thunder cloud club

thunder cloud club
awe, the thunder cloud club. a concept by jmac calhoun. i drew this for her to send with a letter this weekend. today's a busy day. breakfast at the camelot (which we've renamed cameltoe), tattoo shop all day, sushi making dinner with some peeps, and late night movie and sesh with loki. i'm looking forward to all of it.

i now have a thesis deadline so i have to get rid of some commitments, ie. crafts. so between now and march 31st i'm off of crafting, kind of. no more stitch n bitches or knitties, unless i'm doing drawings, which is good. and bring my life back to work and roller derby. i'm really liking working out so much, though i'm in a bit of pain today. a little bit of pain.



FO: Alligator Scarf

posing with his alligator pelt

Pattern: Morehouse Farms Alligator Scarf (link, rav link).

It took me about two months to make passing both Christmas and Stewart's Bday. But, all the ends are woven in and he's super excited to wear it to work. The repeats in the pattern were a bit mind boggling for me. They were easy to do, but following them was a little tiring.

Today's better. Though I'm tired (I wonder if I gave in and drank coffee if it'd be better) and have a small sense of dread being at work. Bleck.

Rav link for project.



today was monumentally shitty. coupled with not taking a lunch, only eating [homemade] cookies and a power-shake, and being underslept (i hate winter right now) my work day was pretty challenging (ie. scheming ways to get old men from grooming youth who access our centre, dealing with people on drugs, and people yelling at me >> FUN!!!). and to top that off i felt like i got nothing accomplished at work. so i've started to make mini-lists of things i accomplish in a day, which will esp. help at reporting time. my next stop is to get my office more sorted and to get two smaller desks in there, primarily so i don't have to sit at my monstrous desk anymore. it's a bit oppressive it's so big, and low.

thanks to lovely friends who called to check in on the shittiness i'm feeling a lot better, so much better in fact that i broke down and agreed to rent tropic thunder. the peeps at the video store know my name. hm. what was i saying about missing summer? teeth was there, but i was more in the mood for an oscar nominated parody. and fluff, really, so i could finish this blasted alligator scarf. yes.

i miss working out while my tattoo heals too! i think that if i could go to the gym and work up a big sweat rather than suck on my pepsi slurpee and lay on the couch things might be a lot better. anyway, off i go, to kill this alligator once and for all. xo


i'll go right on pretending i've got nothing to regret

mmm, monte cristo
mm, lunch at the camelot. whether i go with stewart or with cheetah slayworth i try to get there every two weeks or so. when i go in the morning i often get eggs benedict or the denver omelet (one or the other is usually a daily special) and when we go at lunch time i ALWAYS get the monte cristo. i guess being a vegetarian for 365 days is out of the question. and i'm sure the brown gravy can attest to that.

tring to get it all in one shot, but that'll never happen
a front shot, but there's more pictures on my flickr here, here, and here.

off to snb!! xo

from the time i was born

mmm beef madras
last night was too much fun. despite me being tired and cranky i had a blast and haven't laughed so hard in such a long time! well, since friday night at the arnott's. i laughed a lot then. we started the night at spicy greens which NEVER fails. it can be a long wait, but we pre ordered and it was so awesome. food came one thing after another and it was SO delicious. so yummy. and spicy. yes. then we headed to the 5th ave bowlarama with a quick sorting out the babysitter stop and the bowling alley was incredible. THREE FLOORS of lanes. two floors of regular lanes (main and upper floor) and rock'n'roll cosmic bowling in the basement. there were a number of birthday parties happening as well as a HUGE stagette that went straight to the cosmic. beers were cheap and if you had your own shoes games were ridiculously cheap. ($2.50). i was quite impressed.

i slept in this morning (yes) and am not looking forward to all of the cleaning. i already cleaned the fan in the bathroom so that leaves folding all the laundry which i hate the most, dishes, sweeping bathroom and kitchn, cleaning bathroom, and vacuuming. guh. i'm hungry. maybe i can get stewart out of bed and we can go to the camelot. yum.


Task Update: #90 completed

pouring the colours
i don't have a picture yet but this day this very day by some sort of happenstance my tattoo got finished! yippee!!

we're about to head out to spicy greens for birthday dinner with loki and then off to bowling and then to party like it's 1984. punk style. pictures tomorrow! xo



our living room/entrance area
we do this thing mid week where nothing gets done. bags and backpacks dot the floor and dishes pile up and we don't follow our weekly menu. and we just get exhausted.

this week has been pretty barak centric for me and millions of other people. i've been prowling the nytimes and keeping on top of the blog roll. it's an exciting time. he's been in office for what 3 days and has already made moves to close down Guantanamo, has made a positive proclamation in response to the anniversary of roe v. wade, and has this lovely position website on women . i'm also excited on his position regarding lgbtq issues. let's cross our fingers and hope our dreams come true! xo


it's just a string of values

at this moment i'm trying to help finethankyou sort the fuck out of his ichat so he can have internet love with his mans while i simultaneously fantasize about knitting this hat rather than stewart's scarf. i'm elated that i'm finally getting the hang of stewart's scarf and cannot wait for it to be off my plate, around his cute little neck, and energy then put into socks or my thesis. ha.

this week has been interesting so far. i can feel that it's almost over yet it's also only tuesday. there's a bunch of youth-drama happening and it's sapping all of my energy dealing with police and families and stuff. it's days like this that i think, i just need to pull through. and to boot my throat is getting sore. so i skipped the gym and missed the pool tonight.

tomorrow night is cimo night, visiting with the ladies, and knitty with a possible appearance from the wonderful Jessica Yee. it'll be a good cap to my tremendously stressful tomorrow. i might just wear my red anarchy polyesther blazer to deal with it.


