it would have been good 'cept for all the creep-os.

well, tonight i turned down going to the ladies dance with a friend. stewart rented this flick (foreign/indie, not sure), but we spent the past while with wonderful friends. in exchange for me sewing some stuff (ie. thundercloud patches over holes in jackets!!) we got a yummy curry dinner (with mango and cashews and chicken. gaaaaaa.) and i got a bunch of 80s jackets and denim denim denim! woot woot. er, wut wut!! haha. i think i'm on day 28 of working straight. i'm tired. my bodie hurts. will it end? again, haha! i was going to write more (seriously) but stewart just yelled, "it's all ready!!" yay for movies and a cuddle puddle!


i broke down and wrote you back before you had a chance to.

what did you do last night??
what did you do last night? we got pretty toasted on sigmund freud wine!! made in the okanagan!! what? The while one was called Freudian Sip! So great! We also watched the O.C. and made some wicked collage magnets. i've posted them on my store, so if you would like to see pics, you can do so there. i'm going to sell them at the craft fair too!

i've been working non stop. so i'm going to craft. i just want someone to make me a homemade meal. i'm missing my mom harsh. haha.


i'm feeling some serious kitty love right now.

i'm exhausted from the six weeks of school.

i'm going to craft.

we just watched the o.c. i love it.

yay for crafting! the light is dark and beautiful outside! it's almost 10pm and still light! yes!


and if you need to tell me something once, you wont have to say it twice

i just finished my paper and i sacrificed one.half days of work (so, like 200 bones!) to finish it. now that means that i have no more deadlines for the next three weeks! after that the deadlines also wont be as stress induced as this one just was. oh my god, the crafting that will ensue! im so excited! also, i'm quite impressed with my paper considering i pulled off the entirety of the project within 7-ish weeks. you can read its glory here.
xoxo di.


shameless self promotion

pgcraft craftfair

the car is sold nad i bought a bunch of clothes. i will spend the rest on bills. and taking these kids out for breakfast. bills suck. xoxo


task #56 - COMPLETED!

woot woot! i sold my car for a whopping $800! yes! that takes financial stress of me pretty much. i need to go to bed now. xoxo.


my heart is burning and turning inside...

lovelies, sebastien grainger! get on it: when you go out

more soon. school's almost done. i'm crafting a storm. my pecs hurt from stress. i need to sleep for weeks. xoxo.


i lose myself everytime i....

this is my new favourite band! teenagers in tokyo are from australia and so fun! i emailed miska and she said their album is out this summer! woot! so, for now their myspace pg is open constantly on my comp and i just cycle through the same songs. booerns! more soon. i must shower and go to work!


Task #41: task failure + Task #1: completed (minus payment) + Task #60: partially done

Task #41

we did not rent a sarah polley film this weekend. we went to blockbuster (too hot to venture up to the central roger's vid.) and they had the oldest movie guide and the only sarah polley film they had in (that i want to watch) was beowulf and grendel. but, well, we rented art school confidential and will watch it later.

Task #1: Acquire a less-blinging bike

for $60 and a case of heinekken torie is going to sell me her norco cruiser. less blinging, but so lovely utilitarian. guests, you will soon have wheels! This task is not completed as, well, i have yet to pay her nor do i have said bike in my possession.

Task #60: moving to our new place!

well, we're moved, but it's still chaos. boxes in the shed, bed frame in yard, and a bike and recycling bin to pick up from the old place! booerns. it's going to take time to move in, but we'll get there!!

on top of all of this, i got another job today at Pennington's !! i can't wear jeans on shift (oh well) but don't have to wear all pennington's stuff (though i prob. will eventually) and get 50% off of the clothes there! suhweet!!!

off to finish this curry and work more on my paper!! xoxo.