"the only time i wish you were gone is once a day, everyday, all day long"

my table at the port alberni craft fair part 1

i'm pooped and so full from dinner. must find a way to make room for water to take my vitamins, and find the energy to brush my teeth and physically make it across the house to the bed. REGARDLESS, the craft fair was fucking amazing and it was only day one.

1. i already made $80! and i have another custom order to do that hasn't been paid yet. today i realized that i do rely on the sale for self confidence so here's hoping tomorrow = more sales!

2. port alberni is an amazing little town! today i met so many wonderful people (including my first new friend AND my new stitch n bitch ladies, though neither PG versions are replaceable!!!). one person even drew me a map of all the good thrift stores (the ones with the fabric, she said) and told me where to find jobs (casual ones that pay well).

3. Aboriginal ladies (young and old) were selling REAL cowichan sweaters (but more of a northern island style...) and they actually were charging their value (hundreds) and they were the most amazing sweaters i've ever seen in my life. i wish i had the $$..

4. UM, sitting at my table looking around the hall and see a sign that says "please return your laces inside the boots of your ROLLERSKATES". and then i look at the floor and it's the nicest polished concrete i've ever seen. i turned to the woman at the table next to me who grew up in port in the 60s and 70s and i say, "did people rollerskate in here". and she said, "heavens yes!" so i said in return, "that means we can play rollerderby!" then she got excited and sat down on my purse next to me and said, "let me tell you about the time rollerderby came to port alberni in the 70s and how hard it was to skate on banked track." OMFGG!!!! fuck yes.

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laura s. said...

whoa. i may be convinced to move there is there was a league...