Rifflandia IV


Here are some of my favourite shots from Rifflandia IV. What an incredible incredible way to spend a weekend. No child. Drinking all day. Going to lots of shows. Midnight meals at the Joint, dinner at noodle box, Pizza Primastrada in the morning in Royal Athletic Park, dancing my face off and getting contact high at Lance Herbstrong, and getting down with my boys De La Soul. Highlights of the weekend include running into Pete from Cave Singers outside the venue and talking about his show and how amazing they were and how he patted Stewart's back and held my elbow the whole time. Or watching J Mascis transition from acoustic to flat out electric with his old beat up acoustic guitar. Or the unexpected and overwhelming rain and wind storm to hit Royal Athletic Park on Sunday morning and sitting snuggled up on a couch under rugs and knitting to wait out the storm. VIP for LYFE !! I'm starting to go to Victoria as much as possible. I'm loving it there more and more. I see a move there in the next few years for sure.


uh oh, we're in trouble.

seth enjoying a rainy day

Scissor Tits
I have been trying to make a concerted effort to do more slowing down. I'm really busy at work and just want my non-work to be as enjoyable as possible. I'm trying to be off of facebook more and back on twitter (because I like it more, mmhmm). And in general trying not to get lost in an internet loop. This week I didn't have a meal plan and felt a little "off". Tonight we had burgers, corn on the cob, and fried rice (yum!) and tomorrow it's my plan to just empty the vegetables out of the fridge because this weekend we're going to Victoria for Rifflandia!! Wahoo! I'm working on a super bulky brioche knit stitch hat and I'm having a hard time figuring out the decreases.. I screwed it up on the first go, so I'm knitting back and I hate it. We've also been watching a lot of The Big Bang Theory. And I've been knitting to it. Stewart just made a pot of tea (!!) and I'm going to try and figure this hat out. XO



"trying to picture going down...come on away from me"

fun times in victoria with robo cameron lake
Life is so busy. Visiting in Victoria was so awesome. We need to get our butts together and move there by the time Seth starts primary school. It was stupid. I really wish I had brought my bike so we didn't have to be so car dependent and I could've kicked my ass a bit more. My family had the flu (puking! shitting! fun!) last week and it destroyed us. Stewart's has transitioned into a real cold. Stuffy sinuses. Sneezing. Coughing. No. Fun. Sick. Land.

My lovely sister bought me three of Isa's vegan cookbooks for my birthday! They're all amazing and I've got a number of things on our menu plan for this week coming up from Appetite for Reduction. I also got my hands on a few books at the Anarchist book fair (including a wild fermentation zine! home made kimchi here i come!).

This week I'm trying to carve out time to get to can some Salsa verde. I have everything here! Maybe I can do it over two days? I have so much going on! Isn't it always like that? Hm. Well, I'm going to go read my new book from my gal pal Amanda (Shelter!) And eat apple butter bars (cake) that I made for HOME SWEET HOME (recipe coming on Sunday!) XO


29 before I'm 30...

Today I turn 29. For me approaching 30 hasn't really been scary like I'm told by western culture/society whatever it's supposed to be. For me, 25 was a pretty monumental year and in the past few years I've gone back and forth and through and around being an "adult" and I'm 100% sure that transition is not over yet. And still, I don't see 30 as the final line that I'm an adult. I still have a long way to go.

Last year I made a 28before29 list (read it here) and really did a few of them, but some of them were so huge that they OVERTOOK MY LIFE and i had zero time to do the rest. It sucks. The biggest ones were pink hair, getting a full time job, and starting and doing Alberni Valley Roller Girls. I did some of the foodie ones too.

The few I accomplished last year made me think about how sometimes I have a lot of huge goals and in one year I can't do all of them. Having a baby and working full time and doing roller derby is time consuming enough for me (let alone leaving very little time for knitting).

Here's my list for this next year. I already accomplished one of them the day I wrote the list (sometime last week) and I was so proud! I tried to make them more achievable and less in conflict in each other, so we'll see!

29 before i'm 30.
1. go to hilo hawaii for leid on the track
2. get/build/mount a shelf for my tea pots
3. see Melissa
4. own 3 of isa's vegan cookbooks
5. print pizza face zine
6. prince george tattoos
7. get a raise
8. jump over a line with both feet (on skates)  
9. pass WFTDA minimum skills
10. stay vegan until my bday 2012
11. ride to the market with seth in the trailer
12. pay off all credit cards and line of credit 0/5
13. paint our bedroom
14. finish my bday sweater
15. knit stewart's totoro hat
16. knit stewart's kreuger sweater
17. get a manicure 18. tomahawk stop
19. can pickles
20. dress up for hallowe'en
21. only have caffeine/coffee/pop 1 x per month (max). 4/12
22. sew myself a piece of clothing
23. buy a pair of jeans that fit 24. take seth to swimming lessons
25. finish reading PLAYER ONE  
26. hold plank for one minute
27. buy another pair of flues (heels)
28. Do Fish.
29. Ombre hair



grandpa and eden playing chess vegan breakfast nashville pussy The last few days... sister visit, vegan breakfast, nashville pussy in victoria, baby at the community garden. For rollerskating so much I sure have no pictures to show for it. XO