
... aka En chair et en os (France)
... aka Live Flesh (USA)
... aka Trembling Flesh (International: English title: literal title)
7. Flor de mi secreto, La (1995)
... aka Fleur de mon secret, La (France)
... aka The Flower of My Secret

8. Kika (1993) (as Pedro Almodovar)
... aka Kika (France)
9. Tacones lejanos (1991)
... aka High Heels
10. ¡Átame! (1990)
... aka Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (USA)
11. Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios (1988)
... aka Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (USA)

12. Ley del deseo, La (1987) (as Pedro Almodovar)
... aka Law of Desire (USA)
13. Matador (1986)
... aka Matador (USA)
... aka The Bullfighter (literal English title)
14. Tráiler para amantes de lo prohibido (1985) (TV)
15. ¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto!! (1984) (as Pedro Almodovar)
... aka What Have I Done to Deserve This? (USA)

16. Entre tinieblas (1983)
... aka Dark Habits
... aka Dark Hideout
17. Laberinto de pasiones (1982)
... aka Labyrinth of Passion (USA)
18. Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón (1980)
19. Folle... folle... fólleme Tim! (1978)
20. Salomé (1978)
21. Sexo va, sexo viene (1977)
22. Muerte en la carretera (1976)
23. Sea caritativo (1976)
24. Tráiler de 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' (1976)
... aka Trailer of 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?'
25. Blancor (1975)
26. Caída de Sódoma, La (1975)
27. Homenaje (1975)
28. Sueño, o la estrella, El (1975)
29. Dos putas, o historia de amor que termina en boda (1974)
30. Film político (1974)

As Producer:
1. Niña santa, La (2004) (executive producer)
... aka The Holy Girl (International: English title) (USA)

2. Mujer sin cabeza, La (2008) (producer)
... aka The Headless Woman (International: English title)
3. My Life Without Me (2003) (executive producer)

#43: Work in a Job for More than one year I've worked at Meow for more than a year! woot!

#45: Mentor someone n.g. said i was her "secret mentor" a few months ago. it felt really good. i love that girl!

#62: Pay off my debt to the fed gov't my tax return took care of this one and i still got money back! sweet!

78. visit my grandparents three times in one year. twice this year already! yay!

83. contribute to shameless magazine i now am a blogger at shameless! yay! you can catch up on it at http://www.shamelessmag.com/blog

90. get another tattoo, one that will be part of my chest piece, or one on the back left side of my neck (hearts, garlic, stars. fun!) this is in the works. and i'm going to get seams too! with black hearts at the bottom. cute cute cute.

the first five times

the last few days have been really fun. and full of work and knitting and not sleeping and good food and going out and goodness. i'm so tired it's pretty ridiculous.

i've been inspired to work on my thesis but i have yet to start working on it. and i have these little nagging projects to pick up on and work work work work work to do. it's actually quite good. and the knitting has been super good. i started a's baby present (no picture until it's gifted!) and i finished the bag for kalin. she just needs to stick a lining in it. and she made me this beautiful scarf in return!
scarf from kalin

on thursday morning k. picked me up and we mosey'd south. stopping everywhere which i whined and swore about but was also enjoying. first stop: fudge.
rocky road.
it literally was the most fierce sugar rush ive had in a long time. we were uncontrollable.

and then last night i went and saw "wanted" the new flick with angelina jolie and that hot james mcavoy guy. guuuh. but then getting in the car afterwards i split my secretary skirt. and not even on a seam! the fabric itself split! so i sewed it up with some fabric from kalin and some lace i got in a swap and got this! (sorry, i was twirling!)

