Oh port!

Tonight we went to an all ages show just literally the mailboxes, a school parking lot, a street to cross, and a house away. It was at this all ages venue here called The Academy. It was super cheap ($8) and we were definitely in the oldest crowd there...but just like PG, i guess: if you want live music in a small town, you can't be choosy. The main reason we went was b/c stewart's co-worker is in the band above, Magically Beautiful. They sounded like more Avey Tare-style Animal Collective mushed together with some Dan Deacon. But at the end of the day we could all agree they're probably just an Animal Collective rip off? Regardless we were impressed by the level of coolness this group of teenagers exudes! Us oldies are already so uncool.

There were two other bands, The Perfect Trend (LAME) and another Port band who sounded like Tad and old Tool. Not too impressive. But, Yukon Blonde closed and their live show eclipses their recording by far. I felt like I was watching a 60s/70s revival band. It was surreal.

So now, it's late, again. Why am I staying up so late all the time now? I need to get this eye liner off and hit the hay. xo


the official ohsweetie giveaway!

ohsweetie fall 2009 Giveaway

To celebrate the re-opening of the ohsweetie etsy shop I'm holding a small giveaway in time for the holidays! The lucky winner will get a small zipper pouch (lined) and ten hankies (four of which are shown above). All you need to do is leave a comment on the blog post (not the facebook post) sharing your favourite etsy shop! Bring on the etsy love!

The giveaway will close on Friday, December 4th at midnight and the winner will be selected by a random number generator!

I've also begun filling the ohsweetie shop, so take a look there for other holiday goodies !! There's FREE SHIPPING TO THE US AND WITHIN CANADA UNTIL NEW YEARS!!



FO: post-thesis make myself feel better hat

so you think you can hat

so you think you can hat

I made this hat using Diamond Luxury Alpaca Paint in a grey, pink, and white colour way. It was pretty riot-grrrl for me (the colours) and I love it. A. had the pattern lying around and has made a few of them to date, it's the So You Think You Can Hat pattern. RAVELRY link ## it's a free download, but you have to have a rav username.

I did the ribbing in a 4.5mm so it's super loose, I've been toying with dampening it and throwing it in the dryer for 20minutes or so. I also used a different yarn from the pattern so it's more "fluffy" looking than so lace-oriented. Regardless, I love it.

my work station

I also came home and organized my work space just a bit so I can get to those thesis revisions, internet in style, etc. I can't wait until we're in our own space and not just sharing a bedroom, but alas. xo

it's so many miles and so long since i've met you...

boston cream donut and mocha slice
so many things!!

1. Did you know that Amazon now has a vinyl store? for those of us (me/stew) that live in small towns without record stores (like Meow or Ditch or Scratch) this is the new answer!! You can check it out target="_blank">here.

2. i/my tattoos/handsome have been featured in the current issue of mixtape zine (#11) in an article on crafting and tattoos. You can buy the issue here. I have a PDF of the article (not the whole zine) and I'm just waiting to hear if I can distribute it. If you REALLY want to read it, email me, and then maybe I'll fwd it on to you when I know.

3. i defended my thesis in two hours. it felt like the most brutal defense in the world, but i passed, and have major revisions from my external which i hope to do next week. i've started taking pre-orders for a copy of the thesis/zine which will be shipped in the new year (first week or two of january). For now you can continue to download it, if you like!, but there will be a zine version you can buy out of my etsy store soon!

4. speaking of etsy, i'm going to update my shop tomorrow. promise. i'm kind of excited! that also means that tomorrow i'll be getting the giveaway up! yay!

must go and make dinner before glee is on at 9p. i have a bunch of new knitting projects to share too (when i get there). xo


My Thesis!

cover for the whle shebang!

My defense is this Friday morning and I'm almost done my presentation (which I'll put up for reading/download when I get back from PG next week). Below are my chapters, in order, for you to download, read, and get ready to ask me the hard questions.

The actual defense is at UNBC in room 6-205 at 9:30am. They're providing coffee and water, I expect the audience to supply the snacks!! I'm so happy it's almost over! please note: this isn't the full zine copy that was done by hand, but the electronic version. it's missing page #s and the sassy porn images...

Standing in the Way of Control: Me + Third-Wave Feminism (intro)

Get off the internet: Third-wave feminism, techno-culture activism, and cyborg futures

Fuck the pain away: this third waver tackles porn

You make me want to crochet?: third-wave historiography and the DIY crafting movement

Soft shoulders are made for crying, but are these boots made for walking? my first voice and experience of the highway of tears

I want to be the girl with the most cake: epilogue and resource guide


"you've been so far so long don't rush"

my ride home through cathedral grove
so, admittedly, i haven't really been *looking* for my camera charger. i've been pretty overwhelmed with looking for work and having kind of a poopy day today and yesterday, and continuously knitting orders for others that i just haven't made it a priority. but i need to find the charger because i have a huge shop update to do and a giveaway just in time for xmas. i also want to take pictures of my hair (i dyed it jet black) and of my trip next wednesday to prince george for my thesis defense.

my step dad is going to be here this weekend and i'll get him to set me up on our new webhost to upload pdfs of my thesis for pre-/free- reading for anyone that's coming to the defense or anyone that isn't but wants to read it anyway. i'm super nervous, but kind of excited! i'm going to read from a pre-written script AND use a powerpoint, both things i usually don't do, but i've been warned that it must be as formal as possible and as strong as possible. i figure i'll be winging questions from my ginormous committee and the gallery for at least an hour or more, so i can do something scripted and it won't be out of character. i'll put make up on and even deodorant: i'll be the perfect image of formality....or i'll try anyway. i already know that i'll be having minor revisions, too. so i don't have to stress about a clear pass.

in other news i went to errington for an appointment and to visit my aunt and uncle (dad's side) who live in errington on a cute farm (they have horses and chickens and live in a hexagonal house made from wood from their property..it's kind of sweet) and snapped this picture on my way home with my cell phone. the roads were a bit wet, but not slick, so it made the drive so fun! it's a pretty deadly stretch of highway but almost as fun as driving the nisga'a highway: almost.


