i mean, i don't even want to go outside

new year's day
i'm in my office internetting away and rupert's trying to cuddle with everything. my knitting needles, my computer, and my sewing machine. it's quite adorable really. i've only been up for an hour and a half and i've already made coffee, done the dishes (mostly), and put away christmas. it's all back in it's boxes. putting it away made me realize we have a lot of garbage from wrapping paper (or recycling) that needs to be taken out. i think that's my least favourite part of the holidays. now i'm off to make pancakes and pitas then to finish up a pair of mitts. it's so snowy outside that i don't even want to think of taking it on. but it have to go to the store. boo.


becka said...

Oh, amen and amen to not going outside. I haven't packed up Christmas yet (it pains me) but is on the agenday for today along with other cleaning type activities and a baby hat to be knit. I love holidays!

Melissa said...

That sounds awesome! Sean and I are contemplating driving up there to visit you and then down the west coast. Essentially a huge road trip.