summer's slowly drawing to a close

letting the garden run wild
bowling with cabbage
canned cherries and apricots
today was so warm out compared to the rest of the summer and i'm half falling asleep. last week at derby i pushed myself the hardest i've ever pushed myself and kind of had another consciousness click about how much i want to skate and be a skater in derby. it's a toss up because i also want to run for the board but i'm not sure my life can sustain it... i guess the next few months will let me know. it's also sad to watch parts of my life fall of because of derby, but that's OK, derby's that important and awesome to me. in three years i want to be able to jam and be an amazing jammer. my goal in the meantime is to pass minimum skills in december so that i can be a full skater in our upcoming season (january to july): i'm fucking terrified.



i ordered fluevogs that i had been eyeing for MONTHS and they're too small. and i even upsized. so i sent them back. so sad. now i have a huge store credit and will wait until i'm in vancouver in october to actually try shoes on and get ones that fit!


keep putting it up...

harvest is in full swing around here! I spent my weekend thrift shopping, going for lunch, napping, spending time with friends, picking blueberries and canning, canning, canning. I'll probably take some pictures and post my thrift finds on HOME SWEET HOME next Saturday.
red root relish
My aunt and uncle own a farm out in Errington that has a huge blueberry patch. Last year, my first year on the Island, there weren't very many blueberries because it was so hot. This year it's been so cool we've / I've been complaining, but there are so many blueberries. It's pretty exciting. There weren't very many today, but in a week or so, if it's sunny there should be more! Finger's crossed for sun!
This coming week is a busy one with visits from my dad and my bff and her boyfriend. I've got lots more canning to do (cherries, apricots, cabbage) and am thinking about canning fish this year. I'd much rather have canned salmon over frozen salmon, you know? XO


gross, i know...sick, even.

I was going through my Flickr trying to find pictures for HOME SWEET HOME and came across all these pictures of little seth. So I thought I'd just divulge myself for a few minutes. XO

seth sporting my newest design! soon to be release! currently being test knit!


"say something rude to me, rude to me, rude to me..."

Because summer finally showed it's face last weekend we've been enjoying the sun and the summer times as much as possible. Eating outside, going to the water park, being outside in general, and lots of rest. Which also is including lots of knitting. Yip! Stewart's mum was here all week last week and it was sad to see her go back to the Interior. We're crossing our fingers that she gets a transfer to Nanaimo or something, because even Seth raised his arms and ran after her as she was leaving for one last cuddle.
deer in our yard this morning
three deer in our yard this morning. just before 8am.
sweet and sour pickles and pizza
making sweet and sour pickles for obon (and a late night pizza). the pickles taste like japan to me.
stew and his mom and seth at the train station
stewart and his mum at the train station in port alberni
grilled salmon, homemade salsa, wine
summer dinner outside: handcut salsa, salmon, wine, and green rice. yum.


why my weekend was so awesome

kalinhop and seth at the beach
wickaninish beach tuff city
smile beach ucluelet
baby friends
i have a wicked sunburn. a new vintage couch. and sand in every thing. it's glorious. i feel like summer is finally here. more soon!