"the only time i wish you were gone is once a day, everyday, all day long"

my table at the port alberni craft fair part 1

i'm pooped and so full from dinner. must find a way to make room for water to take my vitamins, and find the energy to brush my teeth and physically make it across the house to the bed. REGARDLESS, the craft fair was fucking amazing and it was only day one.

1. i already made $80! and i have another custom order to do that hasn't been paid yet. today i realized that i do rely on the sale for self confidence so here's hoping tomorrow = more sales!

2. port alberni is an amazing little town! today i met so many wonderful people (including my first new friend AND my new stitch n bitch ladies, though neither PG versions are replaceable!!!). one person even drew me a map of all the good thrift stores (the ones with the fabric, she said) and told me where to find jobs (casual ones that pay well).

3. Aboriginal ladies (young and old) were selling REAL cowichan sweaters (but more of a northern island style...) and they actually were charging their value (hundreds) and they were the most amazing sweaters i've ever seen in my life. i wish i had the $$..

4. UM, sitting at my table looking around the hall and see a sign that says "please return your laces inside the boots of your ROLLERSKATES". and then i look at the floor and it's the nicest polished concrete i've ever seen. i turned to the woman at the table next to me who grew up in port in the 60s and 70s and i say, "did people rollerskate in here". and she said, "heavens yes!" so i said in return, "that means we can play rollerderby!" then she got excited and sat down on my purse next to me and said, "let me tell you about the time rollerderby came to port alberni in the 70s and how hard it was to skate on banked track." OMFGG!!!! fuck yes.


changing my style

so i've been thinking for the past few months that it's time to change my style. i've had a really haphazard style over the past year or two (thanks pg!) kinda skater mixed with crafter? no more hipster, though yay! the recent nylon magazine had a lot of great ideas incl country style which i loved, but i think i'm going to go super urban (is that a style description anymore?) and am probably going to aim for black as my staple. a mix between rihanna and beth ditto? that would be my goal. i give myself definitely a few months to get this together, and i already have some of the major staples like my beyonce boots and my big military-style wool coat. also all the tights. and i have a few black shirts that'll fit. but i need to get black skirts (highwaist, secretary style), tight-ish pants (fitted instead of baggy?), a black scarf with fringe and a black tunic with a hoodie or a cowl. oh and knee high boots.


pickle always avoids eye contact with the camera

ignoring me
pickle in the window

the last few days have been busy with crafting/knitting and today/tomorrow seem to be the same. i'm nursing a cup of now cold coffee and getting through my internets while i search through our boxes for craft stuff: fabric, zippers, thread, sewing machine, felt, etc. yikes! i have almost 5 pairs of mitts made!! wup! whatever doesn't sell this weekend will be uploaded to my shop. yes. other than crafting i've been hanging out with pickle and rupert, running errands (like new phone numbers, paying bills), and watching movies with stewart. there's a sweet video store near our house (Multi-Max Movie Store) with $3 new releases that are categorized by genre (no wading through shit when you know you want to watch a documentary, etc) and the catalogue is in storage with highlights out! ie. right now it's christmas movies! yay! it's such a tiny store, too, and they have the sweetest snacks and even edward cullen action figures! hahaha. we watched whatever works (new woody allen with larry david) and lyme life.

whatever works i slept through most of it. i get so annoyed and obviously tired of woody allen's penchance for young girls who throw themselves on old men movie shtick! evan rachel wood's character was all, "but i like you! blah blah blah" and completely justified the power dynamics that older men (sub)consciously take advantage of. is this your way mr allen of saying it's okay you married your daughter? weird!

and lyme life. i loved it. but then it skipped and froze a lot both on our playstation and on my mac book. so i'm going to get another copy today. i mean, i'd like to finish the film! the culkins are amazing in that movie. and the layers upon layers and the way that adults treat eachother is just deplorable. i know it's a young man coming of age story but at this point i feel it's a movie about adults who are assholes and liars and how it affects their kids and the way they treat eachother. regardless, a must see.

off to sew/knit/create! xo


my gutt is full of okonomiyaki

the filled up car.
yesterday we relocated to vancouver island. i kind of can't believe it. we were on the ferry yesterday evening eating dinner (there's such good ferry food now, btw) and had stopped chatting and there was a lull. then i said, "did we just move half way across the province?" stewart looked at me funny and said, "yeeeeaaaaahhhh?" and here we are!

i have no pictures to post of today (though i took alot), but so far port alberni has been super busy. we've moved into my mom's house for the time being (and will be living in the brand new day-light basement suite when it's done in a few weeks!) and have unpacked our uhaul and hung out with the cats, washed laundry, and re-accustomed ourselves to living in a house with cable tv (there's lots of wasted space on cable! boring!). but today we got to hang out with my grandparents, have a semi-run in with the torch (bleck), go swimming at the pool, and i even made everyone okonomiyaki and rotted their gutts. yes!

for the rest of the evening i'm going to craft/knit and get ready for two craft fairs this month!! yay! and while tomorrow will involve more crafting the rest of the week i need to be job hunting and sorting out my laundry! hahaha. i miss pg terribly (i'm sure stewart does too, but we haven't talked about it) but i've been so tired that i can't really feel it yet. soon it will hit me. xo