holy new format batman!

ive wasted a good 2 hours trying to reconfigure my blog's format and i still couldnt reformat all the pages. so its pretty shitty. but there are a whole smackerooo of new links. if you dont like it or have any suggestions, please tell tell tell. the weather is still winter. friends are fun. i loaded a picture of naho and i onto the pictures site. its the last one on page six. being alone is great. ive been really artistic. im constantly itching to go for bike rides and get off my ass. i copied out about 8 zines and mailed them off to various places around the globe. i get paid in 10 days and i will finish the rest. patience dear ones. i still havent gotten the internet set up at home, but im going to do that today/tomorrow. i have to do a shit load of work over the next 36 hours and im not looking forward to it. all i want to do is draw and weave. grrrr.

i had one of those dreams of intimacy two nights ago. not an erotic dream, but one where someone just wants to hold you. the name of the dreamt cuddler will not be mentioned, and it isnt the regular run of crushes/intrigues ive had/mentioned in the last while, nor previous parnters, nor famous authors (ha!). but, i cannot fake the feeling of comfort, saftey, and complete acceptance that the intimacy of spoons has, so to dream it was incredible. i havent felt that in a long long long time. and i savour it every day, still. i dont really wish that i had someone to hold me here, and there are certain people i want to hunt down when i get back to canada, so that we can lie in bed and hold eachother. i sound lame, but they will get warning emails. ha ha. and they can comply if they like!! huzzah.

i think that's it. dreaming of spring time and chucks. xoxo di.


hot topic

well, its been a week. and much has happened, like always, but this time, foundational things!! uh huh! who ever commented that this was hard to read without capitals. i am sorry, honestly. but, this is the way i type, and write, and think. words do not deserve higher importance by capitalizing the first letter. thus, Diandra becomes diandra. always. maybe i'll change my name to all lower case? can you do that? i know that you cannot do a symbol (thank you prince for making that clear!!!), but all lower case? perhaps.

because i only post once a week, it is obvious that my posts are going to be longer, and that the thoughts scattered, because i have to cram 7 days of thoughts into this post and hopefully make the time appear linear. when really...

where to start? i looked into setting up my b.b. connection at home. i have to print out the form, and get all this documentation and fax it in. and i have to check if i can even get yahoo.b.b. in akayu/nanyo. but i need a land line number to check.. wait.. im not stupid after all! well, im not stupid, but i cant read kana, and im having a hell of a time getting all the information that i need. grrrrrrrr. but it says that it should work, so maybe ill gamble.

moving on, this week ive busted my ass for work, and my lessons, on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the best, were about a 6? i think they went okay, nothing to be proud of, but enough to make me feel a little more confident about my job, and about the lessons/planning in particular. i have a lot of planning to do.

i finished nihon!go! people will be getting copies over the next month. sorry that its late.

saw ocean's 12 on saturday with eiko. it was okay plot wise and the cinematography was awesome. beautiful. went for food after. eiko is a lot of fun (great friend!!!) and i have 9 months to maximize that fun. she might come to hokkaido with me! yippee! on wednesday im going for ramen with naho. wonderful. i feel loved!

i think that's it. but let me remind some people, who might be confused. im single, i have been single since i left canada. no boyfriends here. kapiche? xoxo di.


fire festival

today i went to the sasano fire festival. arimoto-san took me for soba and then we stood in the freezing cold (nihongo for cold=sumui) for 2 hours watching people chant, etc, and walk across a fire with bare feet. ive posted pictures on the picture site. that needs a better name.

im seriously considering graduate school for january 2006. which is scary. and i really want to research my sponsor and read all of their work, and meet them a few times. but the reason to start in january is that i think i want to do my masters in 3 years instead of two. for this reason. maybe ill start by saying what i want to do my masters in?

okay, so i want to get my masters degree at unbc (in the illustrious prince george) via the department of interdisciplinary studies. not history? what? well, this is my intended area of study: postmodern canadian historical fiction. i want to spend the first two years doing non-fiction research in regards to theoretical and literal approaches to the topic. ie. reading 'who killed canadian history' by granatstein, and 'beautiful losers' by cohen a million times. and doing a massive non-fiction paper on the topic. and then in my third year i want to apply everything that i learned and write my own postmodern canadian historical creative non-fiction. kinda like a novel. so, i have to hunt out a sponsor for this monstrosity of work, as well as convince unbc to accept me with my B average grades from SFU, and i wanna do it on scholarship. a big feat, yes. but we'll see...................

im tired, and i have to pee, badly. but i dont do squating, and no western toilets are immediately available. ha ha. i've put 10,000yen aside to go to sendai next weekend, but im starting to realize that i have no need to go to sendai. the only thing that i would get there would be the tegan and sara cd for kalin (but i doubt id find it there, and i could just order it through tower records, so no worries!!!), and douglas coupland's new book. but maybe i should just wait for eleanor rigby. really. and id rather take that 10,000yen and spend it on going to a movie with eiko, or ramen with naho, or a pseudo-coffee-date with jason at mr. donut. and id rather save my travelling excitement for fucking kyoto, and hokkaido, where i am going to be a total tourist. i mean, in hokkaido im gonna go to the sapporo brewery and to the winter olympics museum, rent a car, and drive down the southern peninsula, etc. it'll be a lot of fun. and kyoto. supposedly there are geisha tours. i cant figure out if this is a good thing or not. but if i deem it is a good thing then im going to do it. i just dont know. any moral imput would be nice.

ga, im having troubles signing up for the national health insurance program and just had to divert student loan money onto my visa so i can renew my traveller's health insurance for another three months. a whopping $165. sorry canada student loans! i better not have to do this every three months.

im running away, pseudo-coffee-date to attend to and a bit of grocery shopping in jujiya. maybe ill buy myself another hanky. and this time a burberry one. oh how i spoil myself. ha ha. xoxo di.



well, i have a computer. but no printer. and no internet as of yet. so again, im paying through the teeth. but alas. ive posted pictures. not here, but here oh sweetie does angelfire  check it out!

yesterday was rough rough rough. i made a girl cry, or well, she started crying when i asked her a question. i domosumimasen-ed a lot, and afterwards she seemed happy and talked to me outside of class. so that's good. i just felt so so so bad. and then, i didnt have good stickers and doodled in a kids book instead and he got really really upset. no crying. but intense sulking. so i promised good stikers next week. and i bought them today, these glorious sparkly toystory ones. so i hope that he likes them!!

i read the davinci code by dan brown. in one sitting. from 10pm until 4am. definite brain candy. i really liked it, but it was an easy read and it didnt question my ideas of morality or anything. ha ha.

i couldnt finish kerouac's on the road that dean character just got to me, and i was 80% in and just decided to quit. i think jason's right. im just too old to be reading on the road. maybe i should have read it when i was seventeen?

i got a package in the mail from kalin yesterday and it was fantastic. i love the pink eyeshadow and caramel lip gloss from h&m. they make me complete. ha ha.

oh, i almost forgot! i made a friend. her name is naho and she is truly beautiful. its total inspiration for wanting to learn japanese and im going to try and set up lessons tomorrow.

xoxo di.


head ache.

i cant believe that three beers and some merlot in the pasta sauce has given me such a headache. but sleeping on the floor was nice. right now im in airy using their free internet!! sugoi. ive missed the train back to akayu, and now must wait another hour for the next one. i still havent eaten, so i might head to the infamous mr. donut for a frenchucrueller to sop up this mess in my body. and coffee. bring on the coffee.

i had so many great things to say, in attempts to leave a long post, and now they have left me with a pit of vagueness and a sore neck. i have noticed this for sometime, but will mention it in some detail, but i often start my sentences with "i". and i often refer to myself a lot. maybe "im" starting to realize that im actually quite self centred? perhaps. but, its a blog. about me? and i have few friends, so all my experiences are about me? not usually combined with others...

rumour has it in harry potter 6 someone integral to the story will die. who will it be? amanda and i wonder away... will it be dumbledore? my theory is that it will be dumbledore..

kay i will run now. miss you all. near the net soon again? xoxo di.

order of phoenix.

ive decided that i dont like the look of my blog anymore, and i wish i could do something to change it, but im not in the mood.
i read harry potter and the order of phoenix in two days harry potter.com
and i loved it. so much. i stayed up until 4am. reading. and then all the next day. it was ridiculous. i felt like i was a 14 year old boy reading lord of the rings for the first time.

watched my life without me. damn i love mark ruffalo. sarah polley was good too. and debbie harry as the mother. filmed in vancouver. pretty good.

lets talk about mark ruffalo. maybe i wont hunt him down and convince him to marry me, but i do want to be with someone with a beard. with callouses on his fingers. because he built something. someone handy. that i would take care of, not because they needed it, but because i wanted to. perhaps a lumberjack. ha ha.



i have two minutes to get off this computer or it costs me more.
new blog. not me. linger in dreams
ah, im tired.
i taught myself intarsia. oh yeah.
i love amanda. i mean, leonard cohen as a present. huzzah.
i love eden for teaching me huzzah. or at least letting me steal it.
sometimes i want to come home.
sometimes i want to go outside.
other times im happy with my mug of earl grey and the knitting.

i bought new music. woodie gutherie, face2face, the cardigans, 3 madonna cds, etc.

shit, times up.