"say something rude to me, rude to me, rude to me..."

Because summer finally showed it's face last weekend we've been enjoying the sun and the summer times as much as possible. Eating outside, going to the water park, being outside in general, and lots of rest. Which also is including lots of knitting. Yip! Stewart's mum was here all week last week and it was sad to see her go back to the Interior. We're crossing our fingers that she gets a transfer to Nanaimo or something, because even Seth raised his arms and ran after her as she was leaving for one last cuddle.
deer in our yard this morning
three deer in our yard this morning. just before 8am.
sweet and sour pickles and pizza
making sweet and sour pickles for obon (and a late night pizza). the pickles taste like japan to me.
stew and his mom and seth at the train station
stewart and his mum at the train station in port alberni
grilled salmon, homemade salsa, wine
summer dinner outside: handcut salsa, salmon, wine, and green rice. yum.

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