i've been sick lately and i think it's because i haven't been sticking to a good diet. and i've been eating lots of wheat and not exercising. i'm kind of having a down few weeks. which isn't very fun. i kind of just want to leave PG today but am scared to move simply because of all the work but i can't do another winter here. whatsoever. and i'm dead set on moving out of here. and i know b. has called my bluff on it. and a few others have too. so i'm really confused and emotional about it right now. i'm just so tired of being sick. and i am tired of being so busy. but i'm not sure where my work's going to go because i'm not really happy with one of my contracts. and i think that making that contract full time work might be a bad idea. i really like having a handful of contracts to play around with and work on. and maybe i'll just do that. but then, if i'm just doing contracts, why would i leave pg? other than being sick, hating the winters, and wanting GOOD vegan food out. and french bakeries with the best espresso. and weekend trips to the gulf islands and drinking slurpees with derek. (???) and being closer to kalin. luckily for some reason i get to see her every three weeks or so and it's really nice! she's so important to me and she's one of my closest friends. i just wish that i could NOT live in vancouver and still see her on a weekly basis, know what i mean?

i think i might have to get a "real" job and work for the "man". at this point i'd rather just knit.


sluggy summer

it's way past my bedtime. and i'm sitting here on our couch with headphones on putting together my summer mix. usually i'm the kind of person that mixes my indie music and my alt country and my "techno" on the same mix. but not this summer, oh no. it's mostly new. and it's all pretty hard. it's a throw down disc. and i love it. i wish it wasn't two in the morning and stewart was awake and we could just drink a bottle alize and listen to it really loud. it's funny how the music inspires me to party. and just be beyond myself. this weekend has been great so far and it's a nice spot to see both stewart and i really happy. it's actually a strange sight after the worst winter ever (i made it a medal). never in my youth (minus japan, though a lot of healing happened while i was there) have i just wasted a year or any substantial amount of time on working, solely, and partying/crafting/shootin'-the-shit in my off time. terrace there for a while in the confederation nation we were close. i had a lot of fun then. and while i have this incredible list of accomplishments (both physical and psychological) i haven't accomplished that "wasting my youth" experience we all lament and wish for simultaneously. and i want that a little bit.

part of this, too, is that i'm winding out of prince george. i was talking to my mom today and she's leaving terrace (which means i'll probably never go back) but she "left" yesterday. i'm feeling like that here. but i'm sad for the next few months. and i'm excited for all the events, projects, places, and people my life will intersect with over these summer months. some examples of this will be girls of meow calendar 2009, de-stashing my life from stuff, birthday parties, babies, weddings (!!), trips, going back to terrace for probably the last time (in the foreseeable future), tattoos, knitting, cuddles, lakes. so, with that summer promise below is the list du jour around here, in my headphones, or re-routed through our amp and bumping in the morning with a strong cup of black gold.

  • the bomb - new young pony club
  • raquel - neon neon
  • are we accidentally at a party? - peachcake
  • je veux te voir - yelle
  • breaking up - woodhands
  • far away - cut/copy
  • blind - hercules and love affair
  • tabloid sores (nosaj thing rmx) - health
  • model - to my boy
  • world town - m.i.a.
  • handle me - robyn
  • alice practice - crystal castles
  • let there be light - justice
  • magic beast, the - YACHT
  • what new york used to be - the kills
  • eat your heart up - BLOW
  • heartbeats - the knife


oh the pain,...

sakana socksi was super stressed when i went to sleep last night (before 11! yay!) and had a hard time falling asleep and then i woke up this morning with the sorest neck! so i got out of bed, massaged it a little, drank a tonne of water, did some yoga to stretch it and went back to bed. at 10:45 i woke up (!!!!) and it's still sore, but a little better. i can't look left. it sucks.

i think today is a work in bed day. i can't even sneeze i get to almost sneeze point and then my body stops because my neck is in total pain. good thing my errands are near the place you get drugs. (drug store).

i'm knitting the herring sock with noro and some plain black. i love it. though that noro is definitely quite twisted.



home for the tired

crochet uptoday i ate curry and caught up on things and learned how to crochet. i feel a little more accomplished. i'm actually surprised by how fast it is. today was beautiful out. i hope tomorrow is the same. we watched the wizard and ate sweets and cherries and i washed all the dishes. the bad thing about living in a basement is that we're in the land of bugs. i mean, it's unnatural for me to live underground. but for the baby ants it's not. c said that the ants would take back the poison food to their families and kill them. it made me a little sad. but just for a second. do i no longer have a heart? i came home and stewart had given my basils and tropicals so much love they were just BLOOMING and growing and showing their appreciation in plant form. and rupert. he ran to my side. we've cuddled a lot. and today, since i was away for a week, i caught up on all my packages and got so much cool new yarn like malabrigo laceweight (the skein is so tiny!), some sock yarn from knittydirtygirl, and some of vickie howell's craft yarn. i can't wait to make stuff out of it. ga! but i must and want to make kalin the drops bag i've been promising her. particularly she's almost done my BEAUTIFUL irish mist scarf!!



the grand ol' concession

oh hillary. i was secretly voting for you in my little voting box in my brain. and you made me cry. your concession speech was great. i love it when the not-so-little feminist comes out of anyone. but you really rose to the task.

i'm excited to watch the upcoming months and the american election. and a possible canadian election? will n.america finally stand up and outst a conservative government? and provincially, what will happen?

i've been in a political brain lately. off to do some work!


the model that went to harvard.

last night we were dominated. derek and i consumed enough alcohol to make a middle aged woman forget all of her children.

crystal castles.
and if i had children i probably would have forgotten them too. i woke up to black shoes (from people standing on them) and the worst hangover i've had since japan.

hipster girl's glasses.
and today all i did was hurt. and sleep. and eat as much food as possible. there's more pictures on my flickr site. i think if i try to write something more i might throw up. oh god. xo


i'm sure my mom won't be proud...

ken and his porsche
oh man, derek and i are smashed (derek??? are you smashed??) and listening to crystal castles ready to GO OUT and dance to crystal castles in REAL LIFE (existential crisis: WHAT IS REaL LIFE??). we've drank tropical drinks from bermuda and back and i'm not sure where anything i own is, but i'll get there and back. that's the way it is. dance party. let's learn how to throw down together!!!???

we watched the o.c.

and ate at avalon.

and derek's little apartment is the best apartment i've ever seen. Stewart, you're going to love victoria!!!!

and it's not because i'm drunk.

(is drunkened blogging a thing ONLY for anonymous blogs? i beg you, answer the question!)
i feel like i need to comment on knitting: i'm knitting the "socks of kindness" sock. and i'm on sock two. i haven't knit in a few days and feel OVERALL disoriented. i just want to be at home in my nesting situation. more blogging when not intoxicated.

(p.s. bike helmets suck)


sun stroke

a.'s bday gift!
having a camera that's good means i'm actually taking more pictures. i emailed my supervisor yesterday and i told her i needed more time for my thesis. i think that's the first step in getting to work. accepting i need more time. right now the laundry's hanging on the line and i'm baking organic banana bread and we're about to have french toast for dinner (!!). this morning the gals had breaky and i made a. this for her birthday. i really like the sewn basket. i wish i had batting to make more!

oh the boxes.
yesterday c. and i sat outside for the sidewalk sale. it was nice and quiet and some fun people stopped by. especially this guy who had no front teeth and whenever c. described it i gagged. yuck.

and i almost finished my sock! (but then finished it later at home).

myspace spca shot!
but then b. and i went shopping and ran into milo the guinea pig and his beautiful wonderful owner! she had broccoli for him and everything. lucky little pig! he even let me pet him, no fear.

uncle john's greenhouse
and then today after breakfast m. and k. and i went and bought a few bedding plants and such at a nursery up in the hart. i am definitely getting a green thumb and i thank all those years of influence from my mom and my lovely gardening friends here. if i could i'd build a garden immediately, but i think victoria will have to bring it.

my marigold planter
and this is the planter i planted when i got home right before snb. i LOVE marigolds and would probably make EVERYTHING around me filled with marigolds. but i needed to throw a few petunias in there. i also replanted my basil in "big kid" pots. fingers crossed! it'll be the first time in a while i grew anything from seed.

tomorrow i'm off to vancouver and victoria for 8 days and i'm sad to leave stewart behind. i miss him terribly and our schedules never really match up. hopefully i can spend some time this summer working in the house. pictures from vic, etc. as i'm on the road. xo