baby savers

baby savers, originally uploaded by ohsweetie.

just the start of our costumes... a little bit of inspiration c/o CITIZEN RUTH

food !!

Okay, so I know HOME SWEET HOME (---->) is usually where I post all my food pics, but the time I've been away from the computer has meant that I've collected a bunch of food pictures that aren't really related to anything. So enjoy them! (so good to be back). (ps. the apple pie my friend made).



thank you victoria!

thank you victoria!

This is what happens when a bunch of tired and/or sickish people have breakfast at mo:le. It's wonderful. I should've taken pictures of the food. because i miss the food. Home now to enjoy Saturday evening with House season 7 or Mannequin, I can't decide. Stewart's writing pop punk songs and seth is playing with a baby sized skateboard. Maybe I can lie down for a few minutes. I've been going to Victoria more and I love it a lot. I'm trying very hard not to job hunt there, and anticipate we'll be here a few more years, but there, it's pretty great. Always this back and forth with wanting to be in Victoria. Blah.


Hunting for Chantrelles

rain forest! mushrooms! mushrooms! mushrooms! mushrooms!
On my dad's side of the family there's a handful of siblings. Enough siblings that we could honestly say that they had a big family. The older siblings all had kids within six years of each other. I was the first. And then the next year my cousin Jade was born. There weren't any other cousins for about four years, and even though JR grew up in Vancouver and I grew up in Terrace, there's more than us both being Virgos that holds us together. And it's awesome. Being here on the Island means that I'm a 35 minute drive from JR's mom's house (my aunt and uncle and other cousin live there on Beltane Farm). And I still don't get to see them as often as I want, and because JR is a chef/cook and works summers up Clayoquot and hopes to work winters on yachts owned by rich people, I only get to see her in between. Right now she's in limbo, which means I get to see her (more).

Last weekend, the family and I drove out to have brunch with them and ate a ramshackle of stuff from their fridge and ours. It was delicious. It was also pouring out, but we put on our rain gear (JR had more rain gear than me obviously) and headed off to wander the farm HOPING to find chantrelles (which are enjoying a bumper crop this year). Unfortunately, no chantrelles, but lots of other mushrooms, which was cool. We got disoriented, too, so much forest to walk through, but found our way back to the farm and the tomatoes that are finally ripening in the green house.

Next year I commit to picking chantrelles and drying them. Not just trading a supply for vegan coffee cake with great and generous friends!


I know I haven't been here around much (I've been on Twitter lots!) and I've been blogging a bit over at home sweet home. Trying to keep it real. Here's a few of my favourite recent posts (by both me and Laura).




A Couple of Recent FOs!

bed socks for sethie
Last weekend I took a class at my LYS, Let's Knit  on thrummed mittens. I decided that because it was pretty warm climate wise in this community that I would make my little mister a pair of thrummed bed socks because those poly-blend ones don't do any justice in our house. I still need to make him some slippers, but these will do in the meantime. I knit the socks in just over one skein of the Diamond Luxury Cashmere Donegal (link) in the moss colour and it really looks like split pea soup. I love it. Here's a link to my ravelry project page.
brioche hat out of rasta for let's knit
This hat I made out of some Rasta that Jennie from Let's Knit gifted me for some reason or another.I had only had this yarn in my possession for a little bit of time, but I felt this urgent need to knit something out of it ASAP and get it out of my house. Maybe because the yarn was so pretty and I wanted to spend a bit of one-on-one time with it. Who knows. Anyway, I forayed into the world of the Brioche stitch to knit this hat. I tried with another hat and I just didn't get it. And, sadly, I was about five yards short, which was the saddest thing ever. Luckily, Jennie had a few yards left and I was able to finish it up. No way you'd ever get a hat out of one ball of rasta, which is disappointing. I didn't ever really like the hat (for me) and promptly donated it back to the LYS where it sits atop the shelves of yarn, in a row with all these other hats, hoping to encourage you to knit yourself a new head warmer for the winter. Here's a link to my ravelry page for this project.