It's not so much the heat, it's the humidity that'll kill you.

a late night scurry around the video store last night sent us home with a horribly scratched up copy of cool runnings. so good.


we've been tight since percy elementary

today was the day of the first ever rated pg rollergirls bout. i ran around doing shit that needed to be done, stamping hands, taking tickets, putting up signs, and strategizing. it was tiring (i was out of the house for 12 hours) but a lot of fun! i can't wait until i can skate and just focus on that! our small city saw over 450 people come out to the bout! such a success!!

the teams were red vs blue and it was such a great, hard game! i am super excited to skate with these ladies

mitty things custom order
i made these about 2 weeks ago or so as a custom order for a customer from me olde etsy shop. i need to make some things to put up in it. because i like it when my etsy store flourishes! i even have some dresses to take pictures of.

i'm working on a number of knitting and embroidery projects right now including an alligator shaped scarf for stewart for his birthday next weekend and owl and squirrel embroidery on my favourite cardigan! yay!



i have been so busy between work, working out, gossip girl (yes), being with friends, and blah blah blah that i haven't really been on here in a while and i feel a terrible sense of guilt around not posting very much. at this moment i have to drink a big glass of water, find my bathing suit, and get ready to go to the pool for a night soak. i feel so disorganized in my home and i think it's because i haven't really been here this week (i know it's only tuesday). but tomorrow i'd like to go work out and i have knitty. maybe i'll just pick one over the other. meaning knitty. but blah. stewart's working tonight and tomorrow night too. so i don't want to sit at home alone. but i'm not feeling very grounded. i think that's something i need to reconcile asap.

anyway, off to do the aforementioned and maybe tidy up a bit. stewart got me all of the yarn balls from his starbucks and i still need to wind all of them into balls of yarn. and then do something with the plastic balls underneath :(

p.s. we watched sukiyaki western django the other night. i don't really like violent movies but i LOVED this. and it was filmed in the same prefecture i lived in while i was in japan. probably the winter after i left. so cool.


My League's first bout
i'm going to assume if you live in pg you already have tickets. a lot of people from work said if i ain't rollin' they're not going :( so i hope i get to play in the next bout and bring out the ymca and the yap crews to fill that building.

can i even begin to tell you how excited i am for next weekend's game? and roller derby in general? i haven't been this excited about derby in a while. so my new skates and all my adopted gear (thank you loki!!) have me on the right track. now all i need is a mouth guard and a practice shirt. yes.

this morning i got up and did something i haven't done in a long time. i went to the gym. and i did this class called fusion which is a mix of yoga and pilates and core-strengthening exercises. i'm happy to say i was able to do about 80% of all of it (holy shit though) and never really knew you could sweat, dripping, on your mat from doing a lunge sequence. now it's off to domesticate it up and then hang out with me ladies over soft cheese making, moisturizer making, and knitting. yessssssssss. xoxo


i can't believe i'm about to go outside...

blizzard warning in effect
this is a shot of our bathroom window. we live in a basement suite and even though it snowed a lot last year it never began to cover our windows. and lo and behold, here we are. we're heading out to the movie theatre to watch the curious case of benjamin button. the new fitzgerald adaptation. kinda excited. i haven't read that story in quite a while, but i remember loving it. so that means that i need clothes to ward off the snow because it's not cold out. just snowy. i finished my mitts and would post a picture but they're in the dryer just getting the last bit of snow off them before we go outside again. bring on the week, i say!! xo


i mean, i don't even want to go outside

new year's day
i'm in my office internetting away and rupert's trying to cuddle with everything. my knitting needles, my computer, and my sewing machine. it's quite adorable really. i've only been up for an hour and a half and i've already made coffee, done the dishes (mostly), and put away christmas. it's all back in it's boxes. putting it away made me realize we have a lot of garbage from wrapping paper (or recycling) that needs to be taken out. i think that's my least favourite part of the holidays. now i'm off to make pancakes and pitas then to finish up a pair of mitts. it's so snowy outside that i don't even want to think of taking it on. but it have to go to the store. boo.

task updates: Let the games begin!!

with a new year HERE, i thought i'd take a good look at my 101 in 1001 list. i first started my list back on may 27, 2007 and am just over 1.5 years into it. which means i still have a long way to go. below are some tasks i want to take on in the short term, with hopes of achieving them.

3. do a 1 day fast

4. go vegetarian for 365 days this starts today/tomorrow. let's see if i can do it, how well i can do it, and if it'll stick.

7. read a rushdie novel amanda gave me midnight's children for christmas. i'm going to read it next

26. yoga. once a week. 10 weeks straight! i just need a mat. and i'll buy one this weekend. and it's free and at the Y, so i can't NOT go. and, to double that, my back has been KILLING me lately, so no more excuses

46. make an egg free hollandaise sauce

73. learn how to make paneer can i just say, yum!!

now, time for that last sleep before your "resolutions" begin to set in. rupert's lying by my side. he's been chasing pickle around and it's kinda sad. he's probably just lonely and pissed off. sorry little guy.