"trying to picture going down...come on away from me"

fun times in victoria with robo cameron lake
Life is so busy. Visiting in Victoria was so awesome. We need to get our butts together and move there by the time Seth starts primary school. It was stupid. I really wish I had brought my bike so we didn't have to be so car dependent and I could've kicked my ass a bit more. My family had the flu (puking! shitting! fun!) last week and it destroyed us. Stewart's has transitioned into a real cold. Stuffy sinuses. Sneezing. Coughing. No. Fun. Sick. Land.

My lovely sister bought me three of Isa's vegan cookbooks for my birthday! They're all amazing and I've got a number of things on our menu plan for this week coming up from Appetite for Reduction. I also got my hands on a few books at the Anarchist book fair (including a wild fermentation zine! home made kimchi here i come!).

This week I'm trying to carve out time to get to can some Salsa verde. I have everything here! Maybe I can do it over two days? I have so much going on! Isn't it always like that? Hm. Well, I'm going to go read my new book from my gal pal Amanda (Shelter!) And eat apple butter bars (cake) that I made for HOME SWEET HOME (recipe coming on Sunday!) XO

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babyblue said...

i've been making so much crabapple juice!! its non-